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Linda G.


Just had to write and tell you how happy I am with your products. I bought the hand cream for my husband. He works for the railroad and works outside most of the time. He has suffered for years with dry and cracked skin on his hands and fingers. In the winter he would put cream on them and wear gloves to bed at night trying to get relief. After a week of using your product he was soundly impressed. I suffer from dry and cracked heels. So because of the results my husband had, I went back to the store and bought the foot cream. I have used it for two days and I am excited to say I am having great results as well. Thank you for your product! 

Jamie H.


In the last 18 years of working in the beauty industry my hands have suffered terribly. The constant use of water and chemicals left them cracked and bleeding most of the time. People would ask me all the time "what's wrong with your hands?" They were always blood red and hurt so much, over the years I have tried so many products; nothing helped I was so convinced my hands would just be this way forever.....I had given up. Then one day I was at the hardware store and saw this product. I had to try it; what could it hurt I've tried everything. I am so glad I did. I have been using it twice a day now for 4 days and the difference is incredible. The skin on my hands just looks normal, something I never thought would happen. I am so thankful for this product!! My hands are pretty for the first ... more 

Cherie G.


Over the past 17 years working EMS I have washed and sanitized my hands countless times! Despite all the different lotions I've tried, my fingertips still crack and split. I have dealt with the pain for many years. One day I came across O'Keeffe's Working Hands lotion and I was absolutely amazed with the results! Within a day and only a few applications the open, painful crack on my finger was less painful. I have recommended it to some of my coworkers as well. I keep one in the ambulance, my purse, and kitchen! My search for a great hand lotion has ended with O'Keeffe's! Thanks for a great product!! 

Jamie C.


I wanted to write and tell you how much I love your product! I have been using this lotion on both my hands and feet for over a year now and I will NEVER use anything different. With our rough Michigan winter I couldn't tell enough people about "my secret" to soft and manageable hands. I love the fact that you don't get the greasy residue or overpowering scents. Great product A+++! 

Tara Z.


I was very hesitant to give this product a try because so many others have failed me in the past. My job involves being on my feet and working with my hands all day long. I am so glad I found this product! I tell everyone that they need to try it because it really works! My only regret is that I didn't find these products sooner! -One very happy customer! 

Roger W.


Increasingly, since my 60th birthday (I'm 67 now), during the winter months, I have begun to experience those niggly little cracks on thumbs and index fingers of both hands. They cause so much inconvenience and pain disproportionate to their size. I've tried any number of creams and other solutions with, at best, varying results. With a plaster on my latest split thumb, I happened to mention it whilst buying some screws at my favourite hardware store. The assistant immediately recommended Working Hands and waxed lyrical about how good it is. Having tried so many products with little real success, I had become a little difficult to convince about any new cream that was recommended. However, the assistant called in a colleague to tell me about his personal experience and he too sang th ... more 

Caroline S.


For years and years, I have struggled with horrible calluses on my feet. No matter how many pedicures I got, how often I filed or sheared them off, my feet have never been lady-like or "pretty!" I recall tailgating at a college football game on the local golf course, and everyone I was with slipped their flip-flops off to feel the soft turf. I was far too embarrassed to even show my feet, but remember noticing how everyone seemed to have no calluses, cracks, or dry skin. I felt ashamed and hopeless. I was ready to give up when I saw an ad for Healthy Feet. My life has completely changed. I no longer even need a pumice stone, or to leave the filing to a "professional" at a nail salon. I use it twice a day and my feet have never looked or felt better. I can't wait for it to be flip- ... more 

Neal K.


I am 57 years of age, for most of my adult life I have had very rough dry hands. I have been using O'Keeffe's Working Hands for about 2 months now and my hand look GREAT! I no longer have very dry, bloody hands from the deep cracks. I have tried all the other fancy creams and lotions with no results and I have paid a lot more for them than a 3.4 oz. jar of Working Hands Cream. I want you to know you have a VERY loyal customer here! I wish I had before and after pictures but I don't. A million Thanks to you O'Keeffe's. 

Kelli L.


I just wanted to say I love your product! Working in the medical field I wash my hands so frequently they crack. That was before I discovered your product! I have recommended O'Keeffe's to several of my friends, coworkers and patients. 

Kenny T.


We started using this product about a year ago and our home is never without it. We have used several different types of hand lotions that say how good they are, but to be truthful this is the best product we have used and continue using. I'm retired but always doing things outdoors and having my hand in water a lot as well as washing them. I get cracks along the ends of my fingers and thumb as well as my hands are dry. This product has been the only thing that truly works as it says it will! I, as well as other members of the family will always use this product because it does a great job. Thanks O'Keeffe's for making a great product. 

Dean H.


I have been in the printing industry over 40 years with constant exposure to printing ink. The chemicals dried out my hands causing my fingertips to crack and split and become very tender. After using "Working Hands" for just a few days my hands feel great! The tips are softer now and the callous areas are smoother. Good stuff and I highly recommend it!! 

Zach G.


I am in the military, constantly working with my hands. I suffered for years with dry, cracked hands in a horribly humid environment. When I found Working Hands I decided to give it a try. It was the best thing that I ever did. My hands feel better than they ever did and I barely have to use any cream. A little truly does go a long way. I am so happy with my product and will be ordering this stuff for the rest of my life. THANK YOU! 

Jason O.


Its is now March 6, 2014. The winter in the North East has been pretty wicked with temperatures hovering around 0 deg. since December. I received a green-hockey puck size container for Christmas (2013), and my hands have never been happier! O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is the BEST hand cream I have ever used! 

Gil L.


This stuff is magic. I've dealt with a cracked, split, and calloused index finger and thumb for over 3 years from using my computer mouse all day. I've tried at least 10 different hand lotions/moisturizers from the "top" brands and nothing worked. All I got was a little temporary relief and greasy hands. O'Keeffe's Working Hands was recommended to me by a delivery driver who works outside in the cold a lot and had been using it for years. I've never written any testimonial of any kind until now. That's how good this product is. Within days my fingers were no longer cracked and split. I've been using just a small amount daily for 2 months (still working on my first can) and my hands are soft and no longer calloused. I can't recommend this product enough. THANK YOU. 

Linda S.


I stumbled upon this at my local home store in January, and knew that finding this in a home goods store must mean it's GOT to be good stuff for super dry skin. After a couple of days, I was super impressed with the condition of my normally cracked skin. I decided that I needed to use it on my FEET as well! For the first time in 13 years, both my hands and feet are remaining soft and supple! 

Charles S.


I suffered for years in the winter with splitting fingers. My hands were like sand paper. I tried everything on the market and nothing worked. My hands were so bad that I was unable to touch my grandson because my hands were so rough. I came across your product "Working Hands Hand cream" and I tried it. This cream is the BEST.. My hands are now as smooth as my GRANDSONS BOTTOM. Thank you O'Keeffe's. 

Chad B.


Thank you, thank you, thank you! I work in food services, so I wash my hands several times an hour. My hands crack and break open all the time, especially in the winter. Small tasks become large when your hands are always bloody. Then, for Valentine's Day, my wonderful girlfriend gave me some of your hand cream as a gift. I was very skeptical at first because I have tried many different lotions and what-not before and all I ended up with was flower smelling hands. After a week using your product, my hands feel amazing! They no longer hurt, no longer crack open, and are no longer an obstacle to my day. Thank you so much for making the fantastic cream that you do. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer! 

Linda H.


My hands continually crack and bleed due to excessive washing. I always tried lotions and creams to no avail. I've spent more money on products then I care to admit. Well yesterday while looking for more hand cream hoping to find one that does half of what they promised I saw your Working Hands hand cream. So I figured I have nothing to lose so I purchased a jar. I tried it last night before bed and the only thing I can say is. ... this product "REALLY" works. I will never use another product. Im a believer. So just wanted to say thank you for this incredible hand cream. I absolutely love it. I can assure you I am now an unofficial spokeswoman for your products. Everyone I know will have this hand cream. 

Rebecca F.


To the people who created the O'Keeffe's products: I recently purchased the product for both hands and feet. I saw the TV commercial advertising the product. I was kinda hesitant about purchasing the product due to my hands and feet being very dry and nothing that I purchased before would work. I have my hands in water all the time and wearing flip flops causes my dry skin. I would have to have a pedicure once every 4-5 weeks. Well, I have been using the product for about a little over a month and it is wonderful. My feet are very soft and the pedicure tech normally shaves my feet and this time she said she did not need to shave my feet because they were very soft. Very good product. I would like to purchase it in a larger size if available. I do use the foot product more than the hand bu ... more 

Mike S.


For more than 40 years I have struggled with dry cracked hands and heels. I have used everything under the sun, and nothing has helped. A couple of months ago, I saw a commercial on TV for your product. I was a bit skeptical, but thought what the heck, lets give it a try. It was the best purchase I ever made. I've been using O'Keeffe's Working Hands and Healthy Feet for about a month now and I'm truly amazed at how my hands and heels have been rejuvenated. It truly is an amazing product. Thank You!! 

Mark O.


My hands had cracks and splits and were very sore. I bought a tub of Working Hands in the building supply store. Within hours my hands were transformed. I had other hand creams but this is the best buy yet. 

Wiley M.


I wanted you to know that for years I have had dried cracked feet and hands. I have tried lots of creams on my hands and feet and nothing seemed to help, but I tried your product for hands and feet and I was so surprised that it helped the cracks on fingers and the cracks on the bottom of my feet and around the heel. Thank you so much for your product it really works. I will be a supporter of your product and I will tell others. Please don't stop making these creams for hands and feet. 

Kris J.


I am a nurse and received a jar of your Working Hands for Christmas. I absolutely love it, several of my co-workers now use and love your product too. It has worked wonders on my severely dry skin. Constantly washing my hands and using an alcohol based sanitizer had ruined them. Now I keep a jar at work and at home. This is an amazing product!!! 

Nancy G.


I always have very dry, cracked and ugly feet. This winter has been especially harsh. A few months ago, I started using O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet, and it has been awesome. I use it at night after my shower and put socks on, and I put a little on in the morning before I put my socks on. My feet immediately started to look great, because the skin became smooth and soft and no longer dry and cracked. I have never had results like this with any other cream. This weekend, I am attending a formal function, and I cannot wait to wear a slinky pair of rhinestone sandals without nylons ( I never go without nylons.), because my feet look beautiful for the first time in years. They look like I just had a pedicure but all the time. 

Annette T.


My hands have cracked every winter for many years. I have tried every product on the market that someone told me would work. After I saw the advertisement for Working Hands I bought a jar, thinking this was just another product that would not help. I have been using the hand cream for about 6 weeks and I have not had one split on my fingers. Thank you for helping me to be able to do my job without pain in my fingers. 

Jeanie H.


This is, by far, the very best hand cream in the known universe! I had never heard of it but just happened to see it in the store a couple months ago and decided to try "yet another hand cream". I immediately saw results! Couldn't believe how little you need. I've been telling everyone I know to get it...just bought my second jar yesterday. This stuff is AMAZING!!! Thank you for such an incredible product. 

Jan B


For as long as I can remember every winter my fingers would get tiny, painful cracks in them. I would even avoid needlework and other craft projects that I enjoy because of the discomfort. My rough fingers would snag on fabric and thread. All efforts to keep them hydrated with lotions would help but not heal them. I have even resorted to super gluing the cracks for relief. From the first application of Working Hands my fingers are starting to improve. After just a couple of days I could not believe how they were looking and feeling. Working Hands truly lives up to its claim. So glad I tried it! 

Bruce S.


Every winter I suffer with severe chapped hands and painful skin cracks on my fingers. I have used multiple skin creams and lotions with only limited results. Recently, while shopping at my local home center, I saw your product at the check-out counter. The "before" picture on the display could have been a picture of my fingers. I figured it was worth a shot. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Within one week, the skin cracks and the chapping was gone. I would recommend your Working Hands to anyone without hesitation. Bruce S. 

Ruth R.


I have been a nurse for 23 years and have tried countless products and methods in a desperate search for a remedy for my unbearable cracked and dry hands. The endless amount of washing required to do my job along with long, horribly harsh winter temperatures made me dread winter. I often joked with my husband that I needed a stitch to sew the deep cracks around my fingernails together as they refused to heal despite trying so many other products and methods to try to alleviate the throbbing and excruciating pain (or a week away in a warm, tropical climate just to give my hands a reprieve). Since using Working Hands I have finally found the miracle that I was searching for. It just took one application to start feeling a difference. I have told all of my co-workers about your product a ... more 

David F.


Working outside in Northern Indiana in the Winter is very hard on my hands. My hands get cold and wet several times a day, then I wash them several times due to my occupation, causing cracking fingers and painful bleeding. O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream is by far the best product I have ever used for my hands. I am so glad my wife found this for me. Thank You! 

Marge K


For all of my life, I have dealt with extremely dry skin and cracked heels. Sometimes my feet hurt so bad that it hurt to walk and socks would show the blood from the cracks. I gave my hubby the Working Hands product for Christmas and he really liked it so he got me the Healthy Feet! Thought I would give it a try. Couldn't get worse! In less than one tin, the cracks are gone and my feet don't hurt!!! What a miracle!! Almost in tears as I write this!! Thank you soooooooooooo much!! Please don't change this stuff!!!!! Fantastic!! Wish I would have found this a long time ago! :) 

Maija D.


Having delicate skin and having tried numerous lotions, I tried your Working Hands and am still amazed singing your products praises to all who talk about needing a lotion. Thank you. 

Heather C.


As a teacher, I spend all day on my feet walking around, helping students. My feet have been dry and cracked for a while, even after getting pedicures. I started using Working Hands on my hands about a month back and thought to try it on my feet. Days after application, my feet are smooth and silky! No lotion, cream, moisturizer, or expensive product can compete with Working Hands. I have bought so many of these for friends and family and will continue to spread the word about this amazing product. Thank you! 

Gene G.


I work with my hands most of the day. During the winter, the skin on my hands crack, split and bleed. I have tried dozens and dozens of hand creams over the years and nothing has worked till I tried your product Working Hands. My hands are now smooth and they do not crack, split or bleed any more!!!! I use Working Hands at night and in the morning before work. This product is great!!!! 

Tom M.


Your hand product has had en extraordinary effect on my hands which, particularly during winters up here, have been pretty miserable as I've gotten older. Hopefully this will be the end of going from one product to the next with limited results. When I get done writing this note I'm going to order some of the foot product you offer. 

Kevin L.


What everybody is saying here is true! I began using this product in January 2014. The skin on my thumb was cracked and looked like the Grand Canyon, bleeding and painful, after about three days of using Working Hands, I was already noticing a difference, after 10 days the crack on my thumb was completely gone. In the winter months the skin around my thumbs crack especially after trimming my nails so I had to put Working Hands through the test. After trimming my nails and using Working Hands, no new cracks have formed when they normally would have! Great product! 

Julie L.


I was getting at my wit's end with my dried hand. Normally using Aveeno or Cortizone based cream would help relieve the dryness of my hands but this year, nothing was working. I was about to go see a doctor when I found O'Keeffe's at my local home center. I thought I would try this last one before seeing a specialist and I was so happy to see a difference in my skin. My hands are always in water because of my job as a dog groomer so I reapply the lotion quite a few times per day. It's wonderful, thank you. 

Roger B.


Every winter I get painful cracked thumbs. I've tried every hand cream I could find for this annoying problem. Nothing worked until I tried Working Hands. This cream actually works!! Thank you for an amazing product. 

Jim D.


I am working in the oil fields in North Dakota and have had some serious problems with my hands. I haul water and I am outside constantly where its below 0 most of the time and to compound the situation I work at night time. My cuticles were coming apart, and both of my index fingers on the thumb side were cracked badly to the point where it was seriously affecting my work. I've never experienced a problem like this before and tried over the counter name brands that did not do anything but mess up the inside of my gloves. My wife heard from the lady that your product worked well so I thought I would give it a try. Long story short it was no less than amazing. In less than a week my hands were totally repaired. I used it 2 or 3 times a day at first and before going to bed. You could feel it ... more 

Mary Jo


I work as a sales clerk in a Bakery and have to wash my hands numerous times a day at work. I have had cracks on my fingers for years which would bring me to tears when I accidentally bumped one and it would crack open further and bleed. I've tried several brands of hand creams and not had much success. Even resorted to Super Glue just to try to keep the cracks closed. I happened to notice O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream at a local Building Center and decided to try it. After just two days my hands were 100% better. I could even touch the cracks on my thumbs and they didn't hurt. I have recommended O'Keeffe's to my coworkers and 4 out of the 6 of us are now using your product. The owner of the Bakery has had problems with cracked fingers for years which he attributes to working with ... more 

Cyndy N.


My hands...oh my hands. I work retail and handling fabric just sucks them dry. I saw a commercial about your product and thought I would try it. Purchased it today and think I finally found something that actually does what it says. Best part...no slipperiness. It's a first date...but the relationship looks promising. 

Shirley G.


I'm a forklift driver and the steering wheel makes my hands very dry. Thanks to Working Hands my hands stay smooth. My whole family uses it. Also dear mom gets every one of us the hands, and foot cream for Christmas every year, so thank you for this wonderful product. 

Kevin T.


OMG!!! What a product! My finger tips looked just like picture on the packaging. The first thing I noticed was the care in gluing the package. My sore fingers where able to open it because the glue was placed so the bubble could come off easily. Thought put into the jar so I could open it easily. In two hours and two applications my fingers felt relieved like they hadn't been for weeks! I will absolutely recommend this product to all my co-workers. 

Eileen G.


Every winter I suffer from constant splits and painful cracks on my fingertips. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun but nothing worked. I put your product on my hands before I went to bed and I can honestly say that I noticed improvement the very next morning! Your product IS THE BEST!!!! 

Dillan P.


I work in the grocery business which keeps me working with my hands in all sorts of conditions. I stock in the cold along with dealing with wood and rough cardboard. At home working on my truck and in my yard did not help my hands after a long day at work. A friend of mine had some of the Working Hands Cream so I tried it. After the first few days of using it my hands were completely free from any cracks and were feeling great. I went out and bought a can the next day and have been recommending to all of my friends that have to work in the same conditions as I do. I have tried many other kinds of hand lotion and cream but Working Hands is the best. It is the only kind of cream I use anymore and I recommend it to everyone who suffers from dry and cracked hands. 

Debbie T.


Wow,wow,wow. I am truly amazed and thrilled with your product. No more cracked fingers or scratchy feeling everytime I touch fabric. I have had dry skin for many years and in just one week my hands feel like silk. I just ordered the foot cream and hoping you would consider making body cream too!!! Passing the word on to let everyone know this is a product that does exactly what it says!! Thank you thank you thank you,a very happy consumer. 

Angi D.


I have tried everything on the market for my hands and nothing has helped. I saw your product advertised and thought "yup another waste of time". I decided to "waste my time" one more time. I bought the hand cream for myself and the foot cream for my brother (whose feet have 1/2 to 1 inch deep canyons dug into the heels). We both started using your products yesterday and can already tell the difference! The tears around my finger tips and cuticles are already better and the calluses on the sides of my brother's toes and the skin on his arches are visibly smoother and softer looking. He says his feet feel so much better. He is a diabetic and we have worried greatly over the condition of his feet. I believe we may have finally found a solution for him as well as myself. We live on a farm ... more 

Karen S.


Hi, I do lots of house cleaning and always in the winter my fingers split it hurts like crazy, but not enough to convince me to wear gloves. I have tried every single product on the market. Some help a bit, but none prevent it from happening....until Working Hands! I actually saw it on TV, and am not one to pay attention, but went to my local hardware store to get some. Within a week my hands were in great shape! But, that's not even the best! My son is a wheelchair athlete and common sense tells you his hands go where our feet do, pushing his chair. Honestly, his poor hands in the winter have ALWAYS HAD CRATERS....NOT CRACKS AND SPLITS! So, I bought him some Working Hands hand cream, and his hands are perfect, no splits or craters from the salt and grime from an Ohio winter. We are ... more 

Emily H.


I am writting this about my husband. He works at a cement plant. As I am sure you are aware cement is very akaline. Alkaline is very destructive to everything it comes in contact with. It is very drying. My husband's thumbs crack to the point of bleeding all of the time. I never saw his thumbs without band aids. I saw an ad in my fitness magazine and immediately ordered it. Not only does it work great but all of the guys at the plant are sold on it and we are so thankful. No more cracked hands, thumbs and no more band aids. Thanks so much, Emily H. 

Kimberly T.


I had not suffered from dry skin until this year. It was so bad on my one hand that I tried everything I could think of. Cream for dry skin, hot wax and Vaseline. The itching and burning made me keep scratching and rubbing at it. I had bought my husband the O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for him last year as he always has bad dry skin each year at winter time. The first night I could feel it working, it was so soothing. It took only a few days and it was back to normal. I also love the fact that it is unscented and absorbs really quickly. 

Andy B.


I am a mail carrier and have been for the past 18 years. My fingertips always crack from handling all the letters it sucks the moisture right out of them. Especially in the winter. I tried everything through the years: creams, ointments, oils and nothing ever worked. This stuff works believe me. Thank you, thank you, thank you! My hands are better than they have been in 18 years. You have a customer for life! 

Lisa K.


For the first time, my knuckles cracked this winter and were bleeding. The skin around my fingernails were also cracked and bleeding. I had tried everything, and nothing worked. I saw the commercial for "Working Hands" and found it at a local store. Best product ever! I would recommend it to anyone with dry hands! The best part about it is there is no greasy residue and it WORKS! 



I just wanted to take a second and tell you how GREAT your Working Hands product is. My fingers where dry and cracked and I tried everything but nothing helped. My mother told me about Working Hands and by the following day I could tell a BIG difference. I have been spreading the word about this wonderful product!!!!!!!! 

Mary G.


I have been plagued with split fingers and especially thumbs for the past several years. I've used liquid bandage with mild and temporary success in the past. I saw an ad for Working Hands hand cream in a magazine and decided to order some on-line. I ordered the 2 hands/1 foot three pack and I'm thrilled with the results! I received my order in January and I have only one split left on my right thumb. I use the foot cream daily and exfoliate my heels once a week. My feet feel as soft as a baby's! I just ordered the foot 3 pack so I can give them to my daughters as gifts. Thanks for this great product! 

Margi V.


My fingers crack all the time. I have tried everything I could even soaking my hands in Vaseline and wearing rubber gloves at night. NOTHING worked until I tried Working Hands. I'm telling everyone about it. On a scale of 1 - 10 I give it a 20! I am a fan for life! 

Lynne F.


This product is outstanding. I bought it for a friend who has really dry cracked skin on his hands due to his job. He loves it. He recommended it to fellow workers at Fed Ex Express & now everyone us using it. Thank you for such a great product!!!! 

Linda Y.


I have to write to tell you that this is by far the best hand cream I have ever tried - it should be called miracle hand cream. I work in an office with 2 other women and we handle paperwork all day every day, some have traces of chemicals or even contaminates on them from what comes in from out shop. For years we have all complained about how much our hands hurt and burned, they would crack and bleed we would end up with so many band aids on our hands it became so hard to use our computers or calculators with all the band aids on our fingers. We are so happy with the results of this wonderful product, every day we talk about how wonderful our hands are, they feel better and even look better. Where have you been all my life? Thank you so much from 3 women with hands that actually look ... more 

Valerie R.


Every winter my hands get very dry and crack and bleed. I tried so many different creams that claim that they will work, they don't.I saw the commercial on T.V. for O'Keeffe's and I thought this will be the last one I'll try and to my surprise it was. Like over night there was a huge difference in my dry, bleeding hands. I can't thank you enough for this wonderful product and I was wondering do you make a product for face and body? Honestly you can put all the other companies out of business with your miracle cream, again thank you so much for helping me!!!!!!!! 



O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream is the best hand cream I have every found to relieve my dry, cracked hands. My hands have not been this soft for years. Every winter my hands have looked awful. Now I have found something that REALLY WORKS. 

Lea F.


A friend of mine who works as a housekeeper recommended your product to me. I spend the winters with dry, cracking skin. One week using your product and bye bye cracks. I use it on my arms, legs and face as well. I'm sold. I went back and bought four more containers just in case and so I can have one in my purse, car and office. The crepe looking skin on my hands is gone as well so my hands look younger. Over the years I have tried almost everything. The products were "too greasy", "smelled awful", "didn't stay on", or plain didn't work. From the first time I used Working Hands I saw improvement, it has a pleasant smell and it lasts for hours. This product is amazing! Thank you! 

Angela F.


I have been working in the health care industry since 1996 washing, wrapping and reprocessing surgical instruments. The towels and sterilization wrap have dried out my hands, especially my fingertips. Washing my hands often and using alcohol hand sanitizer added to the dryness. For years I have gone to bed with several fingers wrapped in bandages and antibiotic ointment with the same results; one crack heals and another starts. I saw a TV ad for Working Hands and the picture of the cracked fingertip looked similar to mine. I bought a tin at a home improvement store and saw and felt the results almost immediately. I take it with me to work and use a tiny bit to keep my fingertips moisturized throughout the day. I've told EVERYONE about how good it works and like to joke that I've been "crac ... more 

Nancie S.


I live in Alberta, Canada where the winters are brutal. My thumbs and my heels crack really bad during the winters. I used the Healthy Feet cream twice and my heels are like new. Its just amazing how soft my heels are now, I put cream on my heels and put my socks on then I put cream on again a few hour later and slept with my socks just 1 night and you would never know that my heels were ever bad. I will share my story through Facebook. Thank you so much. 

Catherine S.


Occasionally I find a product or company that is so wonderful I become a self-appointed salesperson for them. Your Working Hands product is one! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. For decades, I have had severely dry hands that crack and have red and white patches all over. They have become much worse, all year, now that I have three little kids. My work with my hands is family care related...dishes, kids, laundry, etc. It had become excruciating just to feed my kids (much washing required!!)! Then I stumbled upon your hand cream at my local home improvement store. And it was fragrance free (thank you for that too)! Immediately, my hands were better! I have now hooked my sister and mother. My sister has hooked her friend. We are sharing with others. I recommend you market ... more 

Peggy C.


Being a nurse, with all the hand washing and the hand sanitizer that I used, my hands were in sad shape. I could have given some one a sanding with my hands. I discovered your product from receiving a sample at a western trade show, and now it is in my pocket daily. I have been using it for awhile, used 1 container, and replaced it as fast as I could. I'm using it so much co-workers started asking what I was using and I would show them and offer it to them. They were all amazed at it, and I even used your product for gifts at Christmas time. In doing this I have been told that this was the most useful gift that they received. Just wanted to let you know that I am a pleased consumer of your product. 

Tarah L.


This product is phenomenal!!! My husband picked it up at our local home improvement store...and I am so grateful. My hands are in and out of water all day. They were cracked and bleeding until I started using this cream. I was in tears because they hurt so bad and this amazing product saved my hands. Thank You!!!! Tarah 

Kathy W.


As a hobby I am a Potter. Working with the clay 3 - 4 Days a week your hands get extremely dry. Working Hands is the only hand cream I have found that works to stop my fingers from cracking and being sore. Living in Ontario our winters are pretty harsh. This winter has been extremely cold. My hands would not survive the Ontario winter without your product. Thank you for this wonderful product. I look forward to trying your foot product once I find it. 

Roberta M.


Your product is the first one I have ever used that actually does what it claims. Every winter my fingers crack open making it almost impossible to use my hands without band aids all over. Your cream worked almost over night. I couldn't believe it. My youngest granddaughter had her hands so chapped from playing outside in the cold that they were almost bleeding. Once again, your cream worked wonders. I gave her my cream to take home and oh my, in a few days without your cream my fingers cracked open again. Off to the Hardware store for more cream and again, almost immediately my hands feel wonderful. Thank you. 

Susan M.


I have experienced cracked hands every winter since I can remember. I saw your commercial and decided to try it. It is amazing! It has been below zero in Upstate NY for almost 2 weeks and usually I would have very painful cracked skin on my hands, but I started using the cream and my hands have not cracked at all! Thank you for making a product that really does what is advertised and more! 

Kathleen F.


I have been experiencing unbelievably dry skin this winter I have used lotions, straight baby oil, baby oil gel, and even bathing every other day, nothing worked. I looked like a lizard. I was in a home center in Branson and they had an open container of your hand cream on the counter for people to try. I was impressed by the fact that it did not make my hands feel greasy. I took it home and used it for the first time all over after taking a shower I couldn't believe it. My arms and legs were not flaking and itching. I have continued to use the product and although I haven't had it a week, I am almost out of it. This is a GOD send for people with seriously dry skin. I am getting ready to stock up on it. Thanks for making something that really ,really works. LOVE it. 

Anita K.


Just a note to say thank you for a wonderful product.Winter weather has always played havoc with my hands. The constant discomfort seemed impossible to alleviate. I have used so many different hand creams over the years with only temporary relief. Working Hands is a Miracle cream. I could actually feel relief after the the first application. In just 2 days my hands are pain free and looking so much better. I did purchase Working Hands from my local home improvement store-the LAST one on the shelf!!! My lucky day to be sure. Working Hands will be in my home from now on. Thank you again for a great product!!!!! 

Debra M.


Just a note to let you know that we think your product "Working Hands" is AMAZING. If you only knew how long we have searched for a product to eliminate the cracks on our fingers and keep our hands smooth during our bitter winters in Ohio. Well, our search ended when we were told by friends about your product. I have told several people about your hand cream and I plan to buy your foot cream on my next shopping trip. Thank you for your product. 




Lynne K.


I bought this jar of your hand cream 3 weeks ago and I absolutely cannot believe the difference it has made in my hands. My finger tips were so cracked and sore that I was literally incapacitated by them. I could hardly button my clothing or do any intricate tasks. After just one week of use I no longer had any major cracks, and after 2 weeks they were virtually gone. Now at 3 weeks I am just using the product to maintain my healthy hands! I keep one in my pocket at work and one at home too. Thank you so much for a product that does what what it says its going to do and even more so! And for a reasonable price too. I am very pleased with your product. 

Billie G.


This product is wonderful. I can honestly say this is the first winter that I have not had cracks on my hands and fingers, and it is thanks to O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream. I work around paper all day, and it sucks the moisture out of my already dry hands. I have a can of this cream on my desk, in my purse, on my end table at home, and on my night stand. Love it. I can not count the number of people I have recommended this product to. I have bought countless tubs of it to pass on and get others hooked on it as well. I tell them where to shop for it too. When I apply it before bed, I wake up to my hands feeling so soft. My husband introduced me to it, he saw it at our local home improvement store, and I am sure glad he did. Thank you for creating such an amazing product. My only wish woul ... more 

Karen B.


Moved down south last March and have been using Working Hands ever since. I'm always outdoors and farming, hunting & fishing put a toll on my hands. Boy does this stuff work. I have my hands in water all day long and put this product on all day long ..... LOVE IT. 

Mary A.


Always in the fall, about October, my hands begin to dry out and become so rough. I have tried many of the national brands and none of them had any long term effect. It was always just a temporary fix. My young grandsons even noticed how dry and rough my hands were. They would say "Nana, you don't even have to use your fingernails to scratch my back your fingers are so rough." I was ashamed to shake hands at church, too. The skin around my thumbnails would crack and get so sore. Not until I tried your product did I see any results. The cracks are gone and my hands are soft as if it was summer. My daughter told me about your hand cream. Her husband is an RN. He learned about your product at work. It sure has worked for me. I have even used it on my feet. Works for them too. Thank you for d ... more 

Susan S.


Just wanted to let you know that I've searched high and low for something to help me deal with dry, cracked thumbs in the Winter weather. I love your product! Thanks! 

Phil G.


As an avid rock climber I train in the climbing gym and outside on the rock 4-5 days a week. Contact with sharp rock and rough hold texture day in and day out tears my hands up. Especially in the dry winter months. Using chalk to keep your hands dry during climbing can also leave your skin really dried out. If your skin is dry, cracking, and sore, then you can't continue to climb. I need something that will help me keep my skin in good condition so I thought I'd try a jar of O'Keeffe's Working Hands. This stuff is pretty amazing! I use a little bit a few times during the day and by the evening when its time to head to the climbing gym, my skin is usually fully repaired from the night before. It really helps my torn blisters and split finger tips. It helps soothe my sore, dry hands w ... more 

Tracy M.


My hands felt like sandpaper. They were rough and dry and no lotion would even start to do any good. I decided to buy some O'Keeffe's Working Hands and now really thankful that I did. Before it hurt to even move my hands, they hurt so bad and now after using your hand cream it has done wonders on my hands. Thanks for your product its well worth the money. 

Francis R.


I have had very, severely dry hands and feet for years. My hands would crack and bleed, so bad, that I would use superglue, to try and "mend" them. My wife had purchased your hand cream at a local craft store. I had tried many creams and lotions, and had my doubts. I started using the cream at night, and with-in a couple of weeks, my hands were back to normal. My feet are another story. I wish I had taken before and after photos. They were so dry and itched so bad, that I would dig them open. Again, I had tried many lotions and creams. We don't have insurance, or a lot of money, so a doctor was out of the question. They were so bad at times, it made it difficult to even walk. My wife saw your foot cream at another store, and bought it. Again, I had doubts, but she said...."look what the ot ... more 

Loren S.


I am 65 years old and have had cracked dry fingers all my life as well as very dry cracked skin on my feet. I have these conditions all year long but they do get worse in cold weather and it is probably hereditary as my Mother had the same issues. I have tried all of the over the counter creams and some gave me a little relief but your product is absolutely the best. So before I go out to my shop to work on my airplane, O'Keeffe's on my right hand rubbing my left foot and O'Keeffe's on my left hand rubbing my right foot, and on with cotton socks and I am good for the day. A little more on both hands and I can still grab things without that greasy mess. 



I work with "antique" papers, donations that may be over 100 years old, processing them, handling them for 8 hours a day. Funny thing, I am allergic to news print (newspapers) which are also part of the donations. My thumb cuticles split several times a year, especially winter, and my hands are always dry. I purchased O'Keeffe's last Sunday and today, Thursday my hands are much better, and I usually only got to apply O'Keeffe's at nights. It isn't greasy or smelly or anything, and it really works! I will keep this with me all the time to use at work and at home. Thanks for a great product! 

Dee Y.


I just wanted to tell you how much I love Working Hands. One day my husband and I were shopping at our local hardware store and I saw your product. For years, during the winter time when its cold, my knuckles would crack and bleed. So I thought I would try your product and my hands are doing great this winter. I have told many of my friends about it also. Maybe for once, I have found something that works. Thank you. 

Butch S.


Absolutely fantastic. I don't work with my hands only writing at my desk but I still get very dry hands during the winter months. I would let people know that even if you don't "work" with your hands your Working Hands miracle product will work for them too. Congratulations on a very special product. I let some of the people that work for me try my jar and they immediately went out and bought their own. When my mailman came in from an exceptionally cold day here in Connecticut a week or so ago and complained about how bad his hands were I let him try it. He came back 3 times that day to reapply the cream and now keeps one in his pocket of his uniform and one in his mail truck. I can't say enough about Working Hands and I will no longer dread the pain of winter in Connecticut. ... more 

Catherine B.


I have invested countless dollars on various products for my hands with no improvement. My hands were so dry with deep cuts that caused so much pain I could not use my hands. After a couple days of using this cream and my hands have never been so soft. Unbelievable, I definitely am passing on the word about Working Hands. Thank You so much. 

Janet M.


My fingers have been cracked and/or bleeding for 10 months. My husband took pity on me and ordered your hand cream and after two days of application I am well on my way out of pain. Don't have the words to thank you or my husband adequately. Bless you all. Janet 

Kristina L.


I just want to say Thank You!!!! After 10 years working in restaurant kitchens I had tried every hand cream, lotion, balm, ointment and so called "miracle" product I had come across. After so much wasted money and lost hope, I assumed that bleeding cracked hands were just a part of life. Many times my cracked skin caused so much pain that it made every day life impossible. The pain even kept me awake at night. I now work in the self storage industry and spend a lot of time outdoors. This winter has been very cold and a few weeks ago I saw an ad on TV for your product. Like I have done many times, I wrote down the name of your product and went searching for it. I found Working Hands at a local hardware store and bought it. I put it on my hands when I got into my car and waited for the fami ... more 

Bianca Z.


Who needs a pedicure when you can use O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet? Seriously, this stuff is the BEST! No more scraping with a rasp, exfoliating, scrubbing, and otherwise punishing my feet to get them ready for sandal season. Starting in early spring, I treat my piggies to the recommended usage of O'Keeffe's and by May, I'm ready to go open-toed with pride--and for 1/4 of the cost of a pedicure! People might think O'Keeffe's is only for working men, but ladies who love smooth feet and heels should definitely give it a try! Works amazingly!! 

Steven W.


I need to thank O'Keeffe's for such a great product. I really didn't have a problem with my hands until Xmas 2013. They were a mess. Cracked, sore and bleeding fingers. My palms dried up white, cracked and sore. It was ugly. I tried a few creams some very expensive, nothing worked very well. Luckily I saw a TV ad for O'Keeffe's, went to my local home improvement store, and purchased it. It started giving me relief right away and I knew in a couple days I had found the cure. It is Jan. 14/14 and my hands are pretty much 100 percent normal. My son said I should have taken before and after pictures to document the results. I wish I did. O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream is an OUTSTANDING product! Thanks again. 

Jacki F.


I just purchased this product because of dry and cracked cuts on my fingers. I have tried most of the other products on the market with failed results. I have to say, after using this product for only 2 days I have already received relief and have no pain in my fingers for the first time in months. Living in the northeast you have dry heat with the furnace on in the winter months, and no amount of any moisturizer has ever worked. This product is the real deal. Thank you for making a product which really does what you advertise. I highly recommend this to anyone who suffers with cuts on your fingers. It really works!! 

Tom S.


I ordered the three pack, two for hands, one for feet a couple weeks ago. We have been so delighted with all the products. My wife had hands that cracked and split and bled from being in the water, the cold snowy weather, etc. Your product for hands has been amazing. She hasn't had any cracked or split fingers since she started using it. I have also used it plus the foot cream which has really helped my feet. I tell everyone about Working Hands and Healthy Feet. It's wonderful! 

Sheila H.


This product is the BEST of all the products on the market!! I have been dealing with cracked, dry, bleeding and painful fingers for 5 years. I am on my third day of using O'Keeffe's Working Hands and I am 85% better!!! I just can't believe it!!! I just want to thank you for this product because it has changed my life. I no longer have to hide my hands in my pockets, nor spend my days reapplying band aids throughout my day! I used to hate to shake hands with people or get my nails done due to the pain of open skin that would burn from the manicure process. So thank you for making a product that is cost effective and easy to use!!! 

Ann B.


WOW! I just bought my first jar of this hand cream and only after 1 application, I can feel a difference. Being a nurse and a mom means I wash my hands sometimes hundreds of times a day. I have more lotions and potions than I care to even think about and they are never enough. Add cold Buffalo, New York cold and my hands are my nightmare. I am used to them being so raw that they bleed! Then smear perfumed hand cream on and the sky is the limit (as far as how high I want to jump from the sting). I have even spent many nights with Vaseline smeared on my hands and placing them into socks------then wake up with no change and let's add who wants their hands in socks? I don't think I will need to do that again. Going to stock up for the rest of the winter!! Thank You 

Fran L.


I have been a nurse for 26 plus years and I have never come across anything so wonderful as your hand cream. When I think about all the money I have spent on hand creams and any other items to help my poor dry nursing hands and a mother of twin boys through the years I probably could retire sooner than later! But because I hadn't until recently experienced your product I can now at least keep working with normal looking hands. It used to be rather embarrassing that my hands were so dry and sore but now I am spreading the word! So thank you for your product and I thank my husband who actually found the cream for me to try. 

Lou O.


Always have trouble in the winter with dry hands and splits in my thumb. Heard from someone about Working Hands so I went and got some and it works. My wife also has been using it because she helps in the kitchen at a daycare, and has to wash dishes a lot. She complained that nothing that she tried would work on her hands or it would help for a short time and then they would be worse. She has been using your product now and said that it is the only thing that works on her hands. She asked if I would get some more last night so I picked up two containers so I can have one in my truck all the time. My son has also started using it and likes it. 

Patti D.


My hands are dry...all year round...all seasons...it just depends on how much I am using them and/or how much I need to wash them. Summer sometimes will be no better than the Winter at times. I will try anything. I used to put A & D Ointment on and wear gloves at night to heal my hands. They have been so cracked and bloody...the cracks will actually throb. I can't stand perfumes & the greasiness...yuck! I was in my local home improvement store buying paint, and I saw this cream with the cracked fingers I always have on the packaging. I thought, hey, I'll try it (I am 44 - I've tried everything else I have come across). I cannot believe how good this stuff is! It's not greasy, doesn't smell, doesn't burn and quickly improves my cracked fingertips! And so worth the price! Other creams and oi ... more 

Daniel G.


My wife gave me this product for Christmas because my hands were cracking. My hands no longer have cracks for the first time as long as I can remember. Great product! Dan 

M.A. W.


OMG -- After years and years of trying everything for severely dry hands, I found a WINNER -- O'Keeffe's Working Hands, at my local home center. I have a dog which requires me to wash my hands frequently. In cold weather, my hands feel like sandpaper, rough, red, cracked skin which sometimes bleeds. There was an open container of O'Keeffe's on the counter at the store so I tried it. WOW! Exactly as described, odorless, GREASELESS. It felt better after one use, so I went back and purchased it. Was applying it on a commuter train to work and the man across from me said, "See, everyone knows about O'Keeffe's." I replied, "It REALLY works." Thanks a million for this TERRIFIC PRODUCT. 

Lynda S.


I wash my hands - a lot! (I volunteer as a phlebotomist at a free clinic + I bake a lot.) In the winter my hands will crack and bleed. I have tried different lotions, creams, and have even worn moisturizing gloves at night. NOTHING compares to O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I am amazed at how the product feels going on. It's incredible at how little it takes and the results that I got in such a short time. I no longer look like I have an old woman's hands. I actually think my hands are soft now. (Sure beats having hands that felt like sandpaper!) 

Debbie G.


I have to tell you how absolutely wonderful Working Hands is! As an occupational therapist who works with young children, I wash my hands many times per day. I have had cracked thumbs for the past several winters (Chicago winters), lasting about three months until the weather warms up. Nothing I used helped. I just happened upon Working Hands when I finally googled "cracked thumbs" to see if I could find something that would provide some relief. I was amazed at how it worked almost immediately. Within the first two or three days of using it, there was a remarkable difference. I love the way it feels and especially that it is non-greasy. I am telling all my friends and coworkers about this wonderful product! Thank you so much for developing such an effective hand cream! 

Charles M.


I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is to use a product that works as advertised. Actually it works better than advertised. My hands were dry and cracked due, I believe, to the hot air heating system I have that heats my home. Every year it happens when winter arrives. I saw a TV ad and I tried it. To my amazement within a couple of hours, my hands felt much better. My hands never felt so smooth. I have told a few of my friends about O'Keeffe's Working Hands. They are also amazed at how good your product works. Thanks again. Charles M. 

Helen M.


This stuff is AWESOME!!!!!!! I am 62 years old and have tried EVERY hand cream out there with no success. Since using this for the past month, my hands feel and look so much better. They even look younger! Because of the condition of my hands before, my nails wouldn't grow. I am now proud to let people see my hands. I no longer try to hide them. And I actually have nails! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! 

Chip D.


Hello there! I just wanted to send a thank you e-mail for the difference I have experienced as a school teacher, storyteller and banjo player. I used to just expected cracked fingertips and knuckles as a sign of the season, but last year I discovered O'Keeffe's Working Hands. Since then, I have been plucking the banjo, telling tales with my hands- not covered in band-aids, and enjoying the winter just a little bit more. Thanks so much! I'll be bragging today about your product on my storytelling website. Any chance you have O'Keeffe's Working Hands stickers that I could add to my banjo case? I keep an extra container with me to pass on to friends. Makes me a bit more popular and every banjo player needs all the help they can get! 

Robert P


Just wanted to let you know that your Working Hands has done what the other products that I have used didn't. It worked in 2 days and my hands are no longer cracked and bleeding like they usually are in the winter. Thank you for a great product. I am 73 and will continue using this product and recommend it to my family and friends. 

Charles T.


I bought this product at a Home Depot while visiting a relative in Washington DC. I wasn't familiar with it or anything but I thought I'd try it. I work at a large trucking firm in Kansas City shifting trailers on 150 doors. In the winter my fingers crack open and hurt so bad. Used other creams and stuff with only marginal relief. With "Working Hands" I have almost no cracking and no pain in my fingers. Also when I apply this stuff it doesn't leave my hands gooey and slippery which I really appreciate. No perfumey smell either. Now I'm running low and was thinking I'll never find more of this in the KC area. Much to my surprise I just saw a TV ad for it and they carry it at the Hardware store down the street from me. I'll be stocking up! 

David M.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank You! I have been a professional mechanic and I am now a financial adviser who still works on and restores my own vehicles at home. I am 54 years old and have been searching for a product that would help my dry, cracked rough hands for years. My wife is a professional manicurist and has had me try creams and other products for "severely dry" skin that cost ten times what O'Keeffe's does with no result. I saw your ad on TV and thought I had nothing to lose. For the first time in at least 20 years, my hands don't feel like sand paper and my knuckles don't crack and bleed when I bend them in the winter. I can finally move my fingers against material such as silk and not have it feel like Velcro. All this and I am about half way through my first small jar of your han ... more 

Shauna D.


For the last 8 years I have struggled with badly cracked feet to the point of them bleeding and I was unable to walk. My mother had bought me a thing of O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet about 2-3 weeks ago and of course I was willing to try it, I mean nothing else had worked so what would it hurt. Within 2 DAYS my feet were getting better! I am amazed at the results and finally have healthy looking feet, well they are a lot better then they were 2-3 weeks ago. I have suggested this product to many people that have feet problems like I do/did. I can't express on how happy I am to have finally found something that works and it is affordable! Thank you for making this wonderful product. 

Becky S.


My 5 year old daughter has had horribly dry hands during the winter for the past two years. We tried everything, including very expensive lotions made especially for sensitive, troubled skin. Anything we put on would burn horribly and she would run to wash it off... her skin bright red and "prickly". We finally found that coconut oil would ease the burning, but her skin still felt like dry paper. We resigned ourselves to believing she would have rough, dry hands (at the age of 5!) She even became skilled at avoiding the hand sanitizer that everyone wants to give children at school and other social interactions (that would burn the worst). A coworker offered to let me borrow her "pot" of Healthy Feet. She said it seemed to stay on her hands and moisturize even with washing. I was sk ... more 

Cara C.


I am a runner so my hands crack every winter. I also wait tables and am a mother of two toddlers so I am constantly washing my hands. My hands remain cracked year round and cause constant irritation. I have tried everything: lotion in gloves, and every lotion ranging from $3-$20 for hands. It gets better for a bit, but my hands feel worse once it wears off. I tried this product and after my first use there was instant relief and after a week my hands are smooth and soft again. Thank you 

Dave H.


In the winter months in Chicago I have had severe cracks in my fingers for years. I have tried everything. Super gluing the cracks shut has worked the best for me until I my wife bought me a jar of the O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream. The can said guaranteed to work. I believe nothing until I see and experience it. This stuff works!! I now have no cracks in my fingers and the skin on my hands has never been so soft during the cold months. As the jar says a little goes a long way so a small can lasts a long time. Thank You Guys!! 

Robin R.


My boyfriend's son came home with your product and told us to try it out that this stuff he'd used at work was great. I tried it and I thought it was the best cream ever. I could feel the difference right away and I could feel the difference when I didn't use it. Your cream is great and I have some friends I am going to tell about this. 

Bob T.


It's a very rare thing these days when a product actually stands up to it's claims. These guys didn't just stand up, they climbed a ladder to the TOP of my list of BEST products I have ever purchased. Now I have to try Healthy Feet! THANKS O'KEEFFE'S!!! 

Liliana D.


I have been a flight attendant for 30 years and as I grow older my skin is dryer. Due to the dryness of the airplane and winter weather I suffered every winter with cuts and skin sooo dry that hurts. Like everyone else I tried "everything" and nothing worked. I was in Canada, during a layover, and saw your ad on TV and upon returning to the US I "ran" to the store to purchase your cream and it is the best thing I have ever done. My cuts are gone; the skin is so soft I want to cry with happiness. 

Carol A.


I used your product and after 4 days on my thumb, which I have been having problems with for years because of the cleaning chemicals from work, all the cracks were gone. No more cracks at the end of the thumb. Just thought I would tell you how GREAT your product is. I will continue to use it as during the winter months my skin gets very dry. I am also going to put some on my feet as they get very dry during the winter months. Thank you for a wonderful product. 

Amanda F.


I bought the O'Keeffe's foot cream at a pharmacy in a hospital and found good results on my heels in a few days. I had the foot cream handy in my drawer when I broke my leg and had to use a walker to hold my entire weight up since I couldn't put any weight on one of my legs. My palms were cracked, callused and sore, so I reached over and found the foot cream and tried it on my palms. They began to get better right away and after three days were well. Now I want to share your product with my friends who have problems with their working hands. Thank you for being a valid solution in my time of need. 

Dan H.


I work on everything from passenger vehicles to over the road trucks to construction equipment. Never before have I found a product that can counteract all the damage that hand cleaners like gojo and fast orange do. My cousin gave me the hand cream as a gift. IT IS AWESOME. I apply once a day, my hands have yet to crack open and bleed. and we are deep into winter. I apply once a day. I know if I was to apply more, I would have the hands of a paper pusher, not a wrench turner. I wish I had found this product years ago. Even my mother has made comments about how my hands aren't split. If it is momma approved, then it is a winner for sure. 

Allan L.


For years I have dealt with cracked and bleeding hands. I have tried everything I could think of, including homeopathic remedies. I thought it would be too good to be true, but after seeing your ad on TV, I asked our little local drug store to order some of your "Working Hands" for me to try. They agreed to get some in if I would report back to them about how I liked it. I bought some on a Monday evening, and by Thursday afternoon I was reporting back to them that I had witnessed a miracle. After just three days, my dry, cracked, bloody hands were better. No more pain. No more bandages. No more hiding my hands from embarrassment. The pharmacy assistant was amazed and promised to continue stocking your product in their store. I will continue buying it and using it because it's amazing! Than ... more 

Jeff A.


I was one of those people who had split finger tips and hands that were like sandpaper all the time. I could literally reach for something on an upper shelf and feel my fingers split. I saw one of your commercials and started using Working Hands on Monday. It's only Thursday and I can't believe the difference in my hands. The pain in my hands would sometimes keep me up at night, but your stuff really works and I thank you! 

Johanna G.


Although I wear gloves as much as possible at work my hands still become very dry to the point of cracking and bleeding in the winter. I work in a pretty dusty environment so I have to wash them frequently and it's pretty painful. Well, it was pretty painful until I tried Working Hands! I was so surprised by the results after just a couple of uses the annoying crack I get on the side of pinkie, which always gets caught up in my hair and shoe laces, gone. A huge plus is it's not greasy and a little does go a long way! And my hands no longer look like that of my mother's! Working Hands is definitely going to be a stocking/goodie bag stuffer from now on! Thanks so much for making such a wonderful product! I can't wait to share it with my friends and family! 

Willis O.


I am an aircraft mechanic. I work outdoors a lot in all sorts of weather - including these tough Minnesota winters. I've been an aircraft mechanic for going on 38 years now & in winter especially my hands become so dry & raw the skin cracks & bleeds. I've tried every cream & lotion made out there & NONE worked worth spit. That is until the local Hardware guy recommended your Working Hands. My goodness where have you been all my life? I'm speechless at how fast this hand cream restores my skin - removing the raw redness & smoothing my hands so when I touch my girlfriend she doesn't cringe because my hands feel like 40 grit sand paper. I keep a jar at home & one at work & I brag your product up & down to everybody. It also works great on dry elbows, knees & just skin all over the body. I wi ... more 

Gail P.


For anybody suffering from dry, cracked skin O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream is the best cream I have ever bought. Costs about $7 at your local home improvement store and is worth every penny. I use it on my hands, legs, feet & elbows. I have even been known to use a pea size amount rub between my hands and rub into my hair to prevent static electricity in my hair and prevent fly away hair. Love, love, love it! I posted a link to your home page on my Facebook page so my family and friends who suffer from dry skin. 

Barbara M.


I'm a 65 year old lady who has suffered from cracked and sandpaper like hands for years. Cold weather sets in and my fingertips start to crack and bleed around my fingernails. I also help my husband who builds rustic furniture, I sand and stain all of his pieces which of course adds to my dilemma. I have tried every product on the market to repair, soften, or relieve my problem. I have paid high prices for "miracle" creams and lotions and every brand name product recommended by friends and family. Nothing has worked. Last week my husband brought home your product, O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I have been using it since. I use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and always after working in the yard or in my husbands workshop. My hands are now smooth, soft to ... more 

Stephanie I.


I have tried for years to find ways to keep my fingers from splitting on the ends. They would hurt so bad, I wore band aids on almost every finger for years. This hand cream had my hands and fingers better in just two days. THANK YOU so much. I went out and bought two more containers. :) 




Sue W.


I've been telling folks about this product for YEARS...I buy several and always carry at least one unopened jar with me to give away when I see a "need". Dry, itching, cracked and bleeding hands are a thing of the past! I even use it around my eyes as my secret beauty cream... 

Richard B.


I'm 52 years old, and I've had problems with my fingers cracking open at the end of my fingernails on both sides for many years. During the fall and winter, I would have 5 or 6 fingers cracked and sore almost all the time. One day when I had 7 fingers cracked, my mom gave me a can of Working Hands to try. I put it on my hands that night at bedtime, and especially where my fingers were cracked. The next morning, my fingers were barely even sore, and the cracks were almost completely closed. I've been using it ever since, and I don't have sore cracked fingers anymore. Working Hands is a great product! I've also had dry cracked feet for most of my life, but thanks to Healthy Feet I don't anymore. Healthy Feet is a great product also. I've recommended it to many people, including all my family ... more 

Darin K.


Thank you so much for creating such an awesome product, that actually works! My wife and I recently opened a CrossFit Gym, which requires constant abuse of my hands. I use my hands all day coaching classes, working out, and maintaining a clean professional fitness facility. I have to be able to use my hands daily to demonstrate and help others with any number of different movements from pull ups & push ups to advanced Olympic lifting movements like the clean & jerk or snatch. To perform lifts effectively and safely I often use gym chalk to dry out my hands, which is effective but makes my hands very dry. I use Working Hands on a daily basis now to make sure my hands are ready to go for whatever the day holds. I also tell my clients to use O'Keeffe's on their hands after workouts and ... more 

Carole S.


Your product is wonderful! Every winter for years I've tried just about everything to help the pain of dry, cracked and split fingers. When I was working (I'm now retired) it was painful to type at times. I moved to Colorado from Ohio a little over a year ago. I saw an ad for Working Hands and decided to try it. Within a day or so there were no more cracked, split fingers. I just noticed that Working Hands is made in Ohio. I wish I would have known that when I lived there. Maybe I just missed your ads or commercials. I'm sorry about that. The relief is fantastic! And so fast! After I send this e-mail I'm headed out to buy some for family and friends. Thank you so much. 

Heather J.


I work as a Secretary for a Catholic Church. I work with paper all day and have always had problems with my thumb and fingers splitting and the cracks becoming very painful. So painful that it was hard to type. When I saw the commercial for your product, I was so excited. I went searching immediately. I bought both the hand and foot cream. I was astonished with how well it worked. I have been using it faithfully for 2 weeks and the results are astounding. Even my cracked heels are smoother than they have ever been. I just went out and bought 3 jars of each so I will be sure to have enough to last me throughout the cold weather. Thank you so much for this awesome product. Keep up the good work! 

Jacqueline K.


I'm an RN in a busy ICU. We are required to wash our hands with an alcohol-based water-less hand cleanser each time we enter and exit a patient's room. By the end of a 12 hour shift I can't even begin to tell you how awful my hands are, they are truly like sandpaper and they split at the tips of my finger. My husband saw this "Working Hands" in our local home improvement store and picked a tub up for himself and I tried it. It works like magic! Within a couple of hours and 2 applications my hands are soft and free of that sandpaper feeling, and no more splits!!! We have tubs all over the house in the car and one in my handbag. This stuff is the BEST!!! I've tried everything believe me and nothing does what this product does. I'm so happy my hubby picked this up just by chance. Thank you fo ... more 

Sandy T.


Every winter I suffer from dry cracked hands. I have tried just about every hand lotion there is on the market, even Vaseline with no results. Recently I have seen an Ad in a magazine with your product and decided to try it. It is amazing. My hands feel so much better. I can see the improvement on my fingers already after just three days. I will definitely buy your product from now on even though the cost of it is a little more than other hand creams but well worth it because I only need to use a small amount. Thank you so much for an awesome product. I will recommend your product to everyone. You are a life saver and my hands thank you. :) 

Rob E.


After decades of suffering from painful cracked fingers in winter O'Keeffe's has finally given me relief within 3 days. And believe me I've tried everything. Amazing!!! Thank you very much. 

Beckie D.


During deer shotgun season I help out at Howard's Processing checking in deer, taking orders generally anything that is outside. This 2013 season was windy, cold and just plain yucky. My hands were very dry, fingers cracked and all in all hurt. After THREE days of using Working Hands my hands felt a world different, and after two weeks nobody would guess that for a week I was outside in 18 degree weather, washing in bleach water, and wrapping of meat. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! If anyone so much as thinks of trying this product, don't just go get it!!!! 

Ryan G.


Wow just want to say thanks, my feet were so dry and cracked I was bleeding through my socks every day, other creams did absolutely nothing, I have been using your foot cream for 2 days now and not only are they not bleeding anymore but the cracks have almost gone away and my feet are soft again for the first time in years! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!!!! 

Amalia L.


As a nurse, I use alcohol based hand sanitizer or wash my hands multiple times a day. This past fall, my hands began to dry and severely crack and bleed, mostly in the space between my thumb and index finger. A few weeks ago, it began to spread to my fingertips, too. I was terrified of contracting an infection from having open areas on my hands and I was in constant pain from the cracks (especially after using the hand sanitizer and having the alcohol get into the cuts. Ouch!). I started using Working Hands this past Wednesday. It is now Saturday and the cracks are gone and my hands are more moisturized and soft. Nothing has worked as well and as fast as Working Hands for me. It's a truly amazing product! 

Kathy D.


Winter had just began and I already had deep painful cracks on my thumb and index finger. For two weeks I used everything I had. The cracks just got worse. Then I saw a commercial for O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I went the next morning and bought this fantastic product. Three days later, the cracks are completely closed! It worked so well, I purchased the foot cream yesterday. I have told all that will listen to buy this product. I call it a miracle cream. O'Keeffe's Working Hands is now my must have. 

Shelley P.


I work for CANADIAN TIRE and I have terrible dry and chapped hands so I decided to try it. Well it is the most amazing hand cream ever and believe me I have tried a few different creams. I now tell everyone I talk to at work and after hours how great this cream is. THANK YOU FOR PRODUCING THIS AWESOME PRODUCT. 

Kurt H.


I suffered from cracked heels for a long time until I got a can/puck of Healthy Feet cream. I started using it on November 18th, and by December 1st, my heel looked as good as it ever did. O'Keeffe's is fantastic. I've also been using Working Hands for a couple years and used to suffer from cracks and cuts during the winter that got so deep that some of them bled. Tried all sorts of creams, lotions, and balms. I got some Working Hands and within a few weeks I knew I would never be getting anything other than O'Keeffe's ever again. Wonderful and very helpful products. Thanks O'Keeffe's. 

Amanda M.


I work as a cook and am constantly washing my hands as a result. The year I began working in my first kitchen I serendipitously bought O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream in the height of winter (which is by far the driest part of the year where I live) just because it was by the till when I went to make a purchase at a store here. My skin is sensitive to begin with, and combined with the dry winters and regular washing my hands dried out rapidly. I swear by this stuff. Nothing else works quite this potently - no salve, no butter, no balm, no cream, no lotion has ever had such a huge impact fighting the drying effects of my job and winters where I live. I know it sounds silly to say about a hand cream but I don't know what I'd do without it. 

Sue B.


Your Working Hands For cracked hands is fantastic! Through the many winter seasons, I have ordered Restoration Hardware's no-crack super hand cream and Eucerin Aquaphor healing Ointment. None of these products were successful in treating the problem. Finally I used O'Keeffe's..Hurrah!! 

Doris P.


My fingers always crack. My Father had the same problem. I have always used chap stick for the cracks but since I got the Working Hands I am crack free. Thank you for coming out with a wonderful product. Now I can leave the chap stick for my lips and Working Hands for my hands. 

Joanne C.


After being in water for 30 yrs. doing hair my hands were horrible. Also raising 4 kids and doing dishes etc. My hands were cracking and bleeding and it felt like a million paper cuts all over my hands and fingers. I tried O'Keeffe's after seeing the commercial a few times. I couldn't believe how in just 1 week the difference it really made. In 2 weeks nobody believed I even had a problem because my hands looked like I never used them. I've told any and everyone who would listen. My doctor, nurse, friends, etc. This is a miracle in a little green can. I've tried over the counter ones and nothing came close to working. Anyone who suffers from hand and fingers cracking and bleeding must get this right away and then your problem is just a memory. I will never not have one in my handbag and my ... more 

Anthony S.


Thank you for the Working Hands product. I am a woodcarver and crafter. My hands dry out and my thumbs become cracked and it is very painful. Working Hands cleared this up in just a few days. I will not go a day without applying some to my hands. Another great thing about your product is it is not greasy and goes in quick! Thank you again for a great product! 

Cindy C.


My partner Shane works as a paint sprayer in a car body shop, and is constantly suffering from cracked hands, or should I say he DID suffer from cracked hands. Until I purchased your "Working Hands" cream. This product does what it says on the tin. His hands are now crack-free and he no longer suffers from the pains that this can cause. Thank you for this miracle product. 

Jennifer B.


I work at a place that sells the hand and foot cream and I've been wanting to try it. I finally decided to get the foot cream and I love it. Not only did it help my feet, it also has helped my hands. My hands get dry from touching money and paperwork all day. I'll definitely keep buying this product. 

Steve F.


Before I put on my socks I use Working Hands on my feet top of foot and bottom. It has changed my life. No sock rubbing. Feet feel better all day long. My wife tried it and loves it. We now do this every morning. Give this a try you won't believe how good it feels. 

Mike M.


I retired after 43 years working in the steel industry, and found myself taking over the household chores when my wife went back to work. My hands were a mess. Constant pain from the splits in my fingertips, rough and cracked hands making it uncomfortable to do anything. After 9 days of using 'Working Hands' my hands look and feel great. On the first day I noticed the pain diminishing in my split fingertips. It is really great to find a product that does what it claims to do. Thanks 

Barbara L.


Since I have tried every product on the market for my cracking finger tips (which I only get in the winter time), I saw your Working Hands product and thought let's give it a try. I bought it and have had no cracking on my fingertips since. I use it about three times a day. I love this product and have been telling every one about it. Thanks. 

Amber H.


Every fall when the weather starts getting cold my hands crack and bleed. I've tried everything I could think of and nothing worked. I saw O'Keeffe's Working Hands many times on t.v, but wasn't sure if it would work. My hands were hurting so bad this year I was willing to try anything. I made a special trip to my local home improvement store just to purchase O'Keeffe's Working Hands. Best decision I ever made. Within 3-4 days my hands felt so much better. The cracks were gone and no more dry skin. My hands have never felt so soft. My husband even wants to try some. He hates lotion of any kind, he will not use lotion on himself at all. I love O'Keeffe's Working Hands. 

Amy T.


Please continue to advertise on TV. I had no idea "Working Hands" existed. And maybe I'm not in the roster of typical "work with your hands" jobs; helping actors make costume changes. But in CO, in the dry climate and the colder weather, I was in one of Dante's levels of hell with at least seven cracks on my fingers. Everything I did hurt. The husband bought "Working Hands" after we saw a TV ad. He asked that I leave it somewhere where he could use it too. (He's a piano player.) I gave him ten bucks and said, "get your own." My hands are MUCH improved after three days! The last two cracks are about done. I've been sharing with my fellow dressers. I must have sold at least four more people. "My skin just sucked it up! Where did you get that stuff?" You may want to feature ... more 

Dorothy B


Thank you!!!!!!!!!! My hands were cracking and soooooo dry. Heard about your product, hunted it down and bought it. After using it for just one week my hands are as smooth as a baby's rear end. It repaired the cracking and they are not dry anymore. 



I work with a lot of boxes, and about a year ago, I started getting thick dry patches on my palms that would crack, and the top of my hands would peel. I have only been using this product for a few days, but it's incredible. My hands actually stay hydrated now, and the cracks I had are fading really fast. After trying a bunch of other products, it is nice to finally try something that works. 

Cheryl S.


I have had severe dry skin for years. My feet were so dry they felt like plastic. I had bought Working Hands for my son because being a mechanic has really been rough on his hands. My feet had gotten a couple of tender spots so I decided to try the Working Hands on my feet. Well I only used it twice and the improvement is unreal. I have tried different lotions and nothing ever helped but this is the best lotion on the market. Thank you for making my feet feel human again. 

Becki R.


I have been hard on my hands, especially my right hand due to having a weaker left hand for years. Due to constant use; be it working on the computer, taking care of children and washing my hands dozens of times a day, cleaning, cook, laundry to a million other daily activities, my over-worked right hand had managed to become extremely dry, cracked and even painful. You could literally see the cracks on my fingers! I tried lotions, salves, pastes, ointments - but most did not absorb into the skin or others were just too greasy. I was beginning to accept that I would have to live with my ugly, dry, cracked hand that even I did not want to touch. Four days after finding O'Keeffe's Working Hands by accident, my hand is becoming softer- the cracks are beginning to fade and the grease ... more 

Cindy C.


I never tried this until I received a gift card to a dept store that sold this hand creme. We bought some and I've loved it ever since. We haven't tried the foot creme yet but I'm sure it will be great just like the hand creme! Can't wait for my order to get here! I'll be a recurring customer for sure. Thanks! 

Bill S


I never thought I'd leave a comment on a product. But I saw an ad, then saw it at my local home improvement store to see for myself..skeptically..Holy soft-skin Batman, this stuff is amazing. I used it for 3 days and I just applied it 2 times a day. Even my kids said, "Dad, you hands are smooth." So, I tested it, the kids approve and I'm happy. I'm sure it'll work on my feet too. 

Dory C.


I know you've heard it all before but you're about to hear it again. In the winter my hands get really dry and for the past four years I've had cracks in my thumb that would not heal. I've tried keeping my hands moisturized but it didn't help. I saw your product in a magazine and thought I had nothing to lose. After one week the large crack in my thumb disappeared!!! I couldn't believe it. Your hand cream is absolutely wonderful and amazing and incredible. I will no longer be going through the pain of those cracks. 

Jon N.


I was walking through a local hardware store and saw the display for Working Hands. I turned to the wife and said, "that's a picture of my hands! Do you think that stuff really works?" She said "we sell a great deal of it at the pharmacy where I work" so I decided to give it a try. Within a few days the change was incredible. Cracks were gone and I could grasp again pain free. This product really works and I have recommended it to many of my friends and co-workers. Thanks 

Karen G.


I have very bad heels, dry and cracked. I wear flip flops all summer, and no matter what I have tried in the past (including pedicures) I had not been able to have smooth feet. UNTIL NOW when I thought I would try the Healthy Feet product you have. I love it. It worked great for me, so I have gotten my family using it. We are sold on this product. My sister is now trying the Working Hands product too. Thank you so much, I can not tell you how much it means to have feet that don't crack and hurt. 

Dinah W.


It has been a long time since I can be in bed and not have my rough heels snagging the sheets. My heels were so cracked and rough, that they would snag on my bed sheets. After a few days I noticed a difference in the cracks in my heels. Today after using O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet for three weeks, I have healthy feet! There are no deep cracks in my heels and they are smooth and soft. I did not use the cream everyday, but still got noticeable results fast. I also noticed that my hands benefited from applying cream to my feet. I am telling friends and family about this wonder in a jar that really works. And there is absolutely no smell. I am a very satisfied customer of the O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet cream. Thanks for making such a great product that really works. 

Karen F.


Thank you so very much for such an AMAZING product. My fingers always had deep cracks in them, it was always very painful to work when your hands are in water all the time and also from the heat of the blow dryer! I used the product only 1 time at night and the next morning I was amazed how much better they looked and felt, used it for 1 week and the deep cracks in my fingers all GONE! Thank you again! 

Gary B.


I have worked in the Ice Cream industry for over 15 years and have always had dry, cracking hand to the point that my wife didn't like it when they would touch her. Some of my favorite clothes I could not wear due to picking them with my dry hands. From subzero temps to 90 degrees throughout the day for 15 years has wrecked my hands. I can not think of how many different products I have tried that promised to relieve the cracking and never came close to your Working Hands cream. Amazing, after the first use I could tell a difference. THANKS! 

Rachel Y.


Yesterday I searched the web on how to fix my cracked and horrible hands, and this was the first thing that popped up. I read the testimonials and instantly looked up where to buy Working Hands. I am a barista at Starbucks and my hands are stained brown, cracked and look like the soles of feet almost! I bought Working Hands last night from my home improvement store and put it on at bed time. I woke up to find not only do my hands feel softer but they aren't going to scratch you if I touch you. And the cracks are getting smaller! I'm not only impressed but I am hooked! I will forever use this product and I know that if I use as directed I'll have hands like my 3 year old! I am in shock! And that's only 1 use!!! Go buy this now!!! 

Margaret C.


I have struggled my entire life with my feet cracking and bleeding, extremely painful. I spent all my life with different medicines, home remedies, ped-eggs, and coating my feet at night and wearing socks to bed to soften. I had reached the end of my rope and pain tolerance. I went to see the dermatologist in desperate need of help. The first question he ask "what have you tried for your problem" my response "what have I not tried"! He firmly told me to try Working Hands or Healthy Feet for 2 to 3 weeks and he guaranteed I would be pleased. Apply just very little 3 times a day and boy what a difference. I have thrown out an entire cabinet of home remedies, foot files, and ped-eggs, I am so pleased with your product and my feet feel GREAT!!! For the first time in my life, something th ... more 



I had problems with my hands with dry skin for a long time. Now I have everything there is and when I heard about this product I was, well skeptical, but now that I use it every night before I go to bed there is nothing any better that can do what this does. It's like magic and it's not greasy at all and even when you wash your hand the product stays on. This is the best invention next to Frozen Pizza and is a must for anybody who has cracked or band hands or fingers or even feet. TRUST ME THIS IS WORTH EVERY PENNY AND THE PRICE IS BEYOND CHEAP BECAUSE THIS STUFF LASTS AND LASTS AND LASTS. SO JUST BUY IT YOU WILL BE GLAD YOU DID. 

Paul L.


For the past 13 years my pedicurist has been chastising me for not taking proper care of my heels and soles. She'd spend an hour or more, soaking, then scraping and sanding the callouses on my feet. No matter what cream we used, my feet were a disaster. Then I saw your advertisement in Family Circle. I ordered one of each - my wife is a cashier and suffers from cracks in her fingertips. Well, after 2 weeks of using For Healthy Feet, I went to my pedicurist, and she was totally SHOCKED at the condition of my heels and soles... so much so that she is now a licensed re seller of your products. My wife's fingers are improved, and we are customers for life. Thank you for creating this amazing product! 

Susan R.


My feet looked much worse than the "Before" picture on the O'Keeffe's package. My husband had given me the nickname "Cactus Feet". I thought, "Oh right, my feet will never look like the "After" picture. But I had nothing to lose, so I bought the product. My husband and I watched with amazement as my feet improved more each week. There was marked difference after only 2 weeks and after 4 weeks my feet were "smooth as a baby's bottom", according to my husband. I don't know what the magic ingredient is, but it DOES work. Please don't ever take it off the market, or I fear that I will go back to being "Cactus Feet". 

Carol B.


I can see that you hear this same thing over and over but I have to tell you how much I love your product. My boyfriend uses the Working Hands and used to always have cracked finger tips. He started using the Working Hands cream and hasn't had a problem in over a year. He is always going on and on about how great it is. I have horribly cracked feet and have had them for as long as I can remember. I have spent a ton of money on creams specifically for cracked feet and none have worked. On a Sunday, I started using the Working Hands on my feet and on Wednesday I saw the product for feet and bought it. By Saturday (one week later) my feet were as smooth as when I was a child. I can't believe how well this product works! I have always been embarrassed about how my feet look in sandals but figu ... more 

Christine M.


Hello! I am singing the praises of the product, O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet. My story/ routine was: I tend to my feet daily, sanding and applying creams, wearing socks with greasy products on my feet when going to bed. I am an RN and on my feet hours at a time, working in a busy ER 5 minutes from the San Francisco Airport! I am 56 years young and used to buy expensive creams for my face and neck as well as hands too. I had never tried O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet but was in a store waiting to check out, when I saw the advertisement and identified with the harsh appearance of cracked skin on heels. I bought my first little jar and literally, within a few days, had smooth skin! I thought to myself...if this hydrates my feet this well, what might it do for my face? I used it on my ... more 

Olivia D.


I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have feet that are cracked, sore, that bleed and cause such pain when walking or even when sitting. My fiancé found your Healthy Feet product one day at a local CVS and purchased it for me to try. I have never been so happy about a product in my life! I don't recall ever praising a company about a product that I have been so happy with before. I couldn't forget to tell you. I am only 29 and have feet that look like they should be either much older or be caused from diabetes. I have never seen and felt such relief. If we had more income, I would be buy a year's supply and try the hand cream, but we don't. I have told everyone that I can about this amazing product. Thank you again for developing this! 

Jason C.


I have been in the restaurant business for over 15 years and constantly on my feet. I have had callused heels for as long as I can remember. Sometimes my feet would get to the point of such pain I would be limping around all day. I never thought that there would be a day that I could see no cracks or splits on my feet or even have sensation in my heels! Then I saw a commercial for O'Keeffe's and thought I'd like to try it. I found it locally and it was inexpensive enough so I decided to take a shot. I exfoliated daily, sometimes twice, and put a small amount on my heels. In a few days it started becoming softer. After only 1 month of using it my feet are like brand new! I keep telling my wife that "It's a miracle!". I now have "Healthy Feet"! Love this stuff! 

Bruce G.


I have been a metal sculptor full time since 1989. For the last 6 years or so my hands have been very dry with painful cracked skin, probably from all the welding and constant need for hand washing. Nothing had worked until I stumbled across your product on my last trip to my local home improvement store. I was very skeptical, as I had tried so many products already, but for 8 bucks, I figured what did I have to lose. I could feel O'Keeffe's starting to work for me very quickly, and in a couple of days it was quite a dramatic difference. After all these years of suffering, I find the solution in a hardware store! I have to compliment you on an amazing product, and I thank you for improving my quality of life. I just ordered 3 more containers from you, and will be posting links to yo ... more 

Cassandra D.


I just wanted to thank you for this product! I work in a warehouse moving boxes all day to prepare them for shipping, not to mention that the heat and the cold tends to dry my skin on my hands pretty badly. I just randomly bought this brand today since nothing else has ever seemed to help. I've only used it once but the difference is amazing! I can already feel it start to change my skin! I love that it's odorless and doesn't feel oily like so many other products do. It also seems to penetrate the skin quickly, which is a huge change for me. Thanks so much for making this wonderful hand cream, I'll have to find the version for feet now. 

Shayla M.


My hands have always been cracked in the summer time because of the heat and otherwise cracked from over washing them. I used other common lotions like Aveeno which made my hands sting and itch so much! I was sick of it because my cracks would bleed every day. My friend gave me a thing of O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream... I was first thinking of this as more crap that would make my hands sting... I put it on and started to feel a difference... and no stinging! I used it aggressively until my hands were better a WEEK later which is so quick! Since then my hands have remained baby skin soft and have not cracked again... I love this hand cream so much and I will now try this on my dry feet which I trust will get the same results! Thanks O'Keeffe's! 

John G.


Your product is great. I am retired and play golf 3 to 4 days a week. I have been plagued with cracked fingers for years and have tried every product available with no success. It got to the point where I was going through a tube of Superglue a month to help close the cracks. After seeing your TV commercial I bought your product and within two weeks my hands were better and I have not experienced any cracking for over 4 months. I now apply Working Hands daily. I have told all my friends about it. Thank You for such a great product. 

Shana C.


I absolutely love your Healthy Foot cream. I have had dry and cracking heels for many years. I have tried other products (Dr. Scholl's, Eucerin, Gold Bond, Kerasal, Miracle) with no luck. O'Keeffe's is the best product out there! Save yourself some money and buy this product first! Thank you for this amazing product! 

Heidi K.


I have always had a problem with dry, cracking skin on my fingers, to the point that I recently realized that I pick the dry skin when I get anxiety really bad. Well, with being a nursing student I don't want to have ugly hands and I can't let myself have open wounds on my fingers or thumbs and I absolutely know that the anxiety of school will be high so my hands would be a ripped up mess. The first time I saw the cream at the store, I decided to give it a try...Oh my goodness...it was the absolute best product I ever tried. My feet are also terribly dry to the point that the skin cracks and bleeds also, so I know that as soon as I find the cream for both hands and feet I will be stocking up just in case I can't find it for an extended period of time again. If anyone is considering trying ... more 

Carolyn T.


I am a 71 year old female. For more than 30 years, the skin on my thumb has split open as soon as cool weather comes. On an impulse, I bought a can of Working Hands one day last September. I began to rub my thumb over the top of it every morning when I woke and every night at bedtime. When cold weather came my thumb did NOT SPLIT even one time over the winter. This stuff is magic. The guy at the store said that they can't keep in in the store. All the painters, carpenters, roofers, etc. who work out in the cold buy it. 

Joy Y.


This stuff really works!! I had tried every product on the market to relieve my cracking heels, and nothing really worked. On a whim, I thought what do I have to lose, I had already spent a lot of money on other products that didn't work. I was amazed!!! After just one week of applying to my heels, I saw a big improvement. I have been using O'Keeffe's for approximately 3 months now, and I could not be happier. I am down to the bottom of the jar, and I will be purchasing this product again, and again, and again. I can now wear my sandals with confidence. Thank you so much for such a great product. 

Annie M.


I love O'Keeffe's. I'm not a logger or some extreme foot beater-upper but I just love it. I moved from the humidity of Chicago to the dryness of Denver and noticed my feet cracking more and not feeling lovely. I get regular pedicures and take care of my feet but they just didn't feel at the top of their game. I tried O'Keeffe's and I absolutely love it- my feet are smooth and soft and I never hesitate going barefoot. I'm not a super extreme case, I just love this creme. I've sent it to everyone I can, they love it too! Job very well done, O'Keeffe's! 

George R.


I gotta tell you, you have the best product for hands I've ever tried. I've been in manufacturing for over 35 years. I'm rough on my hands and get small cuts and scrapes everyday, but since my brother turned me on to your product my hands feel and look like I'm a teenager again. I've recommended your product to my co-workers and they can't believe the difference either, but the best testimony comes from my wife. Before she said my hands felt like sandpaper touching her and now, well, let's just say she enjoys my touch again. Thanks again for a great product! 

Sherry C.


I have been plagued with dry feet all my life. I would develop deep cracks and would split deeper with every step. I've worked 10 years as a waitress and 10 years in retail. I have always worked on my feet. I have spent years trying to hide the agony of every step. Since discovering O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet not only are the cracks and the pain gone, but I also have feet I'm not embarrassed by. I don't know how I can thank this company any more! Truly my life has been changed. 

Debbie H.


I stand on my feet 10+ hours daily and my heels are extremely cracked. Someone told me about O'Keeffe's but our local store only had the Working Hands in stock so I tried it on my heels. I can't believe how soft they feel after 1 application so I can only imagine the results if I had used the one specifically for feet! Thanks for this product!! 

Bonnie A.


Both the hand and feet stuff are amazing!!! I have my soft feet back!!! I love love love it! The hand stuff kept my dry hands to not be dry anymore! I preach it to everybody that will listen how great they are!!! 

John K.


OMG! I've been suffering from cracked cuticles for over 10 years (I think its from me getting older). After about 3 days of using your product the burning stopped and I could see a difference. I started using your hand product on my dry, crusty feet which too brought me great relief. I was visiting your site to leave a testimony about your product and to see if you guys would consider making something for the feet. Come to find, you have already done it. I'm a happy man... :) P.S. : My wife LOVES the way my hands (and feet) feel when I touch her now, Thanks! 

Jayne S.


Hi My husband is a diabetic and he mentioned your creams. I was the one having pedicures and they had been using a tool that looks like a cheese grater, lol. They would scrape my heels and they had gotten so cracked and dry I stopped them from using it. I found out about your cream and have been buying it ever since. Thanks! This really does work and I wanted to share it! Our local home center sells it and I hope you always supply it for us. I have happy feet again! Sincerely, Jayne 

Bob J.


I am a Machinist that runs a machine with coolant all day long and the coolant drys out your skin bad. For years I have had problem with cracking fingers and palms, I have used numerous hand creams and even thought about seeing a doctor for this problem. It hurt to play the game I love. Golf is my favorite past-time so finding this product really helped my golf game also. I would recommend this hand cream to anybody and I have already done so with the guys that I work with that also had the same problems I did. THANKS FOR A GREAT PRODUCT 

Hillary B.


I am so happy I took a trip down to the states and found this AMAZING product. I am always on my feet for work and love my flip flops rain or shine. My feet looked horrible and were extremely rough! I was to the point of getting a cheese grater and filing down the bottoms of my feet. I've tried so many products that claim to work and don't. I feel so confident now with my feet and don't have to worry at night if my feet rub against my husband and him wondering if there is sandpaper in the bed! Thank you so much for making this product I am so happy and will definitely suggest it to anyone with feet they think are impossible to fix! 

Kristin S.


I have used O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream for many years and was excited to see Healthy Feet on the shelf at my local fabric/craft store. It wasn't so much an impulse buy because I was familiar with the name brand but it certainly is not the thing I went into the store to buy. I used the foot cream that night before bed and was instantly in love. Most foot creams are heavy and sticky and bother my feet while in bed if I don't immediately put socks on. I used it again the next morning after my shower. I put on socks and shoes and went to work. After a long day at my dental office I came home and took off my shoes and socks and wow...what a pleasant surprise. My feet (heels) were so soft I began running around the house making everyone feel my feet! My husband was so excited he made me prom ... more 

Eileen M.


Love, love Working Hands. During the winter months my hands and fingers become extremely dry and cracked, especially when I hang my wash outside. I put this on before bed and use white gloves. By the morning, my hands no longer suffer from cracking & splitting. My grandchildren love this product too. They always ask, "where is your Working Hands crème?" For Easter, I gave each one their own crème in their Easter baskets. My grandson likes it because it is not greasy and does not smell like a ladies hand crème. Thank you for a good product. 

Nelson C.


I have never used a hand cream so incredibly good at moisturizing my hands. Often times my work would require me to wash my hands repeatedly and, by the end of the day, my hands are cracked and bone dry. I first received O'Keeffe's Working Hands as a gift for Christmas from my mother. I'm not sure how she found your product but I'm glad she did. Other hand lotions just felt greasy and my hands wouldn't be moisturized for long. O'Keeffe's Working Hands lasts all day. Thank You for actually making a product that works! 

Thomas F.


The bottom of my left foot became dry for some unknown reason and I developed a deep split across my foot. It started to become painful just to walk. I borrowed a skin repair cream/every day moisturizer from my wife and religiously rubbed it on the affected area at night and after showering in the am before starting my day. It offered some relief but no progress on the healing front. I was actually going to give-up and go to a dermatologist when, one day, while waiting in line at my local home center there was a display featuring your product at the check-out counter. On impulse, I bought a 3.2 oz container of "O'Keffe's for Healthy Feet" to try. Wow! Within a three day period there was a noticeable, positive difference in that deep split on my foot. After two weeks, it's basically gone! I ... more 

Paul N.


For 30 years I've suffered with dry cracked hands and feet. I've tried every thing from covering my hands with hand creams to wearing latex gloves to bed. 30 years of not only painful bleeding cracks, but the fact that I could never get my hands clean. The callouses and cracks had absorbed the grease, carbon and chemicals that I've worked with over the past 30 years. Last week I was doing a drywall job and was at my local hardware store when I saw your hand cream. I thought to my self just another crack cream lotion but im out of my usual cream so I tossed one in my cart. Next day I used your Working Hands cream before my shift started, and before lunch I had noticed a huge differance. At the end of my shift the dirt and grease just washed away. The next day I re-applied and so on. By t ... more 

Sue K.


I have struggled with dry skin and my diabetic feet were embarrassing. I used to wear socks all the time and hated for my husband to even see my feet. I have tried many products to try to get them presentable looking and healthy again. It wasn't until my dad gave me some of your fabulous product to try that they started looking and feeling great again. My hands and feet have never looked so good! I now spread the word about this awesome product and am so thankful my dad passed some of it onto me! Thank you ever so much!!!! 

Janet J.


I purchased the Healthy Feet cream and I have to say that this cream is a miracle! Nothing, nothing that I have purchased for a lot more money has worked on my feet. This cream really, really works! I recommend it to anybody and everybody! Thank you for making this cream!!!!! 

Linda H.


I can't believe how great the cream worked on my hands. I've been trying so many creams for the last 4 years and nothing works better than O'Keeffe's Working Hands. It the best cream in the world!!!!! 

Kim M.


This is the best product. I haul firewood every day and walk barefoot as much as I can. The "Working Hands" works better on my feet than any other product that I've tried. It also helps my dry elbows and knees. Thanks for making me feel like "aaahhhh". Loyal Fan, Kim 

Tina N.


I had the worst feet ever, and I tried everything on the market to get them to stop cracking and splitting. I even went and tried a pedicure and nothing worked til I bought your product, Healthy Feet. Omg its AMAZING I can't believe how great it works. I went out and got me more of the feet and hand lotion I just wish it came in bigger quantities!! Thank you so much for this product and I have been passing on my good fortune to others!! I can now wear sandals for the first time in probably 20 years. Thank you!!!! 

Sean W.


I am a geothermal driller and work in the mud and dirt 12-16 hours a day and my hands are constantly cracked and hurting. I got my Working Hands hand cream 3 days ago and a chronic crack on my thumb is gone. I've tried everything to get it to go away and nothing has even come close. I will now have a jar in my work pack from now on. 

Susan S.


I had dry, sandpaper like crocodile hands and after using O'Keeffe's my hands are like velvet. Thank you for making such a good product. I will use it for life! 

Michael L.


I recently took a job working as an assembler at a local home improvement store, putting together grills, patio sets, and other outdoor equipment and furniture. Working in the garden center, semi-outdoors in the cold, cutting open cardboard boxes, picking up and holding little screws/bolts, and general use of my hands really started taking a toll on my fingertips. I also play a lot of golf, a game where dry hands are a must. As you might expect, my fingertips were splitting and bleeding, and were quite painful, even to the slightest touch. Someone I work with recommended this product to me. I was skeptical at first, but within days of using the product my fingertips and hands felt so much better. I am so thankful to have found this product and keep a jar of it with me where ever I go!! 

Susan C.


I have suffered from dry skin on my fingers for six years. It was so bad the skin would split and crack, and itch so intensely it would wake me up in the middle of the night. My mom gave me O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream yesterday and I put it on reluctantly. The improvment was immediate. I applied it again before sleeping and today my hands look like there was never anything wrong. I am completely shocked. I had accepted that nothing would ever alleviate the discomfort in my hands but suddenly they're completely clear. A sincere thank you to whomever developed this cream, you have genuinely improved the quality of my life. Aside from the cosmetic aspect of not having 'reptile hands' anymore, I can now complete a variety of tasks which were obstacles before eg.washing my hair, holding my l ... more 

Fatima P.


I have used many products for dry cracked heels and I must tell you that your product is the best ever! I purchased the foot cream at my local home center. I will look for the hand cream as soon as possible! Sincerely, Fatima 



I bought your product last month for my husband because his hands are always cracked. My elbows and feet are always cracking and look so aged. I've tried EVERYTHING from inexpensive products to the most expensive so I thought to try it too - what could it hurt? I was amazed at the results within the first week. I no longer go for my weekly pedi because I just don't HAVE to and I am no longer embarrassed by my elbows! I just bought my 4th jar and now have added the Healthy Feet to my list of "must haves!" It's like magic in a bottle! My weekly pedi money is now found money that I share with the kids....Thank you! 

Keith R.


I have to wear leather gloves all day, causing me dry knuckles. I decided to give it one last try since I have tried almost everything. A week later I noticed a big difference, I have been using it for 3 weeks now and I must say that my hands have never felt better. Now I'll try Healthy Feet. Thank you very much. 

Bonnie A.


I have tried the Healthy Feet and am totally amazed so much that I had to try the Working Hands! BOTH work wonders I have my soft feet back and my hands don't look a 100 years old!!! thank you!! 

Ginny L.


My hard working husband always gets cracks in his hands. Since using Working Hands, he has been crack free!!!! Thank You So Much!!! 

Lisa F.


I bought your foot cream because I saw an ad in a magazine and sounded promising, it is great. I put it on my dry, cracked feet and within two days I could tell a huge difference and within a week my feet were just about rid of all dry spots, in two weeks my feet felt like baby feet. This product is a miracle for dry, cracked feet. 

Marj F.


I have struggled with dry and cracked fingers especially in the winter here in Idaho. Someone introduced me to your hand cream and I have used it for two years now. It is my go-to product on a daily basis. Even though I use rubber gloves most of the time for washing dishes and other cleaning tasks, I tend to wash my hands a lot and it seems to aggravate the problem. Your product has been a life saver for me this year and I plan to try the Healthy Feet cream next time I find a store that sells it. Thanks for a fantastic line of products! 

Patricia C.


I have tried many things to help my feet that were so dry they were flaking off like fish scales. I am a diabetic so not to many things worked on my feet and believe me I tried a lot of remedies but no results. I used your Healthy Feet product for one night and noticed a HUGE difference with my feet. I will no longer go without your product in my home, I recently purchased the the Working Hands for my dad. I love this product and I recommend to anyone who has dry cracking feet. 

Sandra M.


I just wanted to tell you how great your product is. I take alot of medication that for some reason dries my fingers and hands up. They were like sandpaper until I tried your product. Thank you for saving me money because everything I tried didn't work. This is fantastic. Thank you so much. 

Taylor G.


I work in food service preparing pizza. Since I am constantly working with flour, and washing my hands all day my hands get really dry. Not to mention the cold dry winter months. The skin on my hands cracks and aches, especially on my knuckles and wrists. And when I am washing my hands or washing dishes the pain is almost unbearable! I tried out Working Hands when I was at a store, and afterwards my hands were already moisturized. I was so shocked I knew I had to buy some and give it another try. Since then I keep the lotion in my locker at work (and sometimes it follows me home). My hands have never been softer or felt better. This product is outrageous, it works so well and you don't even have to use very much of it to see and feel a difference. I can work without pain or concern over ... more 

Monte T.


I have always had dry skin from childhood. I had come to the conclusion that is just the way it is, until I saw this at my local home center. I said what the heck and picked up a container of it. As a Nurse I wash my hands a bunch of times a day. Most other lotions or creams just wash right off but not "Working Hands", this stuff stays with me for the whole shift no matter if I gel or wash my hands with a bacteriacide soap. I just wish I would have found it sooner. Thanks O'Keeffe's you really saved me a bunch of pain. 

Theresa C.


This has got to be the best foot cream for anyone who is diabetic. My husband started using the cream about 2 weeks ago, not a crack left on his feet.. has battled this problem for years... thanks for a great product. 

Geraldine F.


My husband and I operate a working ranch/farm in Northwest Montana. He has suffered all of his life with the painful effects of dry skin and the splitting sore fingers & hands that result from the condition. I know you have heard, or read this a trillion times from your customers, but we really have tried everything you could possibly name that promised to "remedy" the dry skin problem. Nothing, but nothing ever delivered as promised until he was told about O'Keeffe's & was able to find it here in our town. You know the rest of the story, I'm sure. Like so many others who have discovered your product, he and I both have found the one thing that treats, relieves & eliminates dry skin problems to hands and feet. Thank you for offering a product that actually delivers what it promises! ... more 

Jennifer S.


I have been a dedicated O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream user now for 6 years. Before I found O'Keeffe's, my dry hands got easily chapped, with the knuckles cracked and bleeding. See, I work in a bakery, I have to wash my hands frequently, wear non-latex gloves, am in and out of a freezer/cooler areas; all of which are hard on my hands. Since then, my hands no longer get chapped and I can most times go almost all day without putting on any additional hand cream since I started putting on O'Keeffe's before I go to bed at night. 

Barbara C.


I have suffered with unsightly, rough, dry cracked heels for years with no relief. Pedicures, sanding and slathering with just about every cream on the market yielded very little benefit. I came across your Healthy Feet product at a local hobby shop and made what I thought would be another wasted purchase. Nothing could have been further from the truth. After just one application I saw more improvement on my heels than I did after weeks of using other products. I'm on my fourth day of application now and I am thrilled at the prospect of soon having pretty, hydrated, crack free heels. This is truly a great product; the first of its kind. I'll do what I can to spread the word. 

Jill H.


Hi, love your hand cream. I have been dealing with painful cracks on the ends of my fingers for over eight years. During the winter I would go to bed just about every night with band-aids and polysporin on at least six fingers. I've tried various creams over the years but nothing helped. My husband told me about the Working Hands cream and picked some up for me from Canadian Tire. I said I'd try it without expecting too much and it actually worked for me!! I really, truly didn't expect it to. I am beyond thrilled that this cream helps me. It's been a couple of months with only one minor split on a finger. I am so happy to have found your cream, I really thought these painful cracks were something I was going to always have to deal with. Thanks for creating such an awesome product!!! Jil ... more 

Michelle M.


I purchased O'Keeffe's Working Hands & Healthy Feet about two days ago! I have been using the product once a day, before I go to bed. My skin is out of this world since I started use. The cracks on my hands are disappearing and the dry and cracked skin on my feet has vanished. This is a wonderful product, if you haven't tried it yet, you should! O'Keeffe's is my hero!!! 

Laurie C.


I never heard of O'Keeffe's until I began researching for keratin spa treatment items I could purchase for my hands. I have had a problem with dry hands all my life and the winter time finger splits were unbearable. I work in a hospital so I was very concerned about bacteria entering through by broken dry skin plus the employees use alcohol based hand cleaners all day. I would never believe I could see a significant improvement in 24 hours! My coworkers were amazed also. I am sharing this miracle cream information with everyone I know. I am hoping to help my father with the finger splits also. I bet we do not experience the finger split skin next winter at all. We will be applying the cream to prevent the splits from occurring. I am buying the cream for every room in the house as well as f ... more 

Bill B.


I was at my Brother-in-law's house and I told him that my thumbs crack and bleed. He told me about Working Hands and that he was using your product for quite some time. And he said this is the best thing that I ever purchased, because it truly works. So I tried it on March 25, 2013. This stuff is fantastic, no more cracked and bleeding thumbs. Thank you for such a good product. Bill B. 

Ann S.


You are right! The Working Hands has kept the tips of my fingers from cracking all winter long! I am amazed. As a prison teacher, I wash my hands often. Your product was put on in the mornings and evenings and worked like a charm! I am so happy I had to write a testimonial. I can't thank you enough for the ability to work at desk without sore fingertips! Thanks again! 

Roger M.


Thank you for this product. My hands were cracking and bleeding all the time. I work with treated lumber building boxes for our material every day. My hands were so dry they would crack and bleed and making it hard to work with them. My wife would not let me touch her until I put something on them to soften them up. When I started using O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream within day my hands never looked and felt so good. Plan to try the Healthy Feet soon. Thanks again I will continue to use and recommend your products. 

Brian P.


WOW!!! That's the short version of my opinion. The long version is: More years then I care to remember of extremely dry, cracked hands. Compared to 120 grit sandpaper. I tried more products and wasted more money than I care to remember. Out of desperation I tried one more product and am glad I did. O'Keeffe's "Working Hands" WORKS! I have shared with co-workers,family and friends. All agree. I wish I would have discovered this sooner. THANK YOU!!!!! 

Lisa S.


Was given your cream Working Hands by a friend. My hands were cracked and bleeding. Within one week they are cured. Your cream is marvelous! I have told all my friends about it. I cannot recommend it enough. Am now going to buy the foot cream. Thank you. 

Janis V.


What a wonderful product! Many years have passed, many products have been tried...nothing worked until I tried your Healthy Feet. I had a rough patch of skin on the ball of my left foot. Nothing worked, until I tried your product. Thank you. 

Kelly L.


I saw an ad in one of my husbands woodworking magazines. He is a FedEx Ground driver and asked him if he had seen this product at any of the shops he stops at? I have terribly dry hands in the winter and because of were I work I'm always washing my hands. I have tried many products, Goldbond Ultra, Neutragena, New Skin, band aids with anti bacterial cream. Nothing worked. My husband located a package of the O'Keeffe's Working Hands hand cream and I don't have problems with finger tip cracks anymore as long as I don't run out. I can bang on cash register keys, count money, gardening, needle work, and chopping veggies without pain. Thank you for this product. 

David A.


I have had painful finger splitting during winter months for over 20 years and tried everything on the market without success. Using the keyboard all day at work was like torture. I found the ad for Working Hands in the Sunday paper and figured I would give it a try. This stuff simply works!!! This is the first winter that I have not had my fingers split. I keep one at home and one at work. I have been so happy to share my success with others at work, who have struggled with the same issue. THANKS FOR MAKING WORKING HANDS! If you have tried everything else like I had without success, try this stuff - IT WORKS!!!! 

Patricia H.


THANK YOU FOR WORKING HANDS! I inherited my mother's dry skin. For probably the past 20 years the tips of my fingers have split open to the point of bleeding all winter long. I would have to slather them with salve and wrap them in band-aids to try to heal the splits. Do you know how hard it is to work in an office when your fingertips are bandaged? Saw Working Hands in the grocery store last fall and decided at the price, I had nothing to lose. I began using it faithfully (even on my face before bed) and NOT ONE cracked finger this winter and my hands are in so much better shape overall. It's unbelievable. If everyone with dry skin tried Working Hands for a couple of weeks, all the other companies manufacturing hand lotions and creams would be out of business in no time because no ... more 

Janan V.


A while ago when I began using the product I submitted a note that I really didn't hold out much hope for it to work, but I promised that I would write another positive review if it lived up to the promises. Well...here I am! It Worked! I get very dry hands from working in the kitchen (that's my "Super Bowl"). They crack and the knuckles even bleed at times. The Working Hands began to help within the first few days. Now, I even use it on the edges of my heels and it does the job, just as promised. You can use this product with confidence! 

Cheryl L.


I have been suffering terribly with dry, cracked fingers over the last 3 years. I was in my local home store last week and saw the picture of the cracked hands on an advertisement at the register when I was checking out. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked. Until I decided to give Working Hands a try. Within 2 days the open crack on my finger was completely closed. I use this everyday, at least twice a day and I plan on stocking up. The salesperson told me they can't keep it in stock! I believe her! I will recommend this product to anyone I know suffering from dry hands. I plan on purchasing Healthy Feet too! Thank you O'Keeffe's! 

Amy B.


Just wanted to say "Thank You". My husband suffered from cracked hands so bad that they bled and were so sore he couldn't touch anything. We tried every type of lotion on the store's shelf and found this at our local home improvement store. Within 2 days of using this product you could see a difference, and in just over a week they were completely better. I highly recommend this product!!!!! 

Lettie M.


Working Hands is the best hand cream I have ever used, it 100% works. It is the best cream that I have found in 40 years. Thanks to my son. 

Rebecca H.


I noticed O'Keeffe's Working Hands at the checkout at my local hardware store. I put down another hand cream and bought this on an impulse, never having heard of it before. I have suffered with cracking, splitting, peeling, downright painful hands for years. After three days of using Working Hands, a nasty split on my thumb disappeared and my hands are soft all day after the morning application. I have been using it for a week and my hands look and feel perfect! I've also had to trim my fingernails twice since starting the cream, they always just broke off due to their dry and brittle state. I applied the cream to my scaly dry feet and they are about 75% better as well. I LOVE this product. Thank you O'Keeffe's! 

Jim H.


I work as a small engine mechanic. I've dealt with dry and cracked hands for nearly a decade until I found your hand cream. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy feeling at all. My hands have never felt so good. I can't wait to try your foot cream. 

Nancy P.


I love this stuff and it’s only been a week! I work in the field often for my job as an environmentalist and I also love riding horses. As you can imagine, the cold winter and hard work beats up my hands. I’ve tried all sorts of lotions. I’ve even put on lotion and slept with gloves on overnight. That works for one day and then I’m back to being chapped and cracked. One week of using O’Keeffe’s Working Hands once a day and my hands are soft and chap free! A little goes a long way. I would highly recommend this to any person (man or woman) who suffers from dry chapped hands like me. Thank you O’Keeffe’s! 

Olivia A.


I am ECSTATIC...Not to much impresses me anymore but this product was referred to me by a friend that uses it for dry hands from his masonry work. I can't express how many creams, lotions & home remedies I have tried!!! The 1st application I found myself saying "IT MAY WORK". After the 2nd...oh my goodness....not matter how many times I washed my hands they were as if I reapplied the cream...when I didn't. The dry look & feel is COMPLETELY gone...I find myself applying every few days but not because my hands look or feel like they need it. At 52 I've used several suggested, expensive products. THIS IS IT!!! Thanking the Lord for whoever took the idea, created it & marketed!! 

Janine K.


My husband and I own a Log Home Restoration Company in dry Colorado and I saw this purchasing Supplies and thought "maybe this will work". I went ahead and purchased it due to my husband having such rough hands and feet. We've tried everthing out there and nothing works, one more wont hurt. IT WORKS... 12 years I've been married to him and hes always had rough hands and feet. NOT ANYMORE! Great purchase, well worth it! Thank you 

Andrew E.


I have tried every product on the market to help my dry and cracked skin and I assure you nothing worked and most caused my hands to become worse than before. When I heard about O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream my first comment was that it wasn't going to work any better than anything else I tried over the years. I tried it for one week, using the directions on the package, and I have to inform you that the product worked better than I expected and it worked as it said it would. I am including photos to show the before and after look of my hand, taken on March 12, 2013 and March 19, 2013. Thanks for making a product that works as advertised. You have a happy customer here. 

Glenys D.


I love Working Hands! First product I have ever used that worked! Add me to your newsletter please. Now I'm going to try your Working Feet in my order. Thanks so much! 

Patricia K.


I tried both feet and hand cream...and it worked the very first use. I am impressed. Will so recommend this product...bought some for my son who uses his hands in some not so nice stuff daily and he loved it also... thank you. 

Dave M.


I bought this product last week and have to say that this is the best on the market! Every year I suffer with chapped and cracking hands and have tried a ton of creams that didn't work. This product works! I usually never write in or give reviews but I believe in this product! 

Larry C.


I do not generally write online reviews, but I have been meaning to share my experience on your web site throughout this entire winter, and I'm finally getting around to it. I have suffered for many winters with very painful cracks in the skin of my fingers. It's a painful condition which occasionally gets so bad that I find it hard even to button a shirt. I've tried just about every product on the market to treat this condition, but nothing really worked. The only relief I found was when someone suggested filling the cracks with super-glue. This actually works to protect the cracks from contact with the world, but it never seemed like a very healthy thing to do: how safe can super-glue be in one's bloodstream?? Then I found O'Keeffe's Working Hands near the cash register at a building ... more 

Mark P.


I've been fighting the tips of my fingers for a long time with no avail. I saw your commercial and I swear it showed a picture of my skin-cracked thumb. My cuticles were non-stop peeling. After only four days of using your product (2-3 times a day) my wife says my hands look almost like her's. THANKS! 

Dan C.


Up until the last two years my thumbs would split the only thing I could find that helped was Crazy Glue which didn't help the problem but would close the splits for a few days. Now the reason they split is in the winter I ice fish at least four times a week and I am always putting my hand into a container with my minnows in it ( I KNOW I SHOULD USE O SMALL DIP NET) but find it a pain in the A-- . Anyway after using O'Keeffe's for three days in a row as well as a couple of times a day no more problem. Also my wife had a crack on her heel I told her to try my O'Keeffe's sure enough three days later it was better. Great product Thanks keep up the good work. Regards Dan 

Michele F.


O'Keeffe's Working Hands is amazing! I really feel like this cream in the little green container has changed my life. I am a veterinarian and have to wash my hands frequently. I also live where the winters can be cold and harsh on the hands. I have lived with cracked, bleeding, red, painful hands. I also have very sensitive skin and found that most creams irritated my skin. It is distracting, debilitating, and a significant risk since I work in the health profession. I have tried EVERYTHING. Nothing worked. My hands were still a mess AND greasy. O'Keeffe's Working Hands has saved my skin! After just a few weeks, my hands feel and look great. What joy!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Len A.


As a "Big-Rig" tanker driver who transports & handles hazardous materials, for many years I have had serious problems with dry & chaffed hands along with very painful cracks which developed upon my fingers tips and within the creases on my hands. I tried every type of over the counter hand lotion/cream I could find and nothing seemed to give me any measurable relief, I even consulted my personal physician thinking that I may have either an internal organ problem or some form of vitamin deficiency, he ran a complete CBC which indicated that all my organs were functioning properly and advised me to continue searching for other topical dry skin preparation which may provide some relief. Then I saw your ad on TV and decided to try it. Well, as your advertisement claimed within a week of multip ... more 

Mike R.


I have suffered with cracked fingers every winter working as a carpenter here in New Jersey. I have tried everything, even crazy glue, with no success and even considered moving south to a more humid climate. My wife saw an ad and bought "Working Hands" for me. I am so glad I married her. This is the best stuff ever. No more exposed nerves on my fingertips. Not greasy, smelly or messy and reasonably priced. I would have paid anything for relief from that pain. Thank you over and over. 

Carl S.


Holy Smoke! Since moving to a drier climate from the tropics my hands have been cracking and bleeding for 2 years now! I finally bought some of your Working Hands product at my local home improvement store and I am happy to say that my hands are no longer cracked open at my finger tips. It was totally worth the price! Now I can type again. 

Dee D.


Hi, this is about my boyfriens hands, as well as mine. Every year Bob gets numerous cuts on his finger tips. I have had him try every cream I thought would be helpful. I even had him try what I have done for my hands, which get very dry all year long. That is, putting cream or Vaseline on his hands and rubber gloves while he sleeps. Nothing helped. It is amazing how quickly the Working Hands cream cleared up existing cuts and he has not had any new cuts since he started using the cream. I'm thrilled at how well it works on my hands, because they actually look younger, and that is no exaggeration. Thank you for this wonder cream. I will always buy this and have recommended it to anyone with problem hands. 

Katherine B.


I purchased the Working Hands cream for my husband. He works in the auto parts business and handles lots of metal and cardboard. The skin on his hands was actually peeling off and were so sore he could hardly bend them without them cracking and bleeding. We have tried many other products and they didn't really work. My husband hates putting on cream because it is greasy, but in one week of using this every night his hands are almost totally better. He now puts the cream on every night without me nagging him ;-) Thanks for a great product 

Keith B.



Julie R.


I purchased your Working Hands product at a my local home improvement store a couple of weeks ago. It was displayed at the check out counter and I thought I would give it a try. Although I technically do not have "Working Hands", I use a lot of hand sanitizer and wash my hands many times throughout the day resulting in embarrassingly dry, cracked, and desert-like hands. I have tried many, many different lotions, creams, and oils with no luck. No matter what I used or how often I used it, nothing works for longer than 30 minutes or after any hand washes. To my surprise, your product does the trick. I cannot believe the difference it has made! I don't even have to use it as recommended. I put it on once in the morning and then again at bedtime. My hands are so pretty now! Thank you ... more 

Michelle C.


I am a diabetic and I also work in the healthcare field. I have never found a product that works so well as yours. It worked within 2 days of using it and my feet and hands feel and look healthy. Several of my co-workers now use it and it is the only product I will use now. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. 

Terry H.


I 've been having cracked fingers on the tip end for a long time and it is very painful I have tried Ora-jel soaking them in warm salty water etc. and nothing has helped. I went to my local Pharmacy and asked him what would help my problem. He showed me the O'Keeffe's Working Hands and said a coal miner uses it and he said it has really helped his dry cracking fingers. I tried it and after a week my hands and fingers feel great now I would recommend it to anyone. 

Joe M.


Working Hands is great!!! Every winter my hands would dry out and crack something terrible. I've tried various types of hand lotions but nothing works. I saw a TV commerical for O'Keeffe's and figured why not give it a try. By the end of one week I noticed a vast improvement. It has now been a month and my hands and fingers have not cracked once. This product really works, I suggest if you have problems with dry skin you must try O'Keeffe's. 

Joyce G.


I work at a grocery store and working in the dry air and working with the bags draws all the moisture out of my hands continually. It also didnt help that I crochet and sew in my spare time as well. My hands were splitting and bleeding continually. About 2 years ago a package of O'Keeffe's Working Hands was damaged and put in the reduced bin so I thought I would give it a try as I had tried many of the other lotions and creams, even many of the so called great ones my father's doctors recommended for his skin as his diabeties dried out his legs. I can't tell you what a blessing the O'Keeffe's has been for me. I can put on my hands at work and they don't get greasy and slippery when handling frozen products. I put it on at night and by morning all the dry skin is soft again. I can put it ... more 

Kelsy B.


I absolutely LOVE this!!! My hands were horrible, every time my hands came in contact with water they would turn bright red and start to burn and itch. It even hurt to just walk out into cold weather, my skin tightened up and cracked. My hands were so bad! They not only hurt they looked discussing. My knuckles looked like I scraped them on concrete and rubbed them in dirt. My hands looked and felt like sand paper. I tried so many different lotions, creams, scrubs, hand masks, and home remedies its crazy. Everything I tried either absorbed into my hand in a second and still left it dry, made my hands worse, or the product was so thick and oily that it just sat on my hand and did nothing but make my hands all sticky. But then after 3 years I finally found this amazing product, after using th ... more 

Sheril M.


My sister-in-law recommended this product for my feet. For many years I have suffered with cracked heels that bled when I walked. To manage the cracks, I would have to have monthly pedicures to remove the built up layers of skin. My last pedicure was in mid December. Great product for feet and hands! Thanks! 

Karen F.


I didn't know if this would work andn believe me I have tried everything. So gave it a chance bought it two days ago, and I must say I am amazed. This is the best dry / cracked hand cream ever, and I am picky. I have even put some on my feet and elbows...this product is amazing and works so quickly....thank you so much.....very very happy customer. 

Skip A.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. Best thing ever. 

John E.


I work at a local casino here as a slot tech. I work with a lot of coins and keys. My fingers the last three months have been so cracked it was beginning to be almost impossible to do my work. I had talked to pharmacists trying to find a lotion to soften my fingers. And I tried several of the recommended lotions. None worked until I found your product by searching reviews online. I noticed the difference in just three days I was going about it all the wrong way. Lotions tried to soften my hands with no luck and plus they all felt greasy. But Working Hands was different. It was allowing my hands to moisturize for the first time ever, instead of just softening them. I have never written a letter recommending a product before but this is almost a miracle from what I have tried before. I have ... more 

Corinne W.


My boyfriend suffers from deep, painful cracks on his fingers, in the winter. He works outdoors and gets this all the time. We tried lots and lots of other products, before trying Working Hands. I bought this for him, and within one week, the difference was remarkable! Now, this is all we use. It's nice to have something that finally works. Love it!!! I am purchasing more this week, and am also going to try the Healthy Feet for myself, only because it sounds wonderful. Keep up the good work, with such great products. 

Eileen F.


I used this cream twice in one day - once during the day and once at night. The next morning the dry, painful crack on my right thumb is 98% better. Cannot believe how this stuff works. I've tried everything throughout the years, with no luck. I told my brother, who suffers with severe and painful cracking on his hands, about your product and he's on his way out to purchase it! Wonderful stuff. 

Diane M.


I have suffered from dry hands that crack and split for years. This usually happens when the weather starts to get cold. I have tried many different products and nothing seemed to help. I work for a printing company and two people there started using your hand cream and raved about it. I tried it and after the first day there was a definite improvement in the cracks on my fingers. I use it every day. I love that it is not greasy and has no fragrance. I wish I had found your product years ago. I will tell everyone about it. Diane 

Tina P.


My fingertips and hands were so dry and cracked that I had to keep neosporin and band aids on them when I worked. They hurt so bad I couldn't stand it. I tried every lotion that someone would suggest but nothing worked. My daughter works at Lowe's and suggested I try your product. I figured it was like everything else but it was amazing!!!! Everyone that knows me cant believe my hands. I think it's because it's thicker and stays on even while working. I told my husband I was going to buy a whole case!! Thank you so much! Your product is the only one I'll use! 

Lori S.


I used to have cut the dry cracked skin on my feet with a razor blade, I had really thick cracked skin on my heels, even in the winter I couldn't get my feet soften up. I have tried everything, for years. O'Keeffe's foot cream started to work in just 2 days, I have been using it for about a week now and my feet are 100% improved, soft beyond belief, the cracks are almost gone. This cream is amazing. I will use it daily for life, I have never loved a product more. Thank you, I will tell everyone I know about your product. 

Xan K.


A friend of mine has the softest hands I have ever felt. He told me about O'Keeffe's. I tried it and within a week my hands and feet are so much softer than they have ever been! I am completely hooked on these products and will brag to everyone I know about them. 



I tried the O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet. All I can say is this is the real product that really softens the the driest & cracked heel..I had a dry & cracked heel and tried to used a lot of products. Thank you O'Keeffe's, you restored my heel..I love of having it..I would highly recommend it to my family and friends... 

Jan A.


I work as a pharmacy technician. Doing my job includes opening bottles, counting dusty medications, working with paper, and sticky labels. In the winter, my fingertips crack and bleed, and are very painful. I have tried so many different products that have failed, I thought that I was just going to have to live with the discomfort, not to mention having my woman's hands look like mens! I have even used treatments with emu oil in them at a cost of more than $20.00 because it was "sure to work". I saw the ad for Working Hands on tv, and used the website locator to find a local dealer. Honestly, this was my last hope. I don't mean to sound over dramatic, but it really was. I used it according to the directions, and in 2 days, I noticed a remarkable improvement in 4 days I was and am amazed. B ... more 

James S.


All I can say is this is the best solution I have found to dry and cracked skin. I saw it in the paint aisle at the home improvement store, grabbed it, tried it, and within days I started to notice a huge difference. My hands get dry and crack in the winter and I've tried everything...this works! I am going to pick up the foot formula for this summer, as my heels always get dry and crack because I wear my sandals all summer long. Hoping this will take care of a problem that often has me limping due to large deep cracks in my heels. Thanks O'Keeffe's!!! 

Laurel M.


I have had the worst cracked feet for years and have tried nearly everything on the market without relief. My best friend bought me some Healthy Feet and within days of my first use, the cracks have completely disappeared--even the worst ones! Absolutely amazing. You've made a believer out of me! 

Thomas K.


Just want to say I saw this in my local home store and figured I'd try it. I am a printer and my hands are always dry and cracked. I used this and after three days my hands saw definite improvement. I recommended this to my entire company. It's become an obsession in my job. My girlfriend and I have spent so much money on all kinds of hand creams. Nothing else works...This product is the best!!! 

Sarah S.


My mother-in-law got O'Keeffe's Working Hands product for my husband for Christmas. I immediately commandeered it after I used it once. I work in schools, so I wash my hands. A lot. With the year round dry Texas weather, my hands were constantly painfully dry, with ripped cuticles. Nothing I tried worked. Now I use O'Keeffe's several times a day and my hands are soft and supple, even after frequent hand washing. Thank y'all so much! This is a miracle product! 

Anne S.


Painful slits around my fingertips were my problem in the winter. Like others, I tried creams, vaseline, bandaids, etc. I saw a commercial for O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream and purchased it at my local hardware store. From the moment I first applied it, the pain subsided. Within two days all the slits were closing and pain free, still visible, but pain free! A few more days and they were completely gone. I've been using the cream for a month and I've been slit free! An added bonus is that the skin on my hands looks years younger. It is baby soft and even age spots have faded. I will be a lifelong customer and look forward to trying your other products. Thank you for offering such high quality skin care items at affordable prices. 

Kristine M.


I have tried every hand product out there for my dry, cracked, split and bleeding hands. I wash my hands frequently due to my job and this causes severe drying of the hands. My husband saw an ad for your Working Hands product and purchased it for me. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Within days, the dryness and burning were gone and the cracks/cuts to the fingers are almost gone. The cream holds up to hand washing and has no greasy feeling. I swear by this product and you have a new customer for life. 

Grace R.


You know the old story . . ."I have tried everything!" And I did. I work on a computer all day and for leisure quilt and crochet and my hands were so dry and cracked the material would catch on the skin - not fun! But, one week. . .one week after nighttime use on my hands - I could not believe the instant results! Thank you!!! 

Lesia M.


I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! My hands feel great only after a weeks worth of using your product at night.This is amazing & I have tried everything under the sun. Can't & won't use anything else. Thanks to this product I now can enjoy winter...Can't thank you enough!!!!!! 

Paul R.


I am 67 years old and have had badly cracked and peeling skin on my hands, fingers, and thumbs for over 10 years. My thumbs split right where the nail turns to the inside edge of the thumb. I just about get it healed and bump it and it splits again. I frequently experience much sharp pain when trying to zip coats, button shirts, or tie my shoes. My skin cracks at the creases at my finger joints and make it very painful to flex my fingers. I have tried just about everything so when I heard about O'Keeffe's Working Hands I was ready for something new. Got my hand cream about 3 weeks ago and in just one week my hands were almost cleared up. After 3 weeks of twice a day applications, my hands are free of dry skin and cracks at the joints and no more splits on the thumbs. This is really ... more 

Mike R.


I work in and out of the cold most days and my hands get beat up very bad for my job. Along with daily abuse, cracking finger tips and dry skin is in the family blood. Nevertheless, this stuff is amazing. I saw the commercial once and immediately headed to my Home Depot to begin treatment. After the very first night my fingers were feeling better. These guys got it right! So glad something actually works. I'm glad they can stand by their guarantee. No B.S. , this stuff is awesome. Highly recommended. 

Denise Y.


I saw your ad with before & after pictures in Field & Stream, and thought, "those are my fingers"! I picked up a jar at my local home improvement store and have never looked back! I've been a veterinary technician for 30 yrs, and have never found anything that works like this! Thanks, O'Keeffe's! PS - I've shared my hand cream with co-workers, and they are shopping for their own as we speak! 

Samantha K.


Working as a dispensing optician for 15 years has left me with severely dry skin on just my right hand. It has been really bad for two or three years to the point that I have to put lotion on before I fold laundry, or I'll snag the clothes. My husband has bought me every brand of hand cream on the market in an effort to help me. I have been embarrassed to shake hands, feeling like I have skin like a construction worker. Periodically I slathered my hands in Vaseline and slept with cotton gloves, which would make my hands feel great in the morning, until I showered. Nothing fixed it. The best cream I could find "relieved" it temporarily, but didn't stop it. And I couldn't use any hand cream at work, not while working with people's eyeglasses. Then I read about this stuff " ... more 

Bridgette M.


For many, many years, as soon as fall/early winter approaches, the backs of my hands transform into severely dry, cracked, bleeding sources of pain and embarrassment. Nothing worked at all to heal my hands; drinking more water, taking more vitamins, applying more creams. Nothing was effective. Every single cream I've tried burned badly and irritated my skin further. I stumbled upon your cream by chance while searching online for others suffering from this condition and what their solutions were. Someone mentioned their husband had the same problem and said the only thing that solved his problem was your hand cream. I was desperate but VERY skeptical it would work at all. I've suffered for probably 10 years with this condition and was at the point of simply accepting it as some unsolve ... more 

Karrie H.


I found your product several years ago at a local tractor supply store and bought one tub as nothing else I tried helped my extremely dry hands. The product keeps my hands looking amazing. In the winters I carry a tub with me where ever I go to ensure that my hands always look and feel great. Approximately a month ago I was using the product near a friend of mine who works outside and had hands worse than mine and offered him some. As soon as he applied the product he was hooked. I promptly gave him the tub that I had as I had more at home. He carried the tub of product with him and anytime anyone saw him using it he offered to let them try it too. Well now he's gotten 6 others hooked on the product. It feels like the product is getting harder to come by so now I'm ordering it by ... more 

Jasmine F.


Working in a coffee shop, constantly having to wash and rinse my hands and equipment after preparing each latte or cappuccino would make them extremely dry and cracked. I normally have dry skin, so to add the stripping of one soap after another only made my situation worse, until my husband brought me O'Keeffe's Working Hands. He was so turned off and dissatisfied with the outcome of every other product I’ve tried to use and wanted something to deliver true results, and O’Keeffe’s was the answer; by true I mean, my results were significant after just one use and honestly, I wasn't even going to leave a review because I didn't want to sound like everyone else I hear on an infomercial but I couldn’t resist- I've NEVER experienced anything like this! 

Michael G.


I have been using your foot cream now for well over a month and I have to say---the product lives up to its claims. While my feet are very rough and dry---fortunately they do not crack, but the foot cream does make them softer, less dry and more pliable than any other similar product I have used in recent years.. Since I have the cream on my hands anyhow---I just go ahead and use the foot cream on my hands too--which is very nice considering the cold spurt we are having here in SW Ohio. The cream does a great job of keeping my cuticles soft and if not totally preventing them from having those little trailers of skin pop up --it keeps that problem manageable. I am definitely a fan of your products and I would have no problem in recommending them to friends and family. I also li ... more 

Jim C.


I have suffered my entire life with dry cracked fingers in the winter time so bad I can't hold a pencil. I have tried everything known to man with no results until my wife found your hand cream. Within three days my hands were better. I have told everyone about it. Thanks!! 

Dottie E.


I LOVE WORKING HANDS! For years I suffered through every winter with cracked, bleeding fingers. Bandages on all my fingers, petroleum jelly and gloves at night, etc. etc. Nothing has worked until this product. I use it all the time--after after hand washing and at night. It's amazing! My friends say I should be a spokeswoman or a hand model now! 

Stanley J.


I wish I took pictures. I tried every kind of lotion and nothing worked. My hands were sooo bad that I could not straighten my fingers. My sister-in-law told me about Working Hands and I have used for 1 week and my hands are back to normal. OMG, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT. This is the best hand cream that I ever experienced and I tried them all. Thank you O'Keeffe's. Now 6 other people in my powered metal factory are using Working Hands and all feel the same as I do. IT WORKS. Thank you. 

Mary J.


I had never heard of this hand cream until I saw a commercial on tv about it. My husband suffers every year with dry, split fingers. Nothing we have ever used has worked until I found this product online. I went straight to the store and bought some. I used it one time, and my skin is no longer dry. My husband used it also, and he is totally thrilled with the condition of his hands now. My hands feel like baby skin. We both love it. Where has Working Hands been all our lives? Amazing, and I am going to spread the word. 

Susan B.


Working Hands cream is truly the only hand cream I ever use now. It is a miracle in a jar. I've had dry hands that would split and bleed (especially in the winter) ever since I was a teenager. This is now over 30 years later and I know my hands and fingers would be splitting and bleeding if not for this amazing product. My hands and feet are softer than I ever remember them being. I am so grateful that there is finally something that works! I've used it consistently ever since mid-December & also use it on my feet. I bought a jar of Healthy Feet yesterday so I'll be using that tonight. Truly the best stuff ever!! I recommend it to everyone I talk to. Especially people who complain of dry, cracked, bleeding hands. I had used it a few years ago, but didn't give it a fair chance; not using it ... more 

Edina O.


For years my hands have been in pain every winter from cracking and splitting. FINALLY, I have found relief with O'Keeffe's! Your hand cream is simply amazing; my hands have never felt better and softer and I love that the cream is non-greasy and odorless. Thank you for making a fabulous product. 

Don B.


Working Hands is nothing short of a miracle. Years of steroid creams, hand lotions and heavy balms could not due what this product has done in 10 days. After 3 days I went back to the store and bought two more pucks just to make sure I do not run out. I have gone from a dozen Band-Aids a day on my hands to none. No more cracking and bleeding, no more itching, and no more pain. I have shared this product with everyone I have come into contact with and will continue to do so, it is that good. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Crystal P.


My hands get so dry they crack and bleed. I've tried many many creams over the years, and NOTHING worked like O'Keeffe's. It gives my hands a soft petal feel. Once it's absorbed, it still gives me a 'grip'. I will never use another hand cream again, other than O'Keeffe's. Thanks for such an awesome product. I truly LOVE it. 

Mary C.


I have tried every product for my painful, cracked fingers. A friend at school was using your product and let me try some. Wow, what a difference. I was so happy with the results. My fingers were shouting with joy! 

Dan S.


Working with the mail, and on machines has made my hands crack the skin was terrible. So my wife saw your produuct online and within 10 days they were better than they've been in years! Thanks. I'm now telling everyone at work to buy it. IT WORKS! 

Donna M


Simply put, Working Hands is like Magic in a jar. Both my husband and I have been using your product for a week. We just can't believe how great our hands are after just one application! My husband is a Master Mould maker and his hands are in plaster, silica and water every day. I am in food service and wash my hands about 80-90 times a day. My hands are also in sanitizer which is very hard on the hands. Of course after 20 years of trying every hand cream on the market (or so it seems) we were very skeptical of the claims that this is an awesome cream. One application a day and our hands are smooth and supple. You have two new loyal customers and I am sure you will get more. My husband has told his fellow employees as have I! And I tell at least one person a day how great O'Keeffe' ... more 

Paul R.


I have suffered for years during the winter months with cracked fingers. They would get so sore that doing just the littlest things like buttoning a shirt or zipping a jacket would cause tremendous pain. Recently, my girlfriend saw your commercial and bought me a jar of Working Hands. I have been using it for just over a week and my hands feel like new! I cannot say enough about this product and I have been promoting it to anyone and everyone I know who has this problem. Thank You O'Keeffe's!!! 

Jennifer M.


Hi, these winter months always seem to be the worst for my hands as I am constantly washing them at work and never have time to re hydrate them. I honestly thought that I had tried everything... every lotion and cream out there. So when my fiance and his sister recommended Working Hands I naturally shot it down. A couple months of unbearable cracking, bleeding, and pestering went by before I finally decided to break down and buy the product, and if for nothing else, to prove my fiance wrong. Well, I ended up being wrong, and much to my poor hands relief. I now try to use it every night before bed during the winter because I know that if I don't my hands will bother me all day. I am happy this product works, whoever came up with the right mix ought to be awarded the nobel prize... at l ... more 

Tracy B.


WOW! Your Healthy Feet Foot Cream is the best foot moisturizer I have ever used. (And I have used them all.) After only two applications my heels and feet are totally better. I am so happy that I bought your Foot Cream. I am now going to purchase your hand cream. I have told all my friends and relatives that O'Keeffe's products are truely amazing and best of all Made in USA! 

Nancy R.


By the end of the week my hands are so dry and cracked I'm in misery. On Friday after work I bought your product in hopes that when I went back to work on Monday they would be in better shape. I've tried everything, but nothing like this. Wow! My hands feel totally different! Your product is AWESOME!!!!! 

Jenny S.


I have extremely dry hands. Probably due to the fact that I wash them so much! After only one use of Working Hands, I could tell a difference! Amazing product! I love that it doesn't make my hands greasy like other products I have tried! I would love to do a review on my personal blog! 

Angelo D.


I have a job that makes me work every day UGHHHHHHH!!!! But my hands were really cracked and dried and every time I touch something they bleed. Now that my wife bought me this cream she now wants to hold my hands because before I tried it she would never hold them and I would get very upset and she told me to take care of my skin so now all she does is hold my hands. THANK YOU O'KEEFFE'S WORKING HANDS!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Robin C.


Dear O'Keeffe's, I just wanted to take a minute and tell you THANK YOU! Your products are amazing. I have had the driest skin my whole life, it cracks open regularly and bleeds, it's extremely painful. Last year I stumbled across an ad for your products in an in flight magazine and thought "why not?" I had nothing to lose by trying it, well, I am so thankful I tried your products. They are honestly life changing for me, I no longer bleed all winter long due to dry skin, my skin is so much better than it has ever been. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I recommend your products to every one I meet and even keep a few extras in my car and give them to people as random acts of kindness when I see they suffer from severe dry skin like me. You have a great product and a great price! ... more 

Allen L.


I have had problems with cracked and split hands for years. Over those years I have tried many different products. Five years ago when I moved from NJ to AZ, my hands did get better with the warmer weather. But, came winter, I still had problems. A few weeks ago, I tried your product, O'Keeffe's Working Hands. The only way that I can think of describing this product, is "amazing". It is the first product that I have used, that actually works. My hands, fingers, and knuckles are as smooth as a baby's. 

Doyle D.


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your 'Working Hands' product. I love everything about it.....the packaging....the way you apply it from the container and the rubbery lid that's easy to close. The main thing I like about your product is that it works really really good! I've used a lot of things in the past but yours is the best I've seen. My hands are important to me as that is how I make my living. I'm a professional guitarist and travel to lots of different climates and situations from humid to dry areas. I used to have to use superglue to glue my sore cracked hands and that can sure effect ones ability to perform especially when you play the guitar. I play in places from theatres, churches to the Grand Ole Opry and have already recommended your product to my fam ... more 

Bill O.


I'm a 54 year old aircraft mechanic. And a hobby farmer. All of my life I've struggled with dry skin, cracked & bleeding hands. Then I found your product "Working Hands" in the Hardware Store in New Prague MN. Oh my God!! Where have you been all my life? I cannot believe how incredibly well this hand cream works! And it doesn't leave my hands feeling like I just greased a plane or smell like I'm a girl!! Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the most awesome product I've ever bought in terms of effectiveness & comfort. VERY Sincerely, Bill 

Roger S.


I just had to say thank you. I have been suffering for 3 yrs. and my fingers looked exactly like the hands on the package. After only 4 days I am amazed at how much better my hands are already. Finally a product that does exactly what it says it does. My quality of life has improved tremendously. Thank you O'Keeffe's Company. 

Brenda M.


I love your product - my fingers were dry, cracked, and bleeding from washing them so much (I am a Physical Therapy Assistant). What a miracle cure this is. After just several days I noticed such an improvement. Just wanted to let you know. 

Meghan D.


Hello, I just wanted to commend you on your fantastic product. I have terribly dry hands in the winter. They crack and split and become quite painful. I have tried everything out there. The products either don't work, burn or they are unbearably greasy. The Working Hands product is the only thing I have found that works! It brings fast relief and is not greasy at all. Thank you so much for making a product that goes above and beyond my expectations. 

Todd M.


I have had cracking splitting feet since my early 20's. I'm in excellent shape and very healthy but my feet would get so dry and cracked they would bleed and make it painful to walk or work out. My mom and grandma suffer the same thing. I and they have tried anything and everything possible and even gone to see several doctors to get help and nothing seemed to work. This product has changed my life and even some of my family members life's. I used to spend hours once a week scrubbing my heels with those egg things to sand it down and then cut off the skin and lotion it up and it got better temporally. Now I never have cracked skin don't have to put on socks anymore at night and not had to sand my feet since I started using this stuff. O'Keeffe's hand and foot cream is the best thing in the ... more 

Tony M.


I play disc golf year round and in the winter my hands get so dry and cracked that I can't handle my disc. I started using your product 2 weeks ago and the problem has been solved. I've tried many other products and none of them work Thank You. 

Andrew F.


Dear O'Keeffe's Folks Finally relief of hands pain from skin cracks. For years I tried many different products, home made and over the counter and nothing worked like your product, I told my wife that I am carrying the Working Hands container 24/7, anytime I wash my hands I apply the cream and my skin hand cracks have sealed and the skin is becoming smoother and softer, I am super happy with this product in addition I want to add to any one that may read this note, I am Not related to the O'Keeffe's company and this company did not offer me anything to write this message. + while waiting for the Working Hands to arrive, I was getting anxious has to where my order was? so I called the O'Keeffe's Company and guess what I got a real person to speak to, in the USA and this Customer Servi ... more 

Robert K.


I work on computers and printers all day. My finger tips were cracked and bleeding two weeks ago. My sister told me about Working Hands and I found it at the local home improvement store. WOW. Best thing I have ever found for my hands. I usually super glue the cracks on my fingertips so they won't bleed. This stuff is amazing. I have been using it for about ten days and I feel like I have new hands. My hands are soft and clean. Thanks! 

Margaret J.


I've had problem hands all my life. I am a very active retiree who does remodels, decorating, painting, etc. besides all the usual things (cleaning) around my home. I use strong degreasers, paint removers, detergents, etc. plus all the sanding and burning paint off wood trim. Gloves hamper me, silicone lotions seem to aggrevate instead of prevent the cracking and splitting I get on my hands. Sometimes the splits at the nails hurt so bad it holds back some projects. I saw "Working Hands" advertised on t.v. and picked it up at a local home improvement store Thurs. I've used the hand cream as directed and voila', magic is happening here !!!! I cannot believe the miracle that has happened on these hands of mine. THANK YOU O'Keeffe's.... I've told all my friends about this GREAT product and wi ... more 

Eric O.


I have to give my wife credit for finding Working Hands, and it works for me! I live in a desert climate in Idaho, and every winter my hands get dry and crack. After only a few days using Working Hands my cracks are GONE. Period. Amazing! Thanks to O'Keeffe's and my wife. 

Sue S.


My hands have been in the worst shape they have ever been in. Cracks at my fingertips bleed. I recently saw a commerical...saw where your product was sold. I asked my boss to purchase me some....well, he procrastinated...I suffered....went out and bought it myself despite ANY cost (didn't know how much it would cost me)....reasonable enough (compared to what women have to pay for all that flowery junk on the market, that don't work).....DAY one....first application.....I AM SOLD!!!! I am going to mail a jar of this to my mother in IL....SHE has worked hard all her life....gardens.....and suffers as I do from constant drying and cracking....THANK YOU for saving TWO sets of hard working hands in the good ol' USA!!! 




Dolores C.


This is the first winter in over 23 years that I do not have cracked, sore, dry, bleeding hands!! I work in health care and wash my hands with hospital grade soap more times than I can count each day. Using gloves at work is irritating as well. My husband is a shop teacher and has sore, cracking hands also. I saw your ad in one of his handyman magazines and ran out to get some Working Hands. Our hands transformed within three days, really! I love it so much I started to use it on my face! I can't believe the changes. I think I'm on to something here. Now we have moved on to Healthy Feet. I especially love the easy grip lid. My youngest son doesn't say "Ouch, Mommy your hands are scratchy" anymore. That is so worth it. This is a product we just can't live without! Thank you O'Keeffe's. 

Nancy T.


I'd given up on anything moisturizing my extremely dry, cracked feet. I wouldn't let anyone see my feet because they looked so horrible, and I'd tried everything. My hands were almost as bad from constantly washing them, which was necessary with my daycare. Then I tried a sample of O'Keeffe's Working Hands while standing in a checkout line, not believe it would help either. But my hands actually felt better, so the next day I went back and bought a jar, figuring it couldn't hurt. I used it on my feet just as it suggested, and less than a week later I couldn't believe the results. I told everyone who would listen... and posted it on Facebook. I've been using it ever since and am no longer ashamed of my feet! Now my daughters and several friends use it too! It's truly amazing stuff! 

Robert M.


Absolutely amazing!!! I've had to carry a small bag with band aids, antibiotic ointment and coban wrapping for the last 3 years everyday just to be able to work. I tried about $200 worth of all kinds of lotions and even tried soaking my hands with Vaseline and sleeping with socks on them every night for over a week. Just on a whim I saw this in a local parts store one-day and tried it. I'd put a small amount on about 3-5 times a day. Less than a month later I have no cracks and a over supply of band aids. Love It. 

Peggy W.


For decades I have tried various products to help alleviate cracked and painful finger tips and deep heel cracks, but to no avail. I always had to make sure I had plenty of crazy glue on hand to dab on those painful cracks; I even bought glue to keep on hand at my son's so I always have that glue for those cracks where ever I go. I saw your advert on TV about a month ago, and wrote the name of the product down, but didn't look it up, because I thought it's just another greasy cream that won't take care of my hands and feet effectively. Two weeks ago I was in a local home store, and there at the check out stand was a display for Working Hands, so I picked up one jar of it and I LOVE IT! I use it right after my shower and again when I go to bed. My hands have never been this soft and smoo ... more 

Karen M.


I saw this in an ad in New England Magazine. I wanted to have my boyfriend try it out as he details cars for a living and the water and chemicals dry out his hands - so much so I wouldn't hold his hands. He liked it, and then I recommended it to my father, and my sister's husband. At one point we couldnt find the jar and found out his mother was using it and loved it. She is a hard working Italian lady, who works in her garden, its no wonder she "stole it". Bottom line, they ALL LOVE IT ! At this point, everytime I see someone with cracked hands or rough hands I recommend your product. I will on occasion sneak some for my own hands when they get dry from washing and killing germs in my office. I now make sure my boyfriend puts it on before bed and when he wakes up in the morning a ... more 

Kevin S.


My whole working life I have had very physical jobs that have always required hard use of my hands. Everything from carpentry, landscaping , welding, machinist and now for a long time heavy haul class A driver. I feel that over all the years that I have wasted thousands of dollars on other lotion products . I am not saying that other expensive lotions and creams are bad products, but only sooth dry skin temporarily. Usually for only about an hour at the most. I have always had severely dry hands that crack. Nothing ever seemed to work until I tried Okeeffes. When I put this on my hands for the first time, it felt good after rubbing it in. It left my hands feeling restored almost completely. The part that shocked me the most is the next day my hands were still moisturized and still felt gre ... more 

Vicki R.


I have been calling your Working Hands product a "miracle"! I can relate to many of the testimonials I read. As soon as summer is over, my hands start to split and in the winter, my thumbs are often covered with bandaids and finger protectors because they are split so deep and are so sore. Someone told me that their husband uses your product so I decided to give it a try, even though I figured it wouldn't work any better than the dozens of other products that have been recommended. I am SO excited to have finally found something that works!! My hands are soft and smooth and I have NO cracks or splits and it is the middle of winter in Montana, about a foot of snow outside and bitterly cold temperatures!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! 

Connie T.


I wish to give you high praises for your "Healthy Feet" produce. For the first time in probably over 20 years, my dry, rough, scratchy, cracked heels/feet ARE NO MORE! Since buying my first container along with your "Working Hands" cream (being used by both my husband & myself) my feet are smooth! This is such an astounding change for me, I want to sing it from the house-tops! Bless you, and your product! 

David C.


I have worked for Wal Mart for 13 years and the cardboard and frozen food have taken a toll on my hands. I have tried everything. This stuff works and it has saved my hands. Thanks. They do not hurt any more. 

Christine J.


Dare I declare your foot cream to be miraculous? I just may, because for the first time in my life I don't have embarrassingly cracked feet. I noticed a difference after 2 days of use, and after less than a week the skin on my feet was smoother and softer, and my shoes were more comfortable to wear. In the past, I had spent a fortune on "spa" pedicures. More than once the technician working on my feet would comment that I "must spend a lot of time barefoot outdoors". The state of my feet made cute summer shoes cumbersome to wear...but I can't wait for summer now! Thank you! 

Dave S.


OK kids, I’m not sure what is in this jar of stuff you’re selling but I like it. First it works, makes my hands feel better after only a few applications, also it doesn’t leave them greasy so I can actually get some work done after I put it on and last, and this is what I really like, it doesn’t smell like a vase full of fresh cut flowers, none of the FRU-FRU scent to contend with. You have a new and now loyal customer and advocate. Please keep up the great work, don’t try to improve it too much, it works!!! 

Terry S.


My skin on my fingers began to crack six months after I got into the elevator trade. I tried every lotion I could find. Then one day while in the hardware store I noticed the picture of that cracked finger on your package. As I read and came across the words guarantee, I figured why not give it a try. Less than a month I noticed a difference. I went back to the store and bought two more. Now I keep one in the car, at home and at work. And a little does go a long way. I've had the same containers for awhile now and I use each of them at least twice a day and I still have a lot left. I think I'll try your foot product next. Thanks your product is awesome. 

Nona L.


I have only been using the foot product a few days and it works GREAT!!! I have tried many products over the years and nothing has worked before. Your cream is amazing and I will reccomend it to others. THANK YOU for this wonderful product and so glad it is made in the good ole USA!!! 

Larry W.


"Working Hands" is the product I have searched for years. After trying product after product and spending dollars after dollars with no results, I am amazed how quickly and completely this product worked. In my opinion, it is a miracle in a plastic tin. 



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! A twenty year problem, solved in less than one week! Like the others, I thought I had tried everything - globs of hand cream many times daily, gloves over Bag Balm and/or Vaseline at night, Neosporin beneath fingertip bandages, Liquid Bandage, even Super Glue. NOTHING WORKED; the soreness could get so severe that it would wake me at night. In addition to the intense pain and the issues (that not having opposing thumbs!) created in my daily life, being a health care worker with such embarassingly disgusting looking fingers (either from the splitting, or my attempted remedies), had become a source of anxiety each winter. Thank goodness we had a slow day at work, and I happened to see your advertisement in a copy of Reader's Digest in the patient waiting ar ... more 

Dona N.


I bought both prouduct Working Hands & Healthy Feet. I come frome a large family we all have a problem in the cold weather with dry & cracked hands & feet. I had went over to the local home store & got both the Hand & Foot Creams. I took it to the family dinner that night and everyone was impressed with it so the next day they were all over at the store buying up both & passing it out to their kids. Everyone now has happy hands & feef and I think we will be buying alot more of your prouduct. As my one sister was geting hers a lady beside her was looking at it and my sister told her "go for it you will love it its the best I have ever used" thank so much. My cracked bleeding hands & feet cleared in 3 days tops. 

Dale C.


My job is hard on my hands from burns, cuts, ruff material scraping like sand paper. Oily gum material that solvent must be used to remove it. By the end of the week my fingers have bandaids on allmost all of them. I've tried many different products to relive my split cracked hands. I FINALY FOUND IT!!! O'KEEFFE'S HAND CREAM! I have been using it for two weeks now and my wife and crew members have noticed no bandaids. Just clear smooth hands, no ruff skin (ruff enough to use as sand paper) with no cracking at the tips. I've showen my friends that have the same problem. And with them seeing my hands have gone out and bought it right away. IT WORKS!!!! Thanks Dale C. 

Brian M.


Working hands is the most amazing product I ever put on my hands. After 30+ years of dry, split and sore hands all winter long my hands are softer then I can ever remember them being. My niece gave me Working Hands for Christmas and after one week, I shake hands with someone who knows me and they can't believe how my hands feel. No more sandpaper hands for me. I wish I would have heard about Working Hands a long time ago. Please tell other people about this stuff and help ease their pain. Brian 

Jody T.


I have been using your product for over a year, primarily during the cold-weather months when my hands suffer the most. No longer. Without Working Hands, they are cracked, sore and sometimes bleeding. Since this has been an issue for decades, I've tried too many products to count, with little success. I rave to anyone I know with similar skin issues about your product...THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Debra F.


Thank you so much! This is the best product for dry cracked hands.I have worked in retail for 38 years and every winter my hands split and crack.Since I stated using O'Keeffe's I have had no splits or cracks!!! I have told everyone I know about this product and many have bought it and they LOVE it! Thanks again for a great product! 

Alice A.


Wow!! I have tried countless expensive hand creams over the years to take care of my cracked fingers. Your product has done an amazing job on fixing my painful fingertips! I am going to send my 90 year old mother a container of this cream and have it work its magic on her hands. Thank you so much for this wonderful product:) Best regards, Alice 

Riley B.


Just recently I have started getting very dry fingers, my skin would flake and crack and bleed and that made it very hard to work. I tried other lotions and even those didn't help at all. I saw a commercial for your product on tv and after work the next day I immediately went to go and get a tub. Boy has it made a difference, I'm two days in now and my fingers are no longer flaking and the cracks are almost gone. I cannot thank you enough for giving me back my hands and fingers. And I definitely know what I'm getting a certain someone for their birthday now!! 

Erin P.


A few days ago a colleague at work, once again, recommended I try Working Hands. His wife is a massage therapist and swears by the product. I've known about it for years, but somehow never made the effort to buy it. After my first son was born, my hands got into the worst condition they had ever been, from all the extra hand washing and scrubbing baby bottles by hand. That was over four years ago. Diaper changing also added to the number of hand washings, add to that our second son's! My husband tells me I wash my hands too much. Last night, he got home after shopping with the older son, and I just had to run out and find me some Working Hands right away. It was almost 8 pm and I NEEDED it asap, so I found a pharmacy that was open until 8, and bought their last tub. Phew! I got home, cut ... more 

Mike R.


I have had split and cracked fingers for years. I have used super glue to seal the cracks. I have used all kinds of creams to no avail. 2 weeks ago 12/27/12 I bought a tub of your Working Hands. In a week all my cracks and splits are gone and it is like I have new hands!!! I love your product!!!! 

Tracy A.


For as long as I can remember, my mom has always had cracked feet. The cracks were so bad, they would often bleed. She put vaseline on her feet every night and slept in socks. Ten years ago, I started a college job working at a salon that had a large retail area and discovered this cream. I told my mom to try it, thinking it wouldn't do anything more to help (at that time we were talking about 22 years of cracked feet). She started using it every night before she went to bed and it was not long after that she told me her cracks were gone. GONE. When the salon was going out of business, she asked me to buy every last one of the Working Hands Cream they had in stock. She continues to use the product today to maintain her "crack-free" feet. I have inherited my mother's extremely dry skin. ... more 

Charles W.


Ok, here's my story... I live in the Midwest, I'm a little older now and every winter for reasons unknown to me my legs itch terribly. Day and night they itch. I have tried everything imaginable, Eucerin, Carmex, Creams, lineaments and ointment and any cream that says anti itch including Benedryl and even Antifungal creams. Nothing but nothing worked, nothing stayed on, most were greasy, tacky , yucky creams that get all over everything and make you feel dirty. My little dog sheds (I still lover her dearly) and these other lotions seem to be a magnet for her little black hairs. Then one day my wife gave me some of your Working Hands to try. She just let me borrow some - she was unwilling to part with it. She said she did great research to find it. I said, hey, I've seen that in the hardwar ... more 

Wilma G.


I want to tell you I love your hand cream. I don't know what I would do without it. I have my hands in a lot of water and I go out in cold weather a lot too. My hands were cracked and bleeding until I found your hand cream. Thank you so very much. Wilma 

Gary B.


Living in Wisconsin my hands started to dry out in October and wouldn't heal until April. They would become so uncomfortable, I truly believed I would need to move to a warmer climate in the winter months. Within a week of starting to use Working Hands they have fully recovered. They are not only not itchy, burning or cracked, they are quite soft. This is nothing short of a miracle to me. So thankful to have found this product. 

Lee M.


I've been having issues with my fingers and hands being very dry to the point of cracking and bleeding. One finger would heal and another would crack.I've been using just about every type of hand lotion or ointment out there with the same non result. My wife had heard about Working Hands and was able to pick it up at the local home store. I've been using it for 2 and a half days and already all the cracks have closed and the skin is looking healthier. Its not only my wife and I that have noticed it, I keep getting comments from my coworkers who cannot believe the results. 

Cassey K.


My husband has horribly dry and cracked hands. They become very painful for him, especially during the winter. I saw a commercial for working hands one night and thought, "Why not?". We have bought so many lotions, creams, and have made numerous "homemade" recipes all in failed attempts of making his hands less painful. We bought Working Hands on this past Sunday after church. He put a small amount on his hands when we bought it and again that night before he went to bed. The next morning, he had no cracks and within a day or two, his hands were no longer rough!!!! He loves it so much that he even insisted on his Dad trying some of his and now his Dad is hooked!! Thank you so much for making such an amazing product!! We are in the process of trying to find the Healthy Feet product for him ... more 

Michael L.


Wow this stuff is amazing. My hands are dry, cracked, and raw from about late October until April. No lotion I've tried in the past has worked no matter how many times a day I put it on. I saw O'Keeffe's Working Hands in magazine ads several times and figured it was just another gimic. I then was in one of the Home Centers this past weekend and saw it in the paint department and figured I would give it a try. My hands are no longer cracked and raw after only a few days use. I put it on 3 or 4 times a day once being right before bed and it has worked wonders. I will recomend it to all my friends and family. Thank You O'Keeffe's for saving me months of suffering this winter season. 

Debbie M.


I have been using O'Keeffe's Working Hands for a year now . Before your product I was using super glue on at least 8 fingers every other day to help my cracked fingers .I had no fingerprints on my fingers for about 10 years in the winter from using superglue . I tried everything but nothing helped until your product . I don't know how to thank you . I have 1 at work , 1 in my car , 1 in my bedroom , & 1 in my bathroom at all times during the winter . I get them in a local store . I share mine with some employees and they love it . THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!! Merry Christmas to you , your family , and your employees !!!!!! If you havn't tried O'Keeffe's Working Hands I urge you to try it I did and boy am I glad for this miracle!!!!! 






I have struggled with my hands for as long as I can remember - easily the last decade. I noticed my hands changed after I had my son. They would crack easily...especially in the winter. I could go through a box of band-aids a week, covering my cracks, that were so deep they would bleed. I was so embarrassed to shake hands at a job interview, or to hold my husband's hand, because my hands were just disgusting. I felt like such an outcast. Nothing worked for me and I was so frustrated. I did a Google search and found your product online, but was so hesitant to try something else that I knew probably wouldn't work. After all, I had tried Vaseline and lumpy gels, creams, lotions, salves, ointments...you name it, I tried it. I found your product at a craft store of all places and decid ... more 

Lynn B.


My husband is a truck driver and works in freezers all day. In our Minnesota winters his hands get so cracked it almost brings him to tears!! We discovered Working Hands two years ago and it is the only product that works for him. THANK YOU THANK YOU for making such a great product for men and women that work their butts off!! God bless you and happy holidays!! 

Nancy H.


This product is a-ma-zing. My hands would crack all the time out of the blue and one use of Working Hands improved them almost immediately. You don't know how pleased I am to have found this. Up until now nothing worked at all. I tried all kinds of creams and ointments with no relief. I was constantly miserable and was keeping the band-aid companies in business. I love love love this product and thank you for making it available. 

Chip D.


Just a quick note to say thanks! I am a school teacher in Roanoke, Virginia. My wife and I host a free nature club for families in the Roanoke Valley and I am also a storyteller and banjo player. This year is the first time I have not had to stop playing for my students by this time in the winter due to cracked hands! 

Tina B.


I love this product!!! I dont buy body lotion anymore this is the only "lotion" that I buy, I use it all over my body. I have given this stuff to just about everyone I know, very recommended!!!!! :) 

Walter B.


My hands would get so dry that they would split, bleed, get red splotches, and flake. I've used creams, lotions, and even a product called Bag Balm. NOTHING!!! I heard about your product through a worker at Lowes and bought a tub to try out. WHOA!!! In less than 5 applications, I have noticed an immense difference. And the results don't last just a day or two either. You have a product here that actually does what it says it will, without a mile long list of possible side effects. Also, you're family owned and your product is made here in the USA. (yeah, I've used some of those "cheaper/better creams made in China. Boy, what a joke!). Another thing I like about your product is the "gripper" ring around the lid.It is so much easier to open for people with arthritis like myself. Thank you f ... more 

Chelsey P.


For many (12) many years ((I'm almost 23)) Lol I have struggled with wrapping my hands all day every day with triple antibiotic ointment, bandaids and wrap. It never did the trick, it was super expensive. I went from nursing to building cars and when I found myself getting behind at work I started asking around. Someone told me about your product and directly after work I rushed to my local home store. After 2 days of using it my hands felt brand new! I had to go purchase more just a few days later letting everyone else in on the secret =] If I got a quarter for every person I have turned to your product I'd have a million dollars!!! Everyone at work will get some for Christmas, as for my family too. Hands and feet need to be completely restored to make yourself feel healthy and young aga ... more 

Elizabeth D.


My fingers and thumbs also crack as soon as the outside temps get down to the freezing mark. It didn't matter what kind of lotions I used or how often I used them or whether or not I wore gloves. For months from fall to spring my thumbs and fingers suffered. I saw your product at a building supply store and kept debating whether or not to try it. I kept looking at the before and after pics on the display and thought how those cracked thumbs looked like mine. I finally gave in and man, was I glad! Within a few days my thumbs were much better. Talk about relief! I was totally amazed. And not only that, my cuticles look a whole lot better! My cuticles always looked like crap before! I always told people I had my father's hands which were always rough. I just put in an order for a ... more 

Paula B.


I was given a container of the O'Keeffe's Working Hands for my birthday. I work at a pediatric office and wash my hands several times a day. Also, living in AK with it's long cold winters does not help at all. I get deep cracks on my hands several times throughout the winter even if I'm putting "good" lotion on several times a day. I have had this problem ever since I was little. I can remember my hands getting so dry they would turn brown in the Minnesota winters. I also have had problems with my heels cracking and the rest of my feet being very rough and dry. Working Hands has been a miracle for me! My hands are so soft I don't even recognize them. I keep my tub on my nightstand and I rub it in to my hands every night. It moisturizes my warm hands while I sleep. I've even been p ... more 

Mary B.


Being a locksmith is dirty work, so I had dry cracked hands all the time, but being retired doesn't mean an end to that. Oil painting, gardening, and house cleaning all add up to those same dry, split, painfully sore hands.It was taking the enjoyment out of my favorite pastimes. I couldn't stand to hold anything my fingertips were so extremely painful. Quite accidentally, my hubbie saw a commercial for Working Hands and suggested I try it. All I can say is, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. Within two days, my hands no longer hurt, and the cracks and splits were almost completely gone, and today, my hands have the feeling of baby skin. With winter coming, my heels are also beginning to crack & peel, so I'll be buying Healthy Feet. I have ABSOLUTELY no doubt that it will work as well. You ha ... more 

Anne D.


I have been using Working Hands Hand Cream for 4 days and am totally amazed at the results. Prior to using the cream, my thumbs were cracked and bled when I did household chores. Working Hands in a wonderful product. 

Cindy P.


My husband has Type 2 Diabetes and suffers with painful dry cracked hands. We tried everything, until I came across O'Keeffe's Working Hands! Wow!!!! what a fantastic product!! Now, his hands are healthy, they look and feel great! and I use it as well. It works wonders on my face!!!! I threw away every lotion and cream I had and replaced it with your product. I will never use anything but, O'KEEFEE'S!! Thank you for such a wonderful product. Thank you, Cindy P. 

Tom A.


As a neighbor Handyman, my hands have been in or on very surface and fluid that you can imagine. For the last six months I have used O'Keeffe's Working Hands. Prior to using Working Hands, my hands were so rough and my fingers tips split and bled causing me to limit my services until I could recover the full use of my fingers. It really was that bad. For the past six months while using Working Hands I have not lost two days in a row while doing various handyman services. My hands are no longer rough but not baby butt smooth yet. My finger tips don't bleed anymore and I feel like they have a protective coating because the splitting has gone away. I highly recommend Working Hands. Handyman Tom 

Edward G.


I am the evening weatherman on the Denver CBS TV station. Now I know this doesn't sound like a rugged, hands-hurting job...but as we get into the Winter season, whenever there is major visual weather - like a blizzard - the news director loves to send us outside in the storm to report it. It really is fun to do, but you are outside in the middle of freezing and snowy weather for long stretches of time. You are constantly removing your gloves so you can turn on your mike and clip it to you and making notes and shuffling scripts. In fact, you hardly wear gloves at all sometimes! I am also always outdoors around the house fixing or working on something - that's just what a homeowner does. All this has always taken a toll on my hands. Cracked - especially around the finger tips - and sor ... more 

Anthony M.


I have been looking for something for years to help relieve my split fingers. This is absolutely the best product out there. It really works. 

Deb L.


My husband bought O'Keeffe's Working Hands for me because my finger tips crack and bleed this time of year. I have been using the cream for a couple weeks and I can't believe what a difference it has made!! I have lots of friends with the same problem so I have been telling everyone I know about it. This is the only cream that I will be using from now on!!! Thanks again, I am delighted!! 

Marcia S.


I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making your Working Hands hand cream!!! It works great! I along with everybody else who works at the Wal- Mart Distribution Center in Woodland, PA need this product. We handle boxes all day and that really takes the moisture out of your hands, then they crack and split. I started using this product a year ago and it is amazing, the only problem I have is when I tell people about it they want to use all of my container! I tell EVERYBODY about your product and they all love it. Our local home store sells a ton of it to the people I let try it. Keep up the great quality and thanks again. 

Patti L.


IT WORKS!!!!! I have been using Healthy Feet for 5 days and the difference is absolutely amazing! My feet feel beautiful. I have cracked heels, at times so bad I couldn't walk. I can't begin to tell you how much money I have spent over the last few years on foot creams, scrapers etc. Nothing worked like O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet. After five days I can see small lines on my heels but cannot feel them. The skin is so soft and smooth. Please please please do not doubt this product. It truly does what it says it will do. FIVE DAYS!!! that's all it took for me to see a difference. I am so excited to see what happens in the next week or so. Thank you O'Keeffe's!!! 

Kimberly W.


I have had dry cracked heels for years. They they would crack so bad that it was painful to walk. In the summer if I was sitting out on the front porch I would remove my shoes and rub my heels on the concrete to remove the dry cracked skin. My 4 year old grand daughter was so intrigued by how ugly my feet were that she would take off my socks and shoes just so she could look at them. That was pretty embarrassing! The dryness has spread over most of my foot in the past couple of years instead of just my heels. I tried everything from expensive foot creams to Vaseline which my doctor told me was the best thing to use on them. At night I would cake my feet with Vaseline, put on socks and then plastic bags to keep my sheets from being ruined. Some things helped a little bit, others not a ... more 

Martha D.


My son is a detailer and his hands were a MESS!! I was told to have him try O'Keeffe's. This stuff REALLY WORKS!! Aaron's hands are back to normal and he uses it every night just to keep them that way. THANK YOU :D 

Kayla G.


I saw a commercial for Working Hands and I just had to try it. I work in health care and I have to constantly wash my hands or use sanitizer and it has dried my hands out. This is the best cream I have ever used. I will not use anything else! 

Samantha M.


I've always had problems with dry, cracked feet and when my boyfriend noticed, he brought me home some O'Keeffe's from his hardware store. At first I was thinking, "how can something from a hardware store actually work?" Well I was wrong! This is the best stuff out there. It's the only cream that works for me. I gave some to my mom and she loves it too. I recommend this product to everyone and anyone with dry skin. Seriously, if you aren't using O'Keeffe's, you're wasting money. It's the only way to go! 

Elaine M.


I have to wash my hands a million times a day, and up until I discovered your product, every winter was full of cracked fingers & thumbs.. I use Working Hands every night before bed - no more cracks! And I can actually hold hands with my partner now without him telling me my hands feel like sandpaper! I tell everyone about Working Hands. 

Scott J.


I just starting use the Heathly Feet today. I can say that this product is the only product that I have found that really works for me. I am on my feet all day long and when I make Fire calls also. I also have the Working Hands too. Both of these products are excellent. I would recommend them to anyone. Thank you 

Donna N.


The minute the winter turns cold and the shower gets hotter my hands crackle and feel like sandpaper. I immediately think about your product and use it twice a day even putting some in a small jar in my car. It is the ONLY creme that I have ever found that really works! I'm pretending I'm Oprah this year and giving everyone I know a jar! I buy it at the local home store. I love that it doesn't contain a scent or oil because I am a quilter and don't want it on my fabrics. I've been using it for about a dozen years now! Thanks for a wonderful product. 

Robert S.


Just wanted to let you know, that you have the BEST product out there. My wife had cracks on her hands, and we have tried every product, and with no relief. Beings as we are from Canada, I was a lil skeptical on service, etc. But that was never an issue. The cream cleared up my wife's cracked fingers, and we have containers in the car, bedroom, all over. :) I also gave some to the girls in the office, and everyone who uses it, says it's the best stuff on the planet... 

Elizabeth W.


I have struggled with dry cracked heels for years! I have tried numerous creams and ointments over the years with very little success, but I recently came across your foot cream and on the very first application I noticed relief! I only wish I had known about your product sooner! Thank you! 

Sydnee W.


It's truly unbelievable, remarkable and wonderful how well your product has worked for me. Every since I was a teenager I have had cracked, painful and sometimes bloody heels. Pedicures, lotions and scrubbing did nothing for them and offered no relief. After a month of using the product I have pretty feet again. Hello sandals! Hello high heels! Hello barefoot!! I will be a faithful customer from here on out. Thanks!! 

Roy B.


I would always dread the cooler weather year after year. The dryness, painful cracking, sometimes bleeding...I am an Obstetrician and frequently wash my hands over the course of the day. This was becoming an intolerable situation. Just by chance, my wife purchased your product (and I had tried literally hundreds of products before)....Without any exaggeration, this IS THE ONLY PRODUCT THAT WORKS. It seems to get absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin and does not easily wash off. THANK YOU 

Larry M.


I have had the worst case of dry feet all of my life. My dad also had dry feet. I have tried hundreds of different products from inexpensive to very expensive and some seem to work for a short time and then back to the dry feet. My feet would get so dry that they would crack and bleed. When I would put my socks on sometimes they would catch the dry skin and pull on it causing it to bleed. It was very painful. I was at a local plumbing store and I saw this product. I thought it wouldn't hurt to try it, so I bought a can. Within a week I saw results as I had with other products that I had tried in the past. It has been over a year now and now I use this product every other day. My feet are as smooth as a baby's behind. I keep an extra can around becasue I dont ever want to run out of this pr ... more 

Cathy M.


My 94-year-old father lives with us. When he came to our home six months ago his feet were so dry and in terrible shape. I use OKeeffe's For Healthy Feet two or three times a week on his feet (after he has his shower), and his feet look amazing. You'd never believe they belong to someone in his 90's. Dad has suffered with cracking skin on his feet his entire life. This is the first time he's ever had healthy feet. Thank you! 

Mark F.


I am a Home Improvement Contractor. I work with every type of hand and power tool ever made, and any and all types of environments, from -20F to +100F. Your hand cream is truly remarkable, so much so, I started using on my face and neck with outstanding results. I am and will continue to recommend it to anyone who will listen. 

Yvette P.


Dear Working Hands: I have suffered on and off since a teenager with dry hands and fingers that would crack and sometimes bleed, especially in the winter. In my first career in an industrial lab setting working with heat, chemicals, and gloves, winters were terrible. I would moisturize at night and wear cotton gloves to bed and they would still crack and bleed. I have tried all kinds of moisturizers, spent lots of money on some of them. Now, as a nurse, gloving, hand washing, hand sanitizing are constants over 12 hour shifts. One of the doctors in the ER where I worked came in one night with this round green tub and I asked her if I could try some. Your product is the best moisturizer I have used and my hands are no longer embarrassing me with their roughness or causing me pain. Thank you, ... more 

Rita V.


I can't tell you how much I love your product Healthy Feet. I can wear my flip flops/sandals without worries of cracked, ugly skin. Thank you....Thank you I tell everyone about your cream. Thanks Again 

Raymond G.


I sufferd thru 2 summmer months of cracked, dry, split hands. I consulted with pharmacies, I tried numerous amounts of lotions and hand creams but nothing worked. My hands were in such pain to where I couldn't even change my new born son's diaper or I couldn't play with my kids after a hard days work. I was embarrassed to shake HANDS WITH friends and customers. At the time I could only begin to tape my fingers with a sport tape for the pain, then I was really embarrassed to talk to people and greet them with a hand shake. Then I remembered I saw this small green can on a hardware store shelf and it said relief for dry cracked hands so I asked God for HELP and he presented this miracle green canister and WOW!!! AND in 24 hrs my hands were relieved WITH no more sport tape and I enjoy working ... more 

Carol A.


My husband & I own a cleaning business and my hands are always dry & cracked open. I have recently started using the Working Hands cream and absolutely think it is a miracle, it made my cracked knuckles feel better instantly. My husband has been using Healthy Feet cream for a few months. He puts it on every morning, it soothes his feet, and he definitely knows when he doesn't use it as his feet crack & hurt badly. We wanted to let you know what an awesome product this is and will continue using your products in the future. 

Penny C.


Thank you for putting your products on the market. I too like many others that have told their story are pleased with the results after using the hand and feet cream. It really works. I have introduced the cream to my co-workers and they are very impressed with how the cream glides across their hands and feet without leaving a greasy feeling. Your product will be on the CHRISTMAS IDEAS LIST for everyone in my family. I would encourage everyone to try it that suffers from dry skin. 

Leah G.


I am 56 and have suffered from cracked heels and fingers since my teens. I have tried SO MANY creams and potions and O'Keeffe's products are the first that have actually worked. It's summer and even wearing sandals all the time, my feet are smooth as silk. And I'm not dreading winter because I know I won't be in pain from cracks in my thumbs. Thank you!! 

Kim B.


Just wanted to thank you for the best foot creme ever! I have always had dry, cracked feet and no matter what I did, I just couldn't get the bottom of my feet clean looking or get the cracks to heal. This battle with my feet has been ongoing for around 20 years, nothing would work! I've used vasoline, pumice stones, razors, scrubbers, the little egg thingy, and no telling how much money on every different cream under the sun! I purchased the foot cream last Monday, July 9 at my local home center and tried it that night. My feet were so improved the next day that I tried it again. It has now been 4 nights of using it after my shower and feet look like new! I've still got some cracks on my heels, but have no doubt that continued use will get rid of those also. For the first time in ... more 

Martha B.


Both the hand and foot cream are awesome. My husband has tried many creams for his cracked hands and all were too greasy. This is NOT greasy and works almost overnight if not sooner. I use the hand cream on my elbows and within 2 hours, they are soft. I also use the foot cream 1-3 times a week and have been able to prolong the time between my pedicures. It's a lifesaver. Thanks for making it. 

Thomas A.


Working Hands cream works as listed. After reading the other comments on the website, it's good to know I'm not alone with this condition of splits on my fingers and tips. I used to apply 4 to 6 band-aids per hand to control the bleeding and pain when even water would get into the splits on my hands. I've even had splits running in both directions on the same fingers and tips. The first application convinced me that this cream controls this awful skin condition better than any standard hand cream. The tub design is even well thought out. Please don't change a thing. 

Estelle O.


OMG -this handstuff is just amazing - I am from London visiting my daughter in Denver. My skin, due to the heat, had completely dried out - I have tried everything!! When I get home I'm going to recommend it to all my family and friends! Thank you 'Working Hands'. 

Janett M.


Just wanted to let you know that my summer this year is so great because my feet are so smooth and beautiful. It is from using your product! My feet used to be so dry and rough that my husband bought me a small drill with a sanding attachment to sand the dry skin, and that really didn't even work! But I saw your ad in a magazine, and ordered, (I ordered twice actually) and now my feet are in such great shape. I love love that stuff and will continue to buy it forever!!! Also wanted to mention that including the shipping in the price is so wonderful. Not to mention it is a great price. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Colleen S.


I just bought my 2nd tub and it is the best stuff I have ever used. It's the only thing that has ever worked. I saw it in a magazine, though I wish I had known about it years ago. Now I will try the feet cream...thanks. 

Kathy K.


I wrote to you a couple of years ago about how Working Hands healed up my dry, cracked hands. Wonderful product! One day not too long ago, I had shaved my legs & needed some lotion to put on them afterwards but didn't have any. So....I put some Working Hands onto my palm, rubbed it together with both hands to kind of soften it & spread it on my legs! My legs were never softer!! Now I use it all the time & always make sure to spread the news to all my friends & family. Thank you O'Keeffe's AGAIN for a wonderful product! 

Tree H.


I LOVE YOUR HEALTHY FEET AND WORKING HAND CREAMS...THEY ARE FANTASTIC... I have been married to a man (and sister-in-law) for 30 years who has complained of dry, cracked, hurting fingertips. Finally I have found something worth ordering again and again...it works...it really works...thank you so much. Oh ya...one day my lips were chapped and I used a little cream on them, it works on lips too! I Can't wait to use this just so I can order more!!! Again, thank you..Tree 

Sarah L.


I've only been using Healthy Feet for about 2 months, but it has revolutionised my feet! I have dogs and horses and live on acreage so I spend a LOT of time working outdoors. Here in FL, the horses' hooves turn all the pastures to sand which is so drying on my feet. I had tried everything from expensive creams to dollar store creams and nothing would get rid of my cracked heels. I reguarly exfoliate and pumice my feet but that just wasn't enough. I was very skeptical about trying Healthy Feet because nothing else had worked, but I thought I had nothing to lose so I gave it a shot. Within a week my feet were hugely improved and within 3-4 weeks they were back to how they should look. I use the cream every night before bed plus after a shower or bath and I've still got about 1/3 of my first ... more 

Anita D.


Healthy Feet works great! It took care of my cracked heels, when nothing else I tried did. I'm also glad it's made in the USA, as I am trying to purchase more USA made products. 

Greg K.


Been dealing with cracked bleeding hands for years. I tried just about every hand cream on the market. I have found only 2 that work, your cream and Bag Balm. What I like about your cream is no need for gloves and I can use it all day - my hands have no greasy, oily residue. I have only been using your product for 4 days and all ready I can use my hands like a normal person. No more pain when I make a fist from my torn skin. My hands are starting to look normal and not so much of a mass of scar tissue. 

Vicki R.


My husband has used Working Hands for years and I have tried it on my dry, cracked heels and had some improvement. Last Tuesday, I bought Healthy Feet at my local store and started using it that afternoon. Today, Saturday, the thick, dry, and cracked skin on my left heel has become so soft, it's almost unbelievable! My right heel was in pretty good shape, but after these few days, the skin looks perfect. I am using it several times a day and will continue that routine until my left heel looks as good as my right one. The extra ingredients in Healthy Feet are sure doing their job! I'm going to keep containers in my car, my purse and my knitting bag! Thanks for your great product. Another super-satisfied customer! Vicki 

Linda C.


This product rocks! I plunge my hands into so many chemicals to sterilize the bar and glasses that my skin cracks. UNTIL this stuff. My hands no longer crack. I went for two weeks with cracked scaly hands in 36 to 48 hours this ended my misery. No joke. No lie. Just try it. 

Sheryl M.


I am a police officer and for years I have suffered with my fingers cracking and bleeding near the nails. I cannot tell you how many lotions and creams including petroleum jelly and neosporin I have bought but nothing helped. I would have to go to work with several of my fingertips covered in bandaids because they hurt so bad and I certainly couldn't be handling the public with open cuts on my hands. One day when I was walking through my local home store with 2 of my daughters, one of them saw the display board and said "Mom those look like your fingers, you should try that." I hesitated because I was limited on money and have had no luck in the past, but I figured if it's being sold to construction workers then I may as well give it a try. As I was going to bed, I put the Working Hands ... more 

Kerri A.


My daughter has very rough elbows and we have been using your product on them. They are now very soft and we have only used it for about a week on and off. This is the best product I have ever used for dry hands or elbows. 



I have been working in the water industry for 20 plus years. There has never been a time that my fingers didn't crack and split because of the fact that we run tests every hour and check all processes in between. Because of the testing and the chemicals used in Water Treatment, your hands are wet much of the time, you are washing and drying them often, and it draws natural oils away from the body, leaving them dry. I also work another job that uses heavy solvents and you can actually see when it strips the moisture from your skin if it splashes on you. Your product has made it possible for me to do my job without the sensitivity that comes from banging raw splitting fingers on anything. Bravo. I can even hold my tools tightly without pain now. Bravo again. You guys deserve a med ... more 

Matthew S.


I work with my hands all day. Being a mechanic my hands get sore and dried out. I started using the product a while back and have not used anything else. My hands feel much better and makes it easier to do my job. It's the best all around. 

Marcin S.


The photos on the website do not even come close to what my hands had become in the past year. I would have cracks and lesions from the point of my thumb to the base on both palm and top of my hands. Cracks would appear almost instantly after any shower or stint of washing dishes. Within 3 days of using Working Hands, I not only saw improvement, but FELT it. It has been 2 weeks since I have discovered this magical cream and have been spreading the word through-out every job-site I come across. I cannot begin to explain how much I have missed my hands. I have them back now. THANK YOU! 

Samantha H.


Holy Cow!! Your Healthy Feet product is seriously the best thing in the world!!! I am a Grand Canyon Hiking guide and run a lot of trips into Havasu Falls and so I wear my Chacos all the time pretty much. My feet were getting to the point (always this time of year) of cracking and needing the ol' super glue to keep them together. My boyfriend (who is a Wildland firefighter-Archaeologist) had this stuff in his medicine cupboard. I tried it and overnight my feet were instantly better. Two nights in and I no longer sit and pick at the dead skin opening up wounds and what-not. This stuff is awesome. I am going to highly recommend it to my guiding friends who may not have already heard of it. My feet and I thank you very much!! 

Nicole D.


Love it!! It really works! I have smooth, beautiful heels & toes. Even after exfoliating my heels & balls of feet and then lathering them up with other lotions they still looked cracked-the lotion would just bring out the cracks even more by just puddling in them. All the cracks on my feet are totally gone and when I put on lotion they just look smooth and feel so soft & moist. No cracks! I can not remember my feet ever feeling & looking so good-even after a pedicure. I only used a few times at night not even consecutively and my feet look amazing. O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet is amazing- I am going to rave about it to everyone. 

Don S.


I am amazed by your products. I am a cancer patient. The chemotherapy drug I take causes extreme skin dryness on the hands and feet. My feet were so bad I was having trouble walking. Other products I was using were not providing much help. I saw a newspaper ad for your products and gave it a try. I saw great results within a few days. After about four weeks my feet and hand problems have completely cleared up. Thank you! 

Fran B.


Just a quick note to let you know Working Hands is the best hand cream I've used. I tried many products to help my cracked fingers and this is the one to use. I saw your product in the home store flyer we received in the mail and I bought it. I would say within 4 days my hands were so much better. I would recommend this product to everyone. 

Kevin S.


I've tried them all and this is the only one that truly works! 

Philip M.


For more than 40 years I have experienced painful cracks that occur in my fingers when winter comes. I have tried many remedies. None have worked. This year I tried Working Hands. Much to my amazement and delight, not one crack. Thank you for a truly amazing product. I have told many others about it in the hopes it will help them as well. Sincerely, Phil M. 

Andy T.


I just want to thank you for Working Hands skin cream. After just 10 days use I am free of cracked finger tips. I have suffered with cracked fingers for years and have tried any number of creams with no satisfactory results. I can now do the fine work that only healthy hands can do. Thanks. 

Karen R.


Interior decorator. OK. I'll admit it. The job title doesn' exactly conjure up visions of hard work, but I'm just here to tell you, sometimes, the job can just get down right nasty! While the majority of my time is spent "feathering " other people's nests, my son and I just recently took on a more personal project. After selling our home, we found another one in much need of inspiration and rejuvenation. Inspiration is easy. Rejuvenation is where the actual work takes place. Having been endowned with a genetic make up that does not allow me to tolerate "ugly", I was eager to roll up my shirt sleeves and don my old work gloves and get busy. That did present a small problem since I couldn't find my old work gloves. Instead of taking the time to look for the stupid things ... more 

Karen B.


I have had cracked feet as long as I can remember. I have tried every product imaginable to no avail. I saw an ad in a magazine for your product and then saw it at my local home store so I purchased it. It works!!! I am shocked every time I touch my feet now that my feet are smooth. I can actually wear sandals this summer without feeling awful about how my heels look. Thank you soooo much for making this wonderful product. I am now going to purchase the hand product so I am ready for the winter when my hands are cracked and bleeding like they always have been. Thanks again for a wonderful product. By the way I just turned 50 and it's about time I had smooth feet! Thanks! 

Melanie M.


Have not used the foot stuff, the hand stuff is the best stuff I've ever used. I've tried almost everything else, the stuff is magic. 

Rick H.


Just wish to say great on my hands and been using it since we started selling it at the lumber yard and I hear others that buy it says it's the best. And I just wished to say thank you for your great products. 



I actually haven't used O'Keeffe's Working Hands as my hands are okay but my mother was suffering from dry, cracked thumbs and fingers and I happened to see this product and bought it for her. She started using it and noticed within a couple of days a huge difference, she loves this stuff. I then told my Aunt who is going through cancer treatments and has dry flaking skin about it, she loves it, and her Doctor told her to continue using it because it was helping so much. I also told a friend about it, a bodyman (repairs dented/damaged cars) who uses his hands all the time to do his work, he is amazed at how much better his hands look and feel because of this stuff. A product that really works as advertised! Thank you. 

Marsha C.


Love your product. I always have dry, cracked hands during the winter months and this winter they were so soft. Thank you. 

Mark E.


THANK YOU SO MUCH! For the first time in as long as I can remember my hands are not cracked and bleeding! I have suffered for as many years as I can remember with dryness and cracks on my hands. I have tried every product I have ever found to try to stop the bleeding but I finally have discovered, in your product, the answer to many a prayer. Thank you again! I enjoy not having my hands hurt. 

Cliff K.


"Working Hands:" Incredible! After moving to dry (but wonderful) Las Vegas from a Caribbean moist island, my heels, elbows and edges of my fingers cracked and bled and hurt. I tried different creams for 18 months, until some quarrying friends gave me "Working Hands" as a gift. Within a week, my dry areas were smooth; twice a day keeps them that way. And "Working Hands" is not greasy to my clothes. This product ranks up there with "Chapstick" as one great wonder. Thanks to all of you on the O'Keeffe's team! Cliff 

Matthew W.


I don't have any photos to send you, mainly because there's nothing to see after using your fantastic hand cream. I'll just say that now she likes holding my hand at the movies. Thanks O'Keeffe's for helping me woo the ladies! 

Joyce L.


This product is nothing short of a miracle. For years I have tried every remedy I could find with little success. Within three days I was done with the endless changes of band-aids and nightly vaseline and gloves. 

Todd H.


I use the hand cream regularly. After digging trenches for underground sewer lines my hands get blistered and cracked. I do drain cleaning also which, constant hand washing leaves my hands dry and cracked. Your product is the only one I use and get the results of no more painful cracked hands and fingers. Thank You. 

Doris M.


I am commenting on your O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream. I just want to tell you how wonderful your product is. I can't believe the results in just a few days. My hands were terribly dry with deep little cracks by the fingernails that are so painful. I would literally cover my fingers with band aids every night. I fight this problem every winter trying different lotions or healing creams with no change. I had never heard of your product before but saw it at the local home center and decided to try it. Amazing! My husband is using it now as well. I am telling everyone I know about it. It is so nice to find a product that actually does what it says it will do. Thank you. 

Joanne W.



Brian W.


I just wanted to let you know how great your product works. Working with card board case all day, my hands were dry and cracked. After using Working Hands for a few days my hands are good as new. I work in a warehouse with 200 people and I tell everyone I can how good you product is. Thanks 

Vicki B.


I have had cracked fingers since I was young. At 62 I am not young anymore. Last year I purchased 2 jars of your Working Hands cream and I have not had any cracks since. I am now ordering a new jar as winter is not over and I am almost out. I have recommended it to my niece and brother-in-law who also suffer from cracks on their hands. Thanks for a wonderful product. 

Jim I.


This stuff is wonderful, I work in all sorts of harsh conditions and apply Working Hands continuously to my hands during the day. Let me just say my job is one where I work 7 days a week anywhere from 12 to 15 hours a day. My hands come into constant contact with all sorts of surfaces, brick, cinderblock, stucco, wood, you name it. If it is something a building can be built out of I am there. Anyways, it keeps my hands not only soft and moist, but I no longer have a problem with cracking or chaffing that I was having previous to using your product. The added bonus I get is that when I get back to my room at night I apply your cream to my feet both at night and in the morning and I have seen a remarkable difference because of that. What is even better is that my wife no longer compla ... more 

Theresa B.


I am a wife and a mother of a hard working husband and son who are auto mechanics. My husband has been a mechanic for 45 years and my son for 3 years. They work in some of the harshest conditions. Cold weather, hot weather, and also some very harsh chemicals. My husband has suffered for years with sore, cracked, chapped, red raw hands. We have tried and bought everything to help them and nothing worked, until a friend told me about O'Keeffe's Working Hands. At first my husband thought it was just something else we were throwing our money away on. After using it for a week he is a true believer and has bought my son some and has told him, "this stuff really works". I would just like to say "thank you" for making something for hard working men. 

Frances B.


I started using O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream around Jan. 2011 after reading about it in my Good Housekeeping magazine. I am in New England and our winters can be pretty brutal. I work in an office where I am constantly handling paper. Also I have one job that requires me to peel off a sticker from a plastic literature display stand, and the fore finger would get so sore and crack plus my two thumbs were constantly cracking and it seemed in the same place every year. I thought I would try something different this time so I started to use the O'Keeffe's cream in Oct. as a pre treat to Winter and it has helped my hands tremendously. I had two small cracks on my thumbs in Feb. I continued to use the cream and they are gone. I felt by doing this it really prevented the cracks from formin ... more 



WOW!!!!!!! This is the best hand cream I have EVVVVERRRR used and working in health care I've used a lot. Unfortunately, I have just naturally dry hands and I joke with the girls in the winter time "I'm afraid to rub my hands together for fear of starting a fire". But one day I stumbled across your product and since I began using it about 3 weeks ago my hands feel amazing. Now I don't have to avoid handshakes anymore! I recommended it to one of my coworkers who was having issues and after 2 weeks her hands felt great too. Kudos to you. Thanks sooo much, Luz,T. 

Lisa H.


I just had to write and share with your company how happy I am with your Healthy Feet. I have been in retail for years and no matter what I did or used my feet always stayed dry. I have used your product for less than a week and my feet already have a noticeble difference. Thank you so much. 

Jim F.


Best thing I have ever used on my hands. In the winter I get those nasty little splits in the fingers. Working Hands fixes them in one or two applications. Will not even try anything else. 

Susanna C.


For the last twenty years I have suffered with painful, dry, cracked hands and fingers and just assumed I would have to live with it for the rest of my life since nothing has helped, but only given me a moment of relief. This last Christmas Day was especially hard for me as my hands were extremely red and painfully irritated. I asked our hostess to forgive me as I had to excuse myself from helping in the kitchen. I felt absolutely terrible as I sat in the living room as she and her sisters cleaned up from the 25 plus people who had ate dinner. The following week as I checked out at a local store, they were sampling Working Hands. And of course I bought it like I bought everything else that I felt would work. Within days I noticed my hands were not snagging on my gloves and scarves. The pai ... more 

Leann B.


My son is currently serving in Kuwait with the U.S. Army and your product is a life saver for his feet. They get really cracked and dry and then they split. O'Keeffe's is the only thing he will use. 

Belinda K.


I have worked in the Clinton Community School system for many years. I am constantly washing my hands and drying them off with stiff brown paper towels. I have to wash them often in order to keep healthy! I also wash the lunchroom tables with bleach water everyday. My hands get rough and split. By using O'Keeffe's my hands are soft and do not crack!!!!! 

Kavin D.


I have about three finger on my right hand thumb,index & middle fingers. It dosen't matter what time of year these finger split out. I've tried all kinds of hand creams. Tried to super glue them. I love to play golf so I have to put bandaids on them just to enjoy playing. Your Working Hands cream is the only thing that has ever helped. Thank you very much. 

David K.


Hi O'Keeffe's!!! My name is David K. from Detour Michigan. I am the owner of Northwest Fudge Factory - Maker's of the World's Largest Slab of Fudge! Everyday, I personally make thousands of pounds of fudge! Every step of the process lays a beating on these hands - from stirring, to cutting, to packaging and labeling. On a daily basis, my hands are fair game to burns, callouses, and cuts. Our last guinness records was 5,750 lbs - that meant there was 11,500 individual slices to cut, wrap, and label!!! Did I mention this was done within the day!?!? O'Keeffe's cream is my salvation at the end of a day. I may not be your typical 'grease monkey' - I'm more of a 'sugar daddy' that loves your product and the relief it brings!!! 

Patricia C.


My husband is a home builder and works in all types of extreme weather conditions; especially living Northeast. His fingers are so badly cracked, sore, and some are even bordering bleeding!!! He had tried every type of lotions & ointments. I was so thrilled to find something that actually is designed specifically for the 'working hands' (crack & split). I can only thank you for such a wonderful product. I'm actually looking at the green container which sits next to my husband's recliner - it's the first thing he grabs when he gets home. I really did not think it would work; thought it was just another lotion.. Thanks for proving me wrong! A dedicated user and sincere thanks for helping my husband! Patty C. 

Ronni P.


I love Working Hands!!! I work at a grocery store, I cashier and stock shelves. My hands get very, very dry and get cracked and are so sore from the boxes and washing them every chance I get.. My mom was at our local hardware store and saw a display for Working Hands, and it was just about gone, so she asked a lady about it. She said it works, so my mom got some for me and one for her...oh my goodness...I used it once and could tell a difference. On my thumb I had a deep crack and it was so sore, I used the lotion 3 times, and it is just about gone...I am so thankful my mom found this..LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much!!! 

Shirley G.


I work in a laundry in a retirement home. My fingers were constantly cracking open, to the point the pain kept me awake at nights. Another co-worker found your ad in a magazine and she just happened to find you product in a local hardware store. She came to work one day and told us where to find it. Several of us went to the store and got your product.We just want you to know how much we like the hand cream. It has helped our hands greatly. Some of our husbands also use it. Since starting to use it, I have hardly had any cracks in my fingers. The other workers say the same. Thanks a million for the great product! 

Brooke F.


I am an 18 year old Senior in high school. As a dietary aide in a care center my job involves using my hands all day long. They are constantly in water. I wash my hands about 30 times while at work. And my job requires me to do dishes. And washing dishes for 40 people and having pans and stuff on top of that leaves my hands sopping wet. Constantly having my hands in water makes them very dry, especially in these winter months. They get so bad that they crack and bleed and leave me in discomfort. To elminate this discomfort I apply O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream, which leaves me satisfied. 

Kevin W.


Winters here in the Mid-Atlantic can be cold and dry. Although not as severe as my experiences up in Chicago try telling that to my hands after mixing mortar! Your product works great! Keep up the good work! 

Mary A.


This is wonderful product. It helps my hands from getting too chapped and cracked. I am constantly washing my hands and they get pretty bad. Your product really helps! Thanks! 



My husband works as an electrician in a carbon factory. In the winter his hands become dry, cracked and stay black where the carbon gets into them. He had tried every hand and body cream on the market and had to use a half of a bottle to see any results. I found your product on Sunday and by Wednesday of that week his hands looked 100% better just using the product 3 times a day. My son even uses it due to his knuckles being sore from playing outside and helping on the farm. I would recommend this to anyone. It is great. 

Paula G.


I just want to tell you I love your product; someone recommended it to me and it really works. I have tried everything!!! So far this is the only product that works. I have been telling everyone about it and they are all so surprised how great it works. I have mailman friends, hairdressers and I am a seamstress. I just wanted to let you know because most of the time all people hear are the negative comments... 

John G.


This the best hand cream I have every found. I have try so many hand creams and they didn`t work. I am always in and out of a hardware store right up the street from were I live. I noticed this O`Keeffe`s Working Hands. I asked Chris, the owner of the hardware store that I have know for over 40 years, about this hand cream. And Chris said it really works and has not found anything better. So I bought some and tried it. Within one week my hands have cleared up. Just to let you know that my hands looked like what is on the cover of the ad on your pad. I am so glad to find something that works so well. I have also passed this on to some friends that have the some problems. Thanks for a great hand cream. 




Craig K.


Im a bench jeweler and work with my hands all day. I constantly have burns from a torch and laser welder. I work with many chemicals and acids. Polishing jewelry on a high speed buffer pounds rouge into my fingers. They crack and split constantly. My wife even made me get a manicure before wedding pics of my hands. As you can see by the pic I submitted I already use your product. It is the best I have found and helps my hands tremendously. Thank you Working Hands. 

John W.


I am seventy nine years old. For nearly all of those years my hands have cracked and became raw in the winter months. I was introduced to O'Keeffe's Working Hands last October by a friend. It is now the end of February and for the first time in my life I have gone through the cold weather without any problem with my hands. I have been using a small amount of O'Keeffe's twice a day and it has done wonders. Thank you O'Keeffe's 

Josh J.


Before Working Hands, I gritted my teeth every time my hands rubbed together or I picked up a piece of paper. This drove me crazy. I would use lotion, after washing my hands they would go back to bone dry. Thanks to Working Hands I can live again and not worrying about meeting women and shaking their hands! I love it and would recommend this product to anyone that really works their hands off. Thank you Working Hands!!!!!!!! 

Paul K.


I tried every hand cream and I mean everything. I have been using WORKING HANDS for 9 years and still use it faithfully every night and haven't had a split finger or cracked hands since I started using it. I can't tell you how many people I have got to try WORKING HANDS. I have bought many and gave it to people I know that now use it. I even got my local hardware store to sell it and they always sell out of it. All I CAN SAY IT IS THE BEST!!!! NOTHING CAN BEAT IT 

John H.


Every year I suffered with dry cracked hands. I tried everything, you name it I tried it. It would be so bad sometimes that I would wrap my fingers with white medical tape to keep them from bleeding. This past November 2011 I walked into my local home improvement store and noticed your lotion. I looked at the before and after photos and decided to give it a try. I hated using the other lotion. Your stuff is the best. This is the first year in a long time that my hands did not crack and dry out. I love your product. I got another container just in case the store ran out. Thank you so much….John H. 



I am 68 years old and have lived most of my life with dry, cracked, split, and sometimes bleeding hands. I purchased Working Hands three days ago and the results are nothing short of a miracle. I now have the hands of a fifteen year old. If you need someone to sing the praises of your product, I'm your man. Thanks for a wonderful product. 

Dave K.


I went for years of dry, splitting hands working with oils and chemicals. I used every possible lotion out there and even packed my hands with vasoline with socks on at bed time. My son found your product at a hardware store and gave me it to try. I can't believe the results. In three days my hands were baby soft, even my wife lets me touch her again lol. I gave some to some friends at work and they loved it. I picked up three containers for them again great stuff, thanks. 

Anne B.


I have been a teacher for 34 years. My fingers have always been terribly dry which I attribute to using chalk. They would crack and bleed which was terribly painful. Paint and soil would stain them. I picked up your cream and I can't believe the difference. My fingers are no longer cracked and look clean. When I use paints at work, it washes off right away. I am starting to recommend your product to other teachers. I am extremely happy with your product. 

Bernie T.


I have been working on building our grandchildren a playhouse out of used pallets. I work on the building during the winter so I don't have to contend with the heat, bugs or other summer yard work. Needless to say my hands really take a beating in the cold. That was until I received a container of your O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream as a birthday gift. Since then I have not had any problems with dry, cracked bleeding hands or fingers. Within a couple of days my hands were perfect and I can actually work all day in the cold without gloves and not suffer from cracked hands. I apply it on my hands every night after I shower and by morning they are soft and smooth. Thank's for a great, practical product for the working man and women. 

Luis G.


As a nurse, I wash my hands constantly and submit them to alcohol, latex, silicone, and various fluids (some of which are too gross to mention). My hands crack and peel and if it wasn't for your product, I would end up as one of my own patients. Thank you for making something that works fast and yet is gentle enough to use daily. 

Alesia C.


Dear O'Keeffe's, I just wanted to say "Thanks". I just found your product this winter and am glad I did. Every winter my hands get cracks, and every winter a new product is tried and seems to up the one from the past year, but now it is all over......it is O'Keeffe's and the search is done. Kudos to you! 

Roxanne F.


Working Hands is a dream come true!! I have had to deal with dry cracked fingers for all of my adult life. Within 2 days of using this product my cracks were gone and have not returned. I am doing my best to get the word out about how wonderful O'Keeffe's Working Hands is. I have tried many lotions, creams and remedies. Working Hands by far is the greatest, I can not say enough wonderful things about this product. Thank You So Much!! 

Christine T.


This is story is about my wonderful boyfriend, Billy. He is by far one of the hardest working people I have ever met. His "paid" job as an Aircraft Mechanic for Curtis Wright keeps him busy enough, but when he isn't there, he is helping me on our farm. He is a devoted person: to his job, family, and country. Your Working Hands product keeps his hands as soft as his heart. Thanks for making such a wonderful product and keeping it here in the USA! 

Jennifer C.


After the birth of my daughter three years ago my feet started cracking and bleeding. It was horrible. I had been a runner prior but the pain was too much to get back to running. It was embarrassing, I was always hiding my feet. I tried EVERYTHING! I literally wore socks all the time and tons of band aids to give some relief to the cracks in my feet. I ran across your product in a running magazine. I ordered and thought to myself, well if it works, great, if it doesn't, I won't be surprised. This product is a miracle! You have no idea how it has changed my life, I am running again! YAY! I'm not embarrassed anymore. I could just hug your neck!!! Thank you so very much for changing my life! I will recommend this product over and over! I am a loyal customer ;-) Thank ... more 

Joan J.


I had been searching for something - anything that would keep my dry hands moist but to no avail! After three years of trying almost everything on the market, my husband saw your product at a Hardware store and decided to buy it for me. I was skeptical but decided to try it; after all, what did I have to lose? To my utter amazement, Working Hands actually worked!!! I can't believe that I finally have a product that will soften my dry hands and keep them soft all day!! My search is over for the perfect hand cream. Thank you so much for making this product! I am now an O'Keeffe's Working Hands cheerleader! When I saw your product recently at the home center, I told the sales associate my story and encouraged her to let all her customers know that Working Hands is the best hand cream ... more 

Robert D.


Hi, I'm 59 yrs old, and it's taken me almost that long to finally find a hand cream that works. No more painful splits and cracks. Found your product at a home center. Returned a week later and purchased another jar. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Nancy S.


I work at a nursing home making beds and passing water and linens plus numerous other things. My fingers have always cracked in the winter and summer both. Band aids were my best friends until my boss, Judy, gave me your product, Working Hands. It worked so wonderfully I started spreading the word. The CNAs at work have hands as bad as mine because they always are washing them. I just told anyone and everyone to go to the hardware store downtown and get some O'Keeffe's Working Hands. They sold out in a few days. I see they have a lot more there now. If it hadn't have been for my boss and O'Keeffe's I'd still be wearing band aids so, thank you very much. Oh yes, Healthy Feet works well for both hands and feet. 

Jay K.


This cream is amazing. Living in the cold dry winters of Canada you need to keep your skin moisturized or it cracks and dries. I have tried many many creams and had a personal favourite until now. Now I am switching to O'Keeffe's Working Hands. This stuff is simply the best. It turned my skin around in a few short days better than any other cream. It is non greasy and has a nice feel to it. I like that it also is 100% unscented. I am a customer for life! Thanks O'Keeffe's! 



Thank you so much for Working Hands. I cannot say enough about what a GREAT product this is. I now keep some at home, work and am now buying it for my friends. Everyone that I have bought it for comes back within 3 days to tell me thanks. I even tell strangers with band aids on their fingers. A GREAT name for a GREAT product! 

Judi K.


I am so glad to see that this company is located right here in the good ole United States of America. That is the first reason why I bought the product. The second reason is because I have cracked fingers in the winter time and nothing seems to help. This does. So, I am writing about two things....Product made right here in the USA and product that actually WORKS...Thank you O'Keeffe's. 

Jean J.


Since I found your hand cream, my hands no longer split and bleed in the winter! First time ever! This is just wonderful stuff. I use it every night after my shower and in the mornings, too. Not greasy or sticky, doesn't smell, and my hands are soft and smooth. To heck with the expensive stuff at department stores and drug stores. I get mine at a hardware store. It's the best! Thanks. 

Chuck C.


Finally, finally, finally! A hand cream that actually works. Ten plus years of split fingertips and trying all my wife's hand lotions that didn't work and after the first O'Keeffe's application I felt near instant results. I had given up on my hands and resorted to just treating the inevitable splits and cracks with band aids and neosporin. No more splits and cracks after just 4 days. Thank you O'Keeffe's! Yeahhhhhh!!! 

J.D. R


I am typing this rave review WITH FINGERS THAT DO NOT HURT!!! I was actually a little stunned at the dramatic improvement to my skin that O’Keeffe’s Working Hands produced in only three days. As a teacher of Band and Art classes, I wash my hands many, many times each day, and use chalk, solvents, sterilizing solution, etc. Every autumn would be the harbinger of declining skin quality, and by mid November I would have an average of four severe splits in my fingertips, along with numerous almost microscopic cuts. In addition to using at least thirty types of lotions, salves and soaks in the last two decades, I also spent a ridiculous amount of time using various products to trim and file the hardened skin away and to “tape” and “glue” the splits together, only to have the “solu ... more 

Cindy H.


My whole life I have had cracked and dry feet from going barefoot all the time. I started using Healthy Feet a month ago and cannot believe how great my feet look and feel. Thank you so much for a great product !!! I will highly recommend it to all my friends and family !! 

Barry P.


I have come to the fact that fron November thru April my hands will be dry, sore and my knuckles will bleed from my hands being so dry. I was at a home center (not a common store for me) when the cashier asked if I have ever tried "Working Hands". I said no and was ready to finish the checkout when she said try it and if it doesn't work return it. I have tried every other lotion out there and they were all a waste of money, I purchased it and have been using it for 4 days, unbelievable!!! Works great; my hands have not been like this for years. I just had to let you know how well your product works. Thanks!!! Barry 

Amanda P.


I have used this now for a few years & I tell EVERYONE about it when the topic of cracked hands comes up - as it does often in MN. I love this product. It is the only thing that works on my hands AND feet! 

Patti V.


I just wanted to tell you that I tried your hand cream and it's the best I've used. I especially like that it is not greasy feeling. I've been recommending it to lots of people. I live in Buffalo and winter does a job on drying out your hands. I'm glad I was in the home center with my husband and decided to give it a try! 

Thomas S.


I would like to say that in this day and age it is so REFRESHING TO FIND A PRODUCT THAT ACTUAlLY DOES WHAT IT CLAIMS TO DO . . . you have a great product . . . I have [probably] the worst cracked hands in the world - your product worked [just about] overnight with such an improvement that it was[ just short of] a miracle . . . thank-you, Thomas 

Julie J.


Your Working Hands product is AMAZING!! I have tried so many products to find something to help my severely dry hands but nothing ever helped. Until I found Working Hands! I can't believe the difference. I work in health care so I am continually washing my hands and even after multiple washes my hands still feel more moisturized than they ever have. I can't believe I have finally found relief for my poor hands! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! 

Gale C.


My 78 year old mother suffered with cracked and split fingers in the winter. NOT ANYMORE. She even uses it on her very dry calves and can't believe how smooth they are. This product is a miracle. It is not greasy at all. Thank you. 

Sandra R.


Love your product! I have always had cracked hands during the winter months so when I saw your product and asked the salesclerk, she said it worked for her electrician husband and she also used it with great results. Well, for the reasonable price, what the heck I will try it...nothing else works! Walla, it really does work! By using it after being in water and especially gardening in the dirt, it is unbelievable. I use it before bed when my hands start to feel dry and not feel smooth and silky which is the result of using O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I also started using it on my dry and callused feet at night, and I have had the same results. Can you make a product like this for the lips when they get chapped? P.S. Can't send a picture, because my hands are beautiful now. 

Teresa S.


I was at my wits end. My fingers and thumb on my right hand were cracked and throbbing. I was wearing finger protectors just to keep from hitting my fingers on things. I saw an ad in a magazine at the doctor's office for Working Hands. I told my husband "it can't hurt to try it". So I ordered 2 jars of Working Hands and 1 Healthy Feet. When it came in, I tore into the packaging and put some on. I was blown away. Instantly I got relief from the throbbing and dryness. Thank you so much. 

Cindy L.


For many years I have tried all the products like Bag Balm, Cornhuskers , Berts Bees, I've even purchased socks that are supposed to retain moisture . One day my husband and I were shopping and let me tell you ( he has been through all the products with me ) we always go into this one store that has products that most do not have in our little town. When on the counter I saw O'KEEFFE'S Healthy Feet I told my husband that I might as well give it a shot. And let me tell you...within a week I had major results. I even told my friends about it that know I have suffered with bleeding, cracked feet for over 23 yrs and for me being 39 that seems like forever since I could be proud of my feet. I just want to say THANK YOU O'KEEFFE'S for a job well done. 

Rebecca S.


I just had to write and tell you Working Hands and Healthy Feet rock. I can't even begin to tell you how wonderful your product is. Love it! I tell all my friends about how well it works without the greasy feeling you get from other products. Thanks so very much! 

Shannon E.


Just wanted to tell you guys that I LOVE YOUR PRODUCT! My hands are very dry and cracked since I had a newborn. This product is now my ONLY product. I'm so lucky to have found this. Thank you Thank you Thank you. 

Ron M.


On January 6th I was in a local store at the check-out counter and I saw a small (about 8" X 11") poster sitting on the counter advertising your O'Keeffe's 'Working Hands'. The picture of the hands in the ad looked like O'Keeffe's used my hands as the 'before' photo, cracked and split hands. I seem to run into this problem each winter. So I bought one of your 3.4 ounce containers and the rest is history. The next day I saw the O'Keeffe's ad in Reader's Digest, the same as the poster in Reader's Digest. By January 10th the cracks and splits in my hands were gone. Thank you O'Keeffe's... I am a senior and have used a lot of products over the years. Most advertised to do this or that (fix your TV, make your car run better, make you lose weight, whatever they promise), but in my opinion, n ... more 



While I may work in commercial real estate to help pay the bills I am also an avid gardener, artist sculptor, DIYer, handyman, keeper of 11 hens, one dog and four cats and Burner. My wife and I live on over an acre of property in Claremont and together we have moved three structures and I have done quite a bit of the work getting them habitable. We have, from scratch, started an orchard that now has 22 trees with 27 varieties of fruit (some self grafted) and a good sized garden cultivated in soil best described as a former rock pile. The mountain of rocks recovered from the garden and other home projects have been used to create earthworks art visible from satellite photos. I work my hands to death every day working in the yard, working on my art and specifically what I call “playin ... more 

Louise W.


I have been in the medical world 40 years and have tried SO many products and my son that is in the construction business, told me about your wonderful product. It wins the contest. I wash my hands a hundred times a day and use alcohol pads to clean off the equipment so my poor hands and fingers are cracked and like sandpaper..not anymore since finding your product. People have noticed that my hands are silky just by looking at them. Thank you. Again thanks for your wonderful product. 

Pat S.


This is the first winter in my memory that my fingers have not split and cracked. I had one start to split and I used your cream and it stopped the split and the pain! This is the best cream I have ever used and I tell everyone how great it is. I intend to buy some for my family so they can see how great it is. And by the way this is the first time I have ever commented on a product. Please don't ever stop making this stuff. 

D S.


Finally, I found something that actually works! Your product is AWESOME. Over the years I have tried so many products to help me with cracked painful heels and my left elbow. I tried it for the first time a week ago and the difference is astounding! I can't thank you enough! I seriously thought I would never find something that actually works for my problem. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! 

Scott R.


I work with cardboard and that dries out your hands. I would get cracks down to the bone of my finger joints. I read about O'Keeffe's in Handyman Club of America's magazine and the reviews were all good. I found some and bought it. within just a few days my hands were no longer sore and dry. I can handle those micro fiber wash clothes without them sticking to my rough dry hands. Works great on dry feet as well. 

Darlene C.


Working Hands is the best for your hands made rough and cracking from gardening. Can't live without it. Recommend to all my friends and family. 

Miguel C


As an Arborist I work outside all the time. My hands were rough, dry and chapped. My youngest daughter said I have cracks bigger than the Santa Ana fault in my skin. After using O'Keeffe's my hands are smoother than a baby's behind. 

Kay S.


My husband has alot of trouble with dry hands and feet especially in the winter they crack and hurt a lot. This has been the best thing we have been able to find that helps. We recommend it to all we can to purchase it. 

Debora M.


I have suffered with cracking fingers for at least 20 years. Nothing worked so about 2 years ago I started super gluing my cracks. I would have at least 8 fingers that I had to glue each night. Even when I slept they would crack until now, your Working Hands are a true miracle for me! I've been using it for around 6 days now and I feel like I have new hands ( normal ones )! Thank you so much for your product, please don't ever change it. 

Teresa H.


Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE YOUR product for hands. I have used it for about 2 months. I have brand new hands. I work as an elementary school Head Custodian. I have to wash my hands alot. I wash before and after the bathroom. After all kinds of work that entails my hands, especially after clean ups. It worked so well for me that a co-worker was jealous of my soft hands. So for Christmas I got her a container of it. Her hands have improved in only 3 weeks. I found another person that uses it and he is our district printer. He told me that working with all that paper and chemicals have done a number on his hands too. So in all, we will be saving our money from buying Super Glue to mend the cracks in our fingers and use your Working Hands instead. Thanks!!! 

Cecelia L.



Belinda M.


My husbands hands were so rough for years. He's in maintenance and his hobby is working on small engines. He seldom wears gloves. If I wanted him to scratch my back all he had to do was run his hands over my back. His hands were that rough. I saw your product in the store a couple of years ago and I bought it for him to use. Now, I have to find a backscratcher to scratch my back. That's alright by me, because I LOVE his soft hands!! 

Carole G.


This is the best product I have ever used for my cracked fingers in winter. I have suffered for years. Nothing else comes close to how this works. If you need a spokeswoman, I am it! Thank you. 

Stacie B.


I bought your product 2 days ago and after a few uses I can already feel the difference! WOW! I am a cook at a middle school and my hands are constantly in water. The cold, dry weather adds to the irritation. At the end of the day my hands ache, my palms and fingers are cracking, and my hands feel like sandpaper. I am self-conscious when I shake someone's hand. I can't believe how soft my hand feel already! The dryness is going away and NO PAINFUL CRACKS! I will recommend your product to anyone who fights dry hands! I hate greasy lotions and would feel like I needed to wash my hands before I touched anything. I can apply Working Hands and go right about my daily routine without feeling as if I have a residue I need to wash off! I LOVE IT!!!! Thank you for placing your ad in a magazine! I l ... more 

Edie H.


Just wanted to let you know I am amazed by your Working Hands product. I have had cracks and splitting on my fingers for about 2 years. I have bought ~ $100 in bandaids and creams for my fingers. I just happened to be at the hardware store in Emory, Tx and saw your product. I thought to myself.... "what have I got to lose?" So I bought it a week ago last Thursday, and have been using it 2-3 X a day. The cracks and splits are gone. My hands are in better shape now than they have been in 2 years! Just wanted to thank you and let you know it really does work!!! 

Vinnie F.


Would like to tell you how much I absolutely love the foot cream. I was in my local home store one day and I decided to try the product. It was only $6.99 and I was able to use a 20% coupon... so, I thought to myself, just one more product to try on my very dry and cracked feet. Within days, I saw and felt instant smoothness and not one visible crack. I use it every single day before I put on socks, it goes into the skin immediately. What a fabulous product. Thanks for making something so beneficial. 

P. E.


I have always had a major problem with my fingertips cracking and bleeding once winter sets in....bandaids on my fingers every night when I go to bed. Up until this winter I have never found anything that would help. I saw your product in a store recently and decided to try it, even though I thought it was a bit expensive. I have been using it for about 6 weeks now and have not had a single crack in my fingers; they are very soft and show no signs of being dried out. I consider this a miracle product and am so happy I gave it a try. Since then, I have bought 3 more containers to give to people I know who have similar problems with their hands. I hope they are as satisfied as I am with your cream. 



I am an avid gardener and, to my delight, have been selected to be on our neighbourhood garden tour. Spring is on its way and I had been dreading what inevitably happens to my hands.My fingertips crack badly and my hands that look like they belong to Frankenstein. Gloves don't help much. I bought some O'Keeffe's recently and could not believe what it did for my hands. Within five days the change was amazing-they became soft, looked younger (I swear!) and the cuticles weren't catching on everything. I have one elbow that had a dry spot upon which I'd unsucessfully tried numerous products. Put on some O'Keeffe's and Poof!, gone. I told my best friend about this stuff I'd bought and what it had done.She is a senior flight attendant flying back and forth to Europe and is dying to try som ... more 

Jerry A.


Hi I'm Jerry; I install carpet by trade, I work 7 days a week and I always have sore hands by the end of the day. My hands are my paycheck and I have to keep them ready for the next job. Thanks to your great product I'm ready for the next day! 

Doug M.


70 years old and can't remember a winter without the chill blaines and suffering from bleeding fingertips until now. A farm kid from Minnesota, I know what cold and hard work is. I don't know who suffered more, me with my bloody hands, or the cows with bloody teats. If I continue to have this success, you can charge me anything for the product as long as I can get it! 

Jacqualine G.


I just wish I could hug whoever produced this cream! My husband suffers from terribly dry skin, no matter what season it is. His feet are so cracked and dry that not only do they bleed, but they wake me up by scraping my legs! Over the years I've probably tried every lotion and cream available in any local store. NOTHING worked. This winter I could not take the constant scratches on my legs anymore and turned to the internet for some new solutions. I found your Healthy Feet cream online and boy am I so relieved I decided to order it! Now I can snuggle up to my hubby and actually enjoy it :-) 

Laurie P.


This is the only product I use for my dry, cracked hands that are in so much pain. I don't know what I would do without it. 

Forrest V.


I moved from Fresno, California just before Christmas and my hands have been very dry. People tell me to drink a lot of water with no change. Today I went to a ranch store in Rexburg, ID, so while there I asked a salesman if he had anything for dry hands, he said sure, follow me. He showed me six brands but said all the ranches in the area swear by O'Keeffe's Working Hands; after using it for most of the day it is already working a miracle on my hands. Thank you O'Keeffe's. 

Robin E.


I can't believe how quickly Working Hands worked. My thumb was split wide open and was very sore. I tried everything. I saw your ad in a magazine yesterday & went to the website to see where I could buy it. After using it last night and this morning the skin is closed up and no longer sore, this cream is great! 

Craig J.


Howdy! About 25 years ago I suffered frost bite on one finger from exposure to a fuel pump nozzle at -50F. About 20 years ago I lost several digits on both hands in an accident leaving me with a few stumpy digits. Since these two events I have suffered from extremely dry and cracking skin especially in the winter. I have tried every skin moisturizing product to cross my path. I can not stand any of them... until now. I just tried the O'Keeffe's Working Hands and am pleased to say I will die happy without cracked, chapped, bleeding stumpy fingers! I applied the O'Keeffe's when I finished my shower as the directions suggest. The lotion rubbed in perfectly. There is no sticky or slimy residue. I can not stand artificial fragrances so the fact O'Keeffe's has none scores hug ... more 

Edward D.


I work in a floral shop and also drive the delivery truck. My hands are in water a lot and my fingertips crack and bleed. I have tried just about everything for this problem. I found O'Keeffe's at a local hardware store and decided to give it a try. What a God send. With persistent use I have had great results. It also appeals to the tight wad in me. A very effective product and a little bit goes a long way. Thanks for a great product that works. 

Cindy V.


A lifetime of cracked and split finger troubles (every winter) has been replaced with soft and smooth hands now that I found this wonderful product . I gave your product out as gifts this holiday . I simply adore it ! I am a jewelry artisan and man alive it is keeping me from screaming everytime I use my tools. Thank God , or the pharmacist who created this outstanding formula . No smell , no grease , just results ! YIPPEE! 

Sandy L.


My feet always get really dry and scaly in the winter and my heels are awful. My husband can't stand it and we have been buying different creams and lotions to try and control it for 24 years. We even use our udder cream that we use on our cows. Nothing ever helps. My husband bought me Healthy Feet for Christmas, an afterthought because he saw it on an endcap in the store. I have piles of jars and lotions on my bedstand already for my feet and just threw it up with the rest thinking it wouldn't make any difference so I would just wait til one of the others ran out. Last night I thought I would open it to see what it smelled like and then decided to try it. WOW, There was no smell, and my feet felt smoother instantly. It wasn't in my head, unlike many other times I thought the cream worked, ... more 

George D.


I have tried for years to find a solution to the cracks on the tips of my fingers. Nobody knows how painful they can be until you have them. My wife saw a picture on your website and purchased the Working Hands cream. The cracks are gone...it's amazing!!! I thank you and so does my wife!!!! 

Jean B.


I bought your product for my husband's cracked hands. It works great. I had radiation for breast cancer 2 years ago and have dry sensitive areas that I get no relif from. I tried his Working Hands and in a week my skin was smooth ans soft again. No more itching or rough feeling areas, and it only took a little amount each day after I showered..Thanks so much!!! 

Vanessa W.


I have been a 'working stiff' all of my life (60 now); doing physical work in and out of doors. My wintertime 'bane' are cracked fingers, sometimes 2-3 on each hand. I've had the cracked heels on my feet as well. Recently, I tried a dab of Working Hands, which was on a counter, at a clients' house. I liked it, so I bought my own. I've used it a week now, and my fingers are feeling and looking better. So far, no new cracks. I've tried Bag Balm, Vasoline, too many skin lotions to count. This product appears to do what it's supposed to do. I use it at night, after a shower. It's NOT oily, greasy, just works into my tender fingers. 

Darlene C


I tried this product once and I'm hooked!!! My hands are constantly dry from work and everyday life. I tried everything which only washed off. I was always embarrassed of my hands. Now I'm proud to show them off. Love ,love, love your product. 

Diane F.


After working outside all my life with horses, I've been through every hand cream and lotion you can name. Working Hands is the ONLY product I've found that keeps my fingers from cracking when we get our few days of cold weather, AND keeps my hands soft and smooth for days. I also get painful cracks in my feet on occasion and with your product I no longer have them either. Don't know where you've been, but market this product to the equine world and you won't be able to keep it in stock! 

Peach M


I live in the Midwest, and it gets cold and windy here. I'm outside knocking on doors all day long. I have come home and applied creams every 15 mins for hrs and my hands continually remained cracked to the point I couldn't make a fist without the skin cracking. I am female and to have broken skin and dried out hands made them look awful! I was doing a painting job for a friend and had to go to my local home improvement store where they had an open containter of O'Keeffe's Working Hands with a "try me" sign under it. I did, and within seconds, I could make a fist without the cracking. Within minutes, the skin didn't look dry...next I noticed they weren't greasy or oily. Needless to say I bought one. I am on day 2 and my hands look and feel absolutely wonderful!!!!!!! This product is t ... more 

Tonya W.


I am an Optometric Technician (assistant to an eye doctor) and I use over 100 alcohol prep pads per day to wipe down equipment. I always suffered from very deep cracks in the pads of my thumbs and index fingers from the alcohol drying them out. The pain would sometimes keep me awake at night and my fingertips were so rough that patients would comment on my fingers scratching their faces when I did certain eye tests on them. They were also so rough that putting on makeup scratched my face. Several times per day, I would apply Neosporin to my fingers and bandage them up. It didn't help though. Just four days ago, a coworker gave me a jar of Working Hands. One of her husband's hunting buddies said he uses it, so when she came across it in a store, she thought of me and bought it for me ... more 

Christa D.


My story sounds like all the rest... But seriously....I can't believe this stuff!!! I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING! Including the greasy lotions and creams, worn the cotton gloves at night (leaving greasy stains on my sheets!) I picked up Working Hands on a fluke, just happen to see it while waiting to check out. I thought "why not add to my collection of lotions and potions!" I had nothing to lose except a few bucks and I had paid much more for other products that are now in the back of a cabinet! Talk about a surprise when I actually tried it!! My hands would be cracked and bleeding by now! I wash my hands about 30 times a day at work and it takes a toll on them! I brought Working Hands to Thanksgiving dinner, I HAD to let everyone try it!!! Now everyone wants it too!! They're all g ... more 

Pete J.


Once I retired (3/07) I desired to volunteer with a local high school teacher. A background check was required, including fingerprinting. My fingers were dry and chaffed from years in the Electric Utility Industry. As hard as they tried, they could not get a good set of prints, even after three tries using better and better fingerprint paper and technique. After receiving a recommendation to try O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream I tried it in a hurry. In Just a few days of my first and several subsequent applications my skin was restored to a soft and supple state and Voile'...my fourth try at getting a good set of "prints" was a success. My hands have never felt smoother and more comfortable. Talking with anyone at O'Keeffe's is like talking with family. They are warm, profession ... more 

Sherri H.


I used to work out in my yard, and I was always barefoot. I developed huge and thick caluses on my heels. My heels were so bad that they split and bled. Nothing took away the pain or healed my heels. One day I was in a store and saw the Working Hands cream and I thought, oh why not. I tried the cream on my heels exactly like it said and within about a month's time, maybe less, my feet were as soft as a newborns feet. Now I am never without the cream. I keep it at home, in my purse, and at the office for my hands and elbows. And as for my feet,still as soft as a baby's feet. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. 

Anthony C.


For many years I have tried to find a product that worked on my rough, dry, cracked hands. I am a maintenance engineer by profession and my hands are constantly in grease, dirt, solvents, and many types of oils. My wife saw an add on the internet for your product "O'Keeffe's Working Hands" and decided to purchase it for me, in hopes that it would work and bring some relief to my constant rough cracked hands. I have been using it now for 2 months on a nightly basis before going to bed. After the first week I saw drastic improvements and wanted to keep going! Its now been a full month and you would have never guessed what my hands started out like without seeing pictures of them at the beginning. I am attaching photo's of before and after using your product. I must say it has been a miracle ... more 

Robert H.


I'm always going to be the first one to complain about something when it's warranted. I also will praise something, or someone, when it's warranted as well. My wife, Marilyn, of 14 years has seasonal dry hands. Her finger tips become so dry and cracked that they often bleed. She had resigned herself to the thought that she'd suffer like that every winter, forever. I felt very sorry for her last year and started looking online for some kind of remedy. I found several "lotions" that I bought her that ended up giving her no relief. Then I bought a tub of your product at a hardware store of all places. She LOVES IT! It saves her fingers, and the tub from last year is now gone and she's asked me to pick her up another tub. I will shout to the high hills for your product that it says what it do ... more 

Vincent M.


Hi, my name is Vincent and I just had to drop you a line on how astonished I am with your Working Hands product. I have tried all kinds of different lotions and have never had the results I've had with Working Hands! I can't remember where I saw your ad, but I am so glad I did. I hope you will expand your market so other people can experience a product that actually works as advertised and is made in the good old USA. I'm going to try the Healthy Feet and I'm sure I will be just as astonished. Thank you again. P.S. I'm going to give my brothers some and spread the word about your products. 

Andrea E.


My heels were terribly cracked and painful. It was starting to interfere with working out and even just walking around my house barefoot. I tried quite a number of products before I stumbled upon O'Keeffe's (via a google search). Because there's no smell, I was dubious about it. Let me tell you, a few weeks later and it's nothing short of a miracle! My heels and feet are smooth and soft!! And to be honest, I didn't even apply it every day (I forgot a few times). I'm amazed!! And, I highly recommend this product to ANYONE! Really, really good stuff!!! 

Krystal K.


I have suffered from dry, cracked feet for several years. I tried pedicures, the Ped-egg, and every cream sold to make my feet softer. I was embarrassed to wear sandals because my heels were so full of cracks and dry skin. I purchased Healthy Feet a week ago and have put it on every night before bed and it was a miracle worker! My feet have never looked better or felt softer! This is the best product I have ever used and I want to say thank you!!! I just bought my 2nd jar today and am now a lifelong customer. 

Randy A.


This is the best hand repair creme I have ever found, it actually works. I have tried for years to get rid of my cracked and split fingers and to no avail. After one week of using O'Keeffe's my hands are like new again. I highly recommend this to anyone that has to deal with cracked dry and splitting fingers!!!!! 

Buddy L.


As a mechanic I have always struggled with painful dry hands all throughout the winter season. In my line of work I am around lots of chemicals everyday that totally take the moisture out of your skin. When I first used this product I could feel relief instantly, it wasn't long at all and my hands were good as new. Now I only use this product once or less a week and with a small amount it keeps my hands in great condition. I would recommend this product to anyone who suffers from dry or cracked hands. I once thought that there wasn't a product that could help me but I was wrong, now my hands will never get dry, crack, or bleed again thanks to O'Keeffe's Working Hands! 

Travis P.


A few years back I was vacationing with my family on the central Oregon coast. My then 8-year-old daughter had her hands in tide pools fairly constantly. After just a couple of days, the combination of the salt water and the cold air had dried her skin so much that her hands were raw, dry, cracking and beginning to bleed. The small grocery store in town didn't have any sample sizes of lotions, so I bought a container of Working Hands because it was the only one under 100g, which was small enough for me to get through airport security and take home if it wasn't used up. Under duress, she used it once that day and again before bed. By the next morning the redness was gone and by the end of that day, after a couple more applications, her hands were better than they had been before we bega ... more 

Cierra C.


I have suffered from dry cracked and bleeding hands from the first breath of cold winter until well after the last each season for years. I have tried EVERY lotion and potion you can think of or find at your local stores to help me remedy the same, but to no avail. Then my parents, who are electricians, found this product at our local home improvement store. My hands had already started their yearly bleeding, but after about 3-4 days of using this product at night and after I got out of the shower, presto no more cracked or bleeding hands. I have been still putting the lotion on every night, and they have maintained their nice new summer softness! :) Plus, I can support a product that is Made in the USA! 

Trina C.


I have always suffered from dry/cracked hands. I have bought more lotions than I can count, and none of them worked on my hands. O'Keeffe's is the ONLY lotion that has helped my hands!! I am so thankful that I tried it! It will be the only hand lotion I use from now on. It is the BEST!!!! THANK YOU!!! 

Ben B.


My name is Peter and my father (Ben) has worked his entire life in construction. He doesn't believe in vacations or going to the doctor. He finally began taking care of his hands a few years ago, as they cracked each night after work and during work projects. He tried many, MANY different types of creams and lotions and used some even if they weren't working. One day I was browsing a magazine and came across your ad. I thought to myself I have nothing to lose with your great price and bought the Working Hands for my dad. I couldnt wait for it to come in. Guess what!? It came in, he put it on that night and then the next morning. Then when I saw him later that day, his hands were 100% different! They were actually SOFT!!!! SOFT!!!! I couldn't believe it :) Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much! ... more 

Sarah P.


I've worked in food service for the past few years, and I've now had two jobs where I'm allergic to the wash soap in the three-compartment sink. Between the constant hand-washing, and having to wash my dishes, I go home every night now with cracks in the backs of my hands. My skin feels tight, and it hurts to the touch. Having just moved, I couldn't find my pot of Working Hands and panicked! Lotion did nothing but sting, and petroleum jelly couldn't do it on it's own! I went and bought another pot, and I do a treatment every night, massaging your product and petroleum jelly into my hands for about 20 minutes, then finishing off with another layer of Working Hands before going to bed. I wake up with rejuvenated, and moisturized skin, ready to bare the weather at work again. :) Thank you so ... more 

Nicole R.


I have just started using O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream and I am already seeing results after the first day! My hands get so cracked and dry in winter due to handling money and constantly using hand sanitizer after touching certain products the store I work for sells. I'm not the kind of person that uses lotion a lot, but this is something I will definitely keep around and use often! 

Vikki W.


I have had dry, deeply cracked, bleeding feet for over six years. My feet would hurt me so bad from being cracked and bleeding when I would first stand I had to wobble around. At night when I would try and warm my feet on my husband's legs he would say "Your Razor Sharp feet are cutting me!!" I tried so many different lotions and creme but none worked. I even would go to bed wearing socks with my feet lathered in Vaseline so thick my feet could not breathe. I did this for weeks at a time with very little results. My daughter seen your product in a store she visited and bought it for me. I normally don't believe products that seem to have "AMAZING RESULTS". But I didn't buy it so it was worth a try. I have been using O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet for only three weeks and it is TRULY AMAZING!!!!! ... more 

Mark S.


Have looked for years for a product for dry hands that was NON GREASY, ODORLESS, and actually WORKED for more than 5 min. My search is over. It is impossible to do precision sleight of hand moves when hands are dry. Working Hands keeps my hands soft, hydrated with just the right amount of "tackiness" to facilitate sleight of hand moves, especially with cards. (How's that for a unique endorsement?) 

M. R.


I have been a dry, cracked hands sufferer since my childhood. I tried it for the first time and I can say that is amazing how my hands feel now, great product! 

Kim E


For the past 4 years, my hands would start getting really dry, and then they would crack, bleed, and hurt severely. At first it was only in the winter time, so I figured that it was the cold weather just drying them out and causing them to be chapped, but this past year after winter was gone my hands still bothered me, and continued to bother me all through the summer. So I knew then it wasn't the cold weather. I tried everything I could think of from lotions, to vaseline but nothing would help. The lotion would set my hands on fire and burn really bad. I went to the doctor and he diagnosed me with having excema and prescribed some medicine for it,but it never helped. So this past week I was online looking for home remedies for dry hands to see if I could find something to work and I came ... more 

Kate S.


This is far and away the best hand cream I have ever used. Because of constant hand washing and harsh winter weather, my fingers had become very painful due to splitting, cracking and bleeding skin. I have tried countless creams in the past but found no real relief. When I saw this cream at my local home store I decided to try it. I could not belive the almost immediate improvement I saw and felt in my skin! I love this product and have highly recommended it to family and friends! 

Kay M.


Just purchased a jar of Healthy Feet last week. My feet are soft as a baby's feet. The rubberized lid is a stroke of genius to close the jar with ease. I'll be buying Working Hands on my next trip to the store. Thank you for a great product. 

Linda A.


My husband's fingertips were raw from doing some concrete work. He has tried a number of products but nothing has worked as quickly as O'Keeffe's. He applied O'Keeffe's Working Hands and almost overnight, his hands were much better. He loves this product and asked where I bought it. He wants to send a supply to his brother who also has problems with dry, cracked skin on this hands. 

Pat S.


I am constantly looking for (and buying) products for my dry, cracking fingertips. When I spotted the "Working Hands" in my local Hardware store I grabbed a jar. To my amazement the stuff really worked. Also, I get pedicures every two weeks, and the pedi includes scraping callouses off my feet. I started using the Working Hands on my feet - and stopped having to have my callouses worked on at the salon. I haven't tried the Healthy Feet stuff yet, but I am amazed with the Working Hands, and am sure the Healthy Feet product will be just as exciting. PS - I took 3 jars of the Working Hands to Western New York to give as gifts for my lovely daughter, fabulous-son-in-law, and my dear friend. That's how highly I think of your product! 

Michael H.


Dear O’Keeffe's, Last summer I led a week-long youth work mission camp for the church I serve (I am pastor there). I’ve been doing this for many years, and I usually wear sandals for that week. As a result, my heels usually get extremely dry and cracked and start bleeding, something I have just put up with until this year. This year, as I was working on my feet after the camp was over, my wife looked at me and said, “You know, the feet are usually the first thing they amputate on diabetics.” (I’m type 2.) She got my attention! I had seen an advertisement for your Healthy Feet, and noticed that they sold it in the building supply store we used for the camp, so I bought some, and within a short time, my heels were back to normal. I now use it every day, just to keep my feet as heal ... more 

Mark N.


I have suffered with dry scaly feet for years with what I believe is an inherited condition for me. I was visiting a home store when I stumbled across this wonderful remedy. As with other creams and lotions, these only made my feet feel slimy and greasy. Healthy Feet provides my feet with the soft and supple moisture it has been lacking. Thank you for creating this fantastic product! I now have the feet that I've always wanted. 

Laurel N.


I have had dry, and cracked fingers for 40-50 years. Over the years I have tried to find relief but without success. Then last week I saw your ad in Prevention magazine and saw the picture of hands that looked just like mine. I decided to try your product and just as advertised, it has only been 4 days and the improvement is nothing short of miraculous! I am so glad you had a picture of those sore and painful cracked fingers. I would never had known that this was a product that might work for me too. I have also been using it on my toes and heels. This product works. 

Jane D.


My hands and heels crack open, especially in the winter. I have been using your Healthy Feet for both problems. This stuff works like a charm! Thank you, thank you. 

Cheryl R.


I have never before looked up a company to tell them how awesome or crappy their products are. This is a first and I just had to tell my story. I hate to add up all the money I have spent over the years on moisturizers, foot creams, pedicures, etc for the sole purpose of getting a handle on my rough and terribly cracked heels. They would crack so often and deep that it was painful to walk on at times. I have been using O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet for about 3 weeks now and TRULY have the feet of a baby. I can't even say I have used it every day either. I have no cracks or even a hint that a crack is on it's way. I am so happy that I took yet another leap of faith and this time IT WORKED. I look forward to using your Working Hands product this long dry winter for myself and my kids. Your stuff i ... more 

Merle F.


As a surgical instrument repair tech, I work with metal and polishing compounds daily. The result: very dry and cracked fingers and hands! I found O'Keeffe's at a local hardware store and have had nothing short of miraculous results! I have tried numerous products touting " the best skin lotion" with not so good results. O'Keeffe's works, period. The best thing for us that work with our hands is your product doesn't leave our hands greasy. I rely on my hands for my occupation and your product allows me to sharpen and repair delicate surgical instruments without pain. Thanks for a product that actually does what it says! 

Chris B.


My husband found a container in the parking lot of a home store. OmG it is the best stuff. My hands were in pain and cracked from cleaners and hard work cleaning vacation homes on Mt Hood. I will never use anything else on my hands. Can't wait to try the feet cream. 

Lisa L.


I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer almost two years ago. After my thyroid was removed I began my struggle with dry skin. My hands felt like sandpaper... My knuckles would crack and bleed.... It was very painful. I tried so many different products with no success. After some time I gave up... Then, I saw your product WORKING HANDS and decided to give it a try. I expected your product to be the same as all the others but I was quite surprised to see a huge difference in just four days! My hands no longer feel like sandpaper. They look healthy and smooth. I am looking forward to a winter with no cracked and bleeding knuckles. Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product! I will recommend both products to everyone I know. Thank you! 

Lisa S.


For many years I have suffered from cracked fingertips from early fall until late spring. Nothing helped. I saw your ad in a magazine and decided to try it as I continued to find something that worked. Throughout fall of 2010 to spring 2011 I used your Working Hands cream every night, and, to my astonishment, it WORKED!! I am extremely satisfied with your product and will gladly tell everyone I know about your fabulous cream! THANKS SO MUCH!! 

Steve M.


I have used every product, at every price point that I could find and NOTHING has provided the results that "Working Hands" has. I work in the retail food business and my hands take a real beating on a daily basis. After one week of applying the product on my hands at bedtime, my hands are crack free and soft. The odorless feature is a real plus too...I am not a "scented" kind of a guy! Thanks for making a great product that really works! 

Suanne A.


I tried your Working Hands strictly by chance a few years ago, shopping in our local home improvement store. In my job I am in and out of all types of weather: snow, rain, bitter cold, extreme heat, not to mention all the cleaning supplies and bleach we use. My hands take a beating. I picked up Working Hands because I had tried everything else. I was amazed at how they just felt so soft and soothed after just a few days. it eased the tight dry feeling right away. I love Working Hands, it makes my hands feel like hands again! Thank you. 

Suzanne A.


I've suffered from extraordinarily dry heels & feet. Despite utilizing every remedy known to man, my feet were a mess! I actually resorted to using super glue to seal up the cracks on my heels, with limited success. I decided that this was simply a byproduct of growing older and had resigned myself to having ugly, painful feet. By happenstance, I read a magazine article talking about the effectiveness of O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet. I ordered some, and was amazed at how well it works! I am now the Pied Piper for your product, giving a container to all of my friends who suffer from cracked, dry heels. For the first time since I was a teenager, I have attractive feet that I am not afraid to display in public. 

Amelia H.


It's a miracle! My hands, especially my knuckles, would crack and bleed from doing dishes and I use a "green" dishwashing liquid which is not made from petroleum products. When I got tired of rubber gloves I tried O'Keeffe's. I have discarded the gloves and have not had a crack or split since. I can't thank you enough for placing an ad in Prevention magazine, which I just happened to read at my hairdressers. 

Bill B.


I'm 55 years old and since I was a small child I've had cracks on the corners of my thumbs that were unsightly and painful. I've tried all sorts of stuff over the years with no real results. I was in a hardware store in Germantown, TN recently and saw your product and thought I'd give it a try. It's been over a month and ZERO cracks! My hands cracked throughout the year, not just in cold weather and I'll bet I've NEVER gone two weeks with no cracks until I purchased Working Hands! Without a doubt it is the very best stuff I've ever used and I've used just about everything. I use your product exactly as directed on the jar and my hands are in great shape; my wife commented a few nights ago that my hands were so soft! People that don't have this problem can't appreciate how great it is to be ... more 

Renee P


You have got to be kidding!! This is the best product! Forget the vaseline and socks. When you put on this foot cream and it doesn't require a lot, it feels as though you aren't really putting it on because it's not greasy at all. Do you have rough heels and haven't tried O'Keeffe's? You're missing out! It's the best thing since bread & butter! 

Debbie G.


Like most people I have tried so many hand lotions and nothing seems to work. They will be soft for 10 minutes then back to dry cracked looking hands. I absolutely LOVE this hand cream, its non greasy and goes right into your skin leaving them feel like silk... I am definitely trying the foot cream. I will never be without this hand cream EVER !!! Thank you for such a wonderful product. 

Alicia R.


I love this product! In just 5 days my feet have gone from cracked, peeling, and painful to smooth and beautiful! I have tried every product out there that I've seen and nothing has worked. I can't believe how fast this product takes effect! I truly believe this product has saved my feet! I can't wait to tell my mother-in-law about the Working Hands product, I know she will love it. Thank you for this fabulous product!! I can wear my sandals proudly now.:) 

Tanya W.


What a great product you have in O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet! I have used a variety of foot care products in the past to alleviate my terribly dry and cracked heels. However, nothing seemed to work. As a last resort, I finally opted to try your product. I couldn't have been more pleased. My feet have never felt so smooth!! Thank you for a job well done! I will definitely recommend your product to others. 

Robin G.


I have been SO pleased with your products. For many years I have suffered from painful cracks in both my hands and feet, as well as ugly, thick callouses and rough cuticles. As a sign language interpreter, my hands are always on display and they were an embarrassment. Nothing has worked until now. Working Hands and Healthy Feet have done what manicures, pedicures, pumice stones, and numerous lotions have failed to do - given me smooth, intact skin on my hands and feet! Your products are incredible, and I've told everyone I know about them! Thank you! 

Jennifer W.


The Healthy Feet cream is AWESOME!! I noticed a difference after just using this product for a month. I will never buy anything else for my feet. Thanks again for making such a great product that really works!! 

Carmen S.


I just wanted to say that I adore your Working Hands cream. It's the only thing that has ever worked on my cracked, bleeding hands in the winter. And now to my great amazement I've used it to eliminate years of horrible callous build-up on my feet. Thank you for making this amazing stuff!!! 

Sarina G.


I bought the Working Hands product in a ranch store hoping that something could help my boyfriend's horribly dry, cracked hands. I know he's used countless numbers of different kinds of lotions so he was a little of a pessimist about it. He followed the directions on the container and when he woke up the next day he couldn't believe how well it worked! Now he can't live without it, whenever he runs out he immediately gets more. Awesome product, it deserves an award! 

Ruben F.


I am writing to compliment your product, I know how people wont hesitate to e-mail when they are displeased with a product but rarely take the time to email nice things. I was extremely happy and surprised with your Working Hands product after spending hundreds of dollars trying to find a product to help me with my cracking knuckles in the winter. I came across your product in my gardening magazine went to the home store and purchased it.  What a relief to my hands. Thank you for making a product that lives up to the advertisement.  

Kyle P.


I avoided buying this product for awhile. I figured it was like all other products that I have used. WOW, I was wrong. I'm a deck hand on a fishing charter boat. In the Gulf everyday of the summer. My hands get so dried from being in the salt water all day long. Any how, long story- short. This stuff works. After appying it I instantly felt the improvement! Also, a product that when you apply it, you can snap your fingers, unlike lotions, etc., ....but overall it took a few days to feel a normal like feeling in the skin. I can pay with dollar bills now at the counter, instead of large bills because of the problem of dried hard hands prior to this hand cream. Thank you, ......just wished I knew how to say O'Keeffe's (LOL) 

Colin B.


O'Keeffe's is the best product for dry, cracked skin. EVER. It works great and I would like to thank you all for making it. THANK YOU! 

Suzanne M.


I was in line at my home improvement store and the lady checking out my order said, "This is the BEST product on the market for hand cream, try it and if you don't like it bring it back and I'll buy it off you!" That was in November at the start of the winter weather. Well, I used it on my hands and feet all winter and NEVER had one cracked heel, a first for me, I have a farm and am outside all the time no matter what the weather. Never had to pay for a pedicure all winter long, and come springtime my feet were "sandal ready" with zero work on them! :) I have told so many women about your product, I wish I had little sample packets to hand out to them! I went in for surgery in March and the nurses and doctors were all complaining about how miserable their hands were washing them ... more 

Dottie M.


I make purses from Denim Jeans and my hands and fingers get very rough and dry from the handling of the material. I have used every kind of cream and found no results. Then I used the Working Hands and found it works so well in keeping my hands so soft and smooth. I also use it on my feet and elbows every night. I would not use anything else and tell all my friends about it.. Thanks for the best cream on the market. Sincerely Dottie 

Joyce S.


Unbelievable! Finally, something that works. I'm even using it on my face. 

Kathy N.


Living in AZ and wearing sandals throughout the year, my heels have a tendency to be very dry unless they are cared for daily. I have tried many different products but have never gotten the results I have now that I am using HEALTHY FEET. Great Product. 

Marybeth W.


I owned a hair salon in Neillsville, WI for 15 years. Its dairy country. As a hairstylist, with my hands always in water,my hands would be soo dry, that they would crack & bleed. The cold weather didnt help any!  My feet were always so dry  they hurt! I bought Working Hands at a local farm & fleet store 25 miles from home. The results were awsome!! I told everybody I knew. Soon my customers wanted some, so I would drive the 25 miles one way to get it for people.  Now I live in Maryland, and I was freakng out not knowing where to get it!  Thank god I found it!  I cant live without it!  Luv u Working Hands. you saved my feet & hands!!!!! 

Joe S.


I recently was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Over the past 5 years I noticed that my hands were so dry, they would crack at the finger tips and in the center of my palms. I was in terrible pain all the time and went through so many hundreds of products and dollars. When I tell you NOTHING worked NOTHING did!!! I was at my the end of my rope with the whole thing. My feet also started to have the same issue even getting infected. I went into our local drug store to get my diabetic medications when I saw the Working Hands product on the counter. I don't even know what made me buy it! I figured the container looked cool and maybe I would get lucky! Well it helped me the first time I used it! I couldn't believe that for the first time in I can't tell you when, My hands felt less swollen and t ... more 

Jan T.


I have been looking for an answer to my dry skin and living in a desert area where we all wear sandals and open shoes, I wasn't helping things. On a vacation to GA, I picked up an attractive jar of Healthy Feet thinking it couldn't be much different that anything else I have tried. WOW! I saw results the next morning and never missed using it from then on. Take a chance and find out what I did....IT WORKS! 

John D.


I have been battling dry, cracked, split and sometimes bleeding hands for several years. I have tried numerous creams, lotions and ointments but nothing seemed to work for me. My wife saw a jar of Working Hands while in a store and bought it for me to try. Within just a few days of using the product my hands were in perfect condition. My hands haven't looked this good in years, I only wish I found this sooner. Unlike most other products I tried, Working Hands didn't leave my hands greasy or oily. I will recommend this product to anyone who works with their hands. 

Carol E.


Healthy Feet is totally awesome! I have horrible feet that were cracked and getting worse, being a diabetic I must take care of my feet. Now that I have this product I can do just that. I have told all my friends at work and they all want to try this so I am going to share with them so they can see how awesome this product is. I will definitely get the Working Hands for my husband. Thank you so much!!! 

Kristen S.


I hate all lotions due to their greasy feeling. I would just suffer through the cracked dry hands. But I am a Registered Nurse and it is not best practice to have cracked, bleeding hands. My husband saw your product, reasonably priced, at the hardware store and bought one jar. I have since began using it everyday on my entire body. And my skin looks and feels so shiny and soft. I am so happy to have healthy, shiny legs like you see in magazines. Thank you for making an amazing product that has been so helpful to me daily! Kristen S., RN 

Peter C.


I've been in a wheelchair for the last 5 years since a motorcycle accident and my hands get rough so quickly from the tires. I've tried numerous hand creams at various prices too but this is the only one that really works!! 

Ray M.


I am a high window washer in Altantic City. Washing windows is very tough on hands. I found your product at the local tool store. Works like magic! I've never seen anything like it. My hands were baby soft in no time. If I can't find it locally I will order it direct. Free shipping! What's not to like about that? 

Suzi K.


I have been a bench jeweler since 1985. I haven't had pretty hands or nails since. The holiday season is always hardest on my hands not only because of it being the busiest time of the year for me, but because of the harsh weather. We have our hands in strong cleaning solutions all during work time. A friend of my Mother's told me about your hand product and I bought a jar. I am amazed at how my hands look & feel. I would never have thought my nails would be so healthy again until I retired! 

Sarah K.


I am a college student who works with and rides horses year round. A family member bought me this jar of Working Hands, and I immediately realized that this is unlike any other lotion I have ever used. Other lotions work temporarily (only a couple of hours for me) and this lasted all day. I was amazed, there was no greasy feeling, no odor, just amazing results! I have never found a product that has worked like your product... absolutely amazing! I have told everyone at my barn about O'Keeffe's Working Hands, and now receive compliments on how my hands look! Thank you for an AMAZING product that WORKS! 

Wayne P.


I am amazed how well the products works. Both my wife and I are using the Working Hands and Healthy Feet. Both do exactly as they say they will, now I am feeling much better with my hands and feet. I have also given the Working Hands to my older sister and she loves it too! Thanks so much. Happy, Wayne and Chris 

Bob H.


I tried your hand cream a couple months ago and found it to be the best product I have tried to relieve my dry, cracked hands. My feet also get very dry and rough, after just a few times wearing a pair of socks my heels will put holes in them. I bought a jar of your Healthy Feet cream and in just a few days the difference was amazing. These are by far the best products I have used. Thank you 

Susan W.


Just finished my first jar of Healthy Feet and I love your product. Thirty years of marriage and it's the first time my husband has told me "your feet are so soft". 

Michele P.


I have had dry, cracked, ugly heels for as long as I can remember. I have literally tried EVERYTHING on them and never had any success. But no more thanks to the magic of O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet! I absolutely LOVE your product and I am so excited about my soft, amazing, crack free feet that I can't stop telling people about them and showing them off! Thank you for an amazing product that I gladly endorse!! 

Andrew G.


I work at a zoo, and because of that I end up with my hands on rakes and shovels all day in the sun, with very dry weather in the mountains. Then on top of that my hands have to reach in bleach water to rinse off dishes for the animals, so to say the least my hands had real bad cracks, and they felt horrible. So I found O'Keeffe's at the local hardware store and all the guys there said it worked great and they loved it, so I thought I would give it a try.... BEST idea ever this stuff works amazing my hands are so much better. THANKS O'KEEFFE'S 

Judith C.


I moved from California to Arizona over 12 years ago and I had no idea how my hands and feet would suffer. I have tried every creme and lotion I could find, but it was all a huge waste of money until my son bought your cream about 2 weeks ago. This stuff is amazing and it works, it really does.  All I can say is Thank you so much. Judith C. 

Kevin R.


I work for a public water department. My job is to install and repair water mains and services. I work outside every day of the week, all year long. In extreme temperatures, hot and cold, my hands get chapped, cracked, and dried out. I have tried all kinds of hand creams and moisturizers. None of them work! My mother-in- law told me to try O'Keeffe's Working Hands Cream, it really works. She told me she uses it on her feet? That kind of scared me but I gave it a shot. Within a couple of days I started noticing my hands feeling and looking better. I couldn't believe it!!!!!! I am very happy I found this product. Kudos to the makers of this magical hand cream. You've got a lifelong customer in me. Thanks Kevin R. 

Mookie L.


For years I have been reading testimonials about products, and I told myself if I ever use a product that does exactly what it says it will do, I'll write a review myself. So here it is. This product lives up to its claims. I am a skeptic -- I kept my receipt since there is a 100% guarantee. After a week, I threw out my receipt, and bought another jar to send to my mother. 

Candice J.


We found out about this stuff from a friend. Both my husband and I have had cracked and bleeding dry feet,and he has parched and sore hands because of the work he does.We also live in Nevada (it's like the sahara desert here). I have spent thousands of dollars for feet creams and such over the years.This is the only product that really WORKS!!!What I would like is to buy it by the case,because as long as we have to live in Nevada,we will be using loads of this.By far the only stuff out there for hands and feet that REALLY work!!! 



Like lots of others, I suffered for years from the painful splits on my fingertips during the winter months. As a mechanic, I probably wash my hands 20 to 30 times a day which aggravates the problem even more. I saw your product in my local supply store and decided to try it. After so many other failures I didn't have much hope, but what an amazing product! 

Steve B.


I purchased a home December 8th 2010. The first project I did was to tear out 1200 sq feet of carpet. My hands had cuts on all my finger tips. Combine that with the cold dry Wisconsin winter, and the cuts did not heal. Even last week, at the end of March I still had difficulty typing, wearing bandaids on my finger tips. A person I work with saw your ad and showed it to me about 6 weeks ago., Seriously, I thought that was a picture of my hand. I had same exact cracks, same finger and thumb. But I did not take the effort to get your product. Finally on April 1, a Friday, I had enough and went to get some. I got the jar. I wish I had taken a before and after picture. I mean it.  Monday morning and the cracks are as good as gone. Still visible but absolutly no pain, no open wounds. 3 DAYS ... more 

Mindy T.


My story is simple. I am a hand cream fanatic. I've tried just about every hand cream on the market, and I'm used to having to apply it several times a day to relieve my chronically dry hands. I found O'Keeffe's by accident. I followed the directions and applied it at night before bed. I cannot believe the difference O'Keeffe's has made to my hands in such a short period of time. And I only need 1 application a day. I will never use another hand cream again. Thank you O'Keeffe's! 

Paul O.


When I first saw your ad, I wondered how you got a picture of MY hands,they looked EXACTLY the same. I am amazed at how quickly it started working and how long it lasts. I'm a customer for LIFE. Thank You so much for a GREAT product that works. 

Evan G.


This a great product!  I have had hand problems for 30 years, and I found your ad in a Woodworking mag, and HOME HARDWARE IN CANADA stocks it! THANKS MANY TIMES OVER! 

Joan H.


I've been using Working Hands for about a month now, and I'm truly amazed at the continued improvement in the condition of my hands. Recently, I began to apply it to my elbows at night, and guess what . . . it does wonders there, too! So many thanks!!! 

Nanette A.


My friend Donna and I have been looking for a solution for dry, cracked, splitting hands for quite some time. Every shopping expedition would include a visit to the cosmetics aisle where we would pore over ingredient lists and eventually settle on hand cream that was bound to be our solution. NEVER did we succeed on this mission! Not until I saw the advertisement for O'Keeffe's Working Hands in a magazine. I went online and found a store that carried it, and the next day we went to make our purchase. This product was our dream come true! We have both been using it for several weeks now, and every time we see each other we compare hands. They're beautiful!! Thank you, thank you for such a wonderful product! And we love it even more for being made in the great USA! 

Lucio T.


Came across your ad in the Field & Stream magazine a couple weeks ago and looked into your website. I found your product at a home store and have been using it every night since. I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but after using for the first week I must admit I'm impressed! 

Linda S.


Wow!  During the winter, when your hands get so dry that the finger nail areas crack open and get really sore, it is truly miserable. I use hand lotions all the time, but one day just came across O'Keeffe's Working Hands and thought "I am going to give this a try". It truly works as advertised. I use it on my hands, feet and even my lips, which stay dry. It works wonders. I will defintely keep this product on hand @ all times. 



Well, here it comes...Another testimony of how great your product is.  I have used everything that you can imagine - I even bought cotton gloves and put moisturizer on my hands at night being desperate for some relief.  My husband saw your ad in a magazine.  He made a special trip to buy your product.  It worked so great!   I was impressed that it was not greasy and it was odorless.   I now want to buy your product and bless our local postal post office lady because she had a band aid on her finger.  She was suffering with the same complaint.  Thank god for your product!  

Margaret J.


I have tried so many foot cream products that I have lost count. A friend gave me Healthy Feet to try. My heels were dry and cracked. My feet were so bad that they snagged every pair of socks and pantyhose that I wore. I applied Healthy Feet at night and within two nights I saw a marked difference. I love the results so much that I ran out and bought Working Hands. Once again I love the results. I am telling everyone I know and urging them to give this product a try. You will not be disappointed. 

Sharon W.


Great Stuff! I have only been using it for a little over a week! My hands are so soft, my feet look great. I use it in the evening just before bed on hands and feet. I have not used any other lotion don't need to. I will say it again Great Stuff! Thanks 

Christian T.


I have tried everything for my hands, cracks, & splits on the ends of my fingers. I starting using the O'Keeffe's Working Hands, and in a few days I could see a big difference. This cream works great. My hands look 5 years younger. I just ordered a can of Healthy Feet for my wife.  She has rough & cracked feet. 

Barbara C.


I can't say enough about how great your products are. O'Keeffe's Working Hands cleared my husband's hands up in 3 days and by using it all the time his working hands stay moist. I purchased the Healthy Feet for myself and could see and feel a difference in one application. I have told everyone and their brother about these products. I am on line now to order an Illinois friend of mine both products. Best of all it's made in the good old USA. 

Lee B.


My husband was given a jar of Working Hands cream to try for his dry, cracked hands. He gave it a try as he has never found anything that really helped his hands. After several nights of using the cream he commented to me, "This stuff is really helping my hands--I can tell the difference." So, you have another customer, as I have just ordered the 3-pack special. We will definitely be telling others about your products. Thanks! 

Tracey R.


WOW! I love your products. I have tried so many creams for my painful cracked feet and NOTHING has ever worked before! I found your product by chance at a building supply store check out line and thought, "Oh, what is one more cream?" Little did I know it would be the last cream I would ever need to try. It truly is amazing, and I will be a customer for life. I was so embarrassed by my dry cracked heels that I put off going to the foot doctor. Not anymore. I love this stuff! 

Lisa P.


For the past twenty years, I have tried EVERY hand lotion, creme and oil on the market; price did not matter. My hands crack at the first sign of cold. I picked up O'Keeffe's as an impulse purchase at the home improvement store...OMG this product is a miracle! I LOVE it and have not stopped taking about it. I haven't needed a manicure in over 2 weeks. My hands are smooth and my cuticles are under control for the first time in my life! THANK YOU! 

Carolyn W.


I have had trouble with cracks and dry skin on my feet for several years. I have tried everything. Most so called "cures" don't work, and they leave your feet with a greasy feeling. We went to North Myrtle Beach on vacation, and guess what, my feet cracked open on the 2nd day. My husband wanted to go to the store to look at tools. I was looking around, and I saw the O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet. I read it, and thought I would try it. I was amazed. The next day my feet weren't hurting. The day after that, I couldn't believe how much better they were. That was 10 days ago, and my feet look and feel better than ever before. I told my sister about it and showed her my feet. Her husband, son and daughter are having the same problem as I was. She went home, looked up your web site and ... more 

Myra S.


I am an HR Manager/Safety Coordinator. I have some employees that have issues with their fingers peeling even with gloves. Your product made a wonderful improvement. It is wonderful, and I recommend it to everyone I know! 

Vergil E.


I have tried Udder Cream, Corn Huskers, and aloe creams, among others. You name it, I have tried it! Nothing seemed to work until O'Keeffe's. This is great stuff! I tell everyone that it's the best. My hands use to sound like 60 grit sandpaper, and now it is more like 180 grit. My hands feel alive once again. THANK YOU! 

Dale A.


I bought your product, for Healthy Feet, in an Ace Hardware store in Salado, TX. Just thought that I would give it a try because as soon as the weather starts to cool, my feet and hands start to crack and bleed. I have not had much success with other name brands on the market to date. I have been using yours nightly for the past 2 weeks with beautiful results. I must say that I am very impressed. I am on your web site to find a local distributor for your products. I will give your hand preparation to my daughter who is a nurse. Thanks! 

Barbara L.


I've had a problem with the skin on my fingertips splitting during cold weather. Now that I live in New Hampshire, that means just about every month except July! I drink about a gallon (no kidding!) of water a day and put hand cream on every time I wash my hands, but none of that helps. Unfortunately, I'm on the computer much of the day, so I'm always using my fingertips. Each night, I have to put antibiotic and a band-aid on my fingertips just to get through the night without the pain of them splitting waking me up. Some nights I have 10 band-aids on! My husband saw your ad and decided to get some Working Hands, as he has the same problem. Well, I never would have believed it, but it worked literally overnight!!! We've been using it for about two weeks, and NO SPLITS!!! We can't ... more 

Stephen R.


My son is a home builder who has been using O'Keeffe's Working Hands for a long time. He heard that I have rough and dried hands, as I am a certified dental technician who uses my hands 9 to 11 hours a day. He bought me O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream, and I have been using it every day. I just started on my third jar. Thanks to you folks! It is a wonderful product for my everyday beat up hands. 

Susan S.


This is the only product that I have found that has no smell and is not greasy. It has done an amazing job on my hands, legs and arms! I tried Healthy Feet and Working Hands. They are amazing. I would recommend this product to everyone I know! 

Debbie S.


It looks like I showed up late to this party! I must be the last one to discover your product. I was making a flower purchase at the local garden center, when I saw O'Keeffe's by the check out. Three words caught my attention- non-greasy and unconditional guarantee. I too, like all the others, have tried every product on the market for severely dry and cracked skin. This product works wonders! It is amazing! Whatever walk of life causes your skin to dry and crack, O'Keeffe's is the answer. This is one guarantee you will never need to cash in on! 

Justin D.


I used to always have extremely dry and bleeding knuckles. I tried several different lotions (even the expensive ones). None of them seemed to work. One day, my mom, who works at a local hardware store, told me to try this new lotion they had just got in, O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I did and all the cracking and dried skin went away within a few days, and I have been using it everyday. O'Keeffe's Working Hands is the BEST lotion out there! 

Richard Y.


I am a mechanic and, come winter time when I frequently wash my hands,they become painfully sore and cracked. Your product is awesome. I have tried everything and nothing works like O'Keeffe's. If you ever offer coupons on your products, sign me up. A very satisfied customer. 

Brian O.


Call the Vatican. It's a miracle! I tried everything from band aids to super gluing my cracked fingertips. Nothing worked and every winter the cracks came earlier and lasted late. Your product has changed my life for the better. 

Toni C.


OMG! What a fantastic product. After just three days my hands are soft. I've told so many people at work about it, and I am picking up five jars for them. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product that really works! 

Lynn D.


Thank you. I have been saying for years that, to fix my problem, you needed to get to the bottom of the skin, not just on top. I just happened on to your product, two weeks ago and already I see significant improvement. I just sent this link to my sister in NY who was visiting when I found your product. Thank you again! 

Jeanne R.


I am a registered nurse in an operating room and am constantly washing my hands with harsh soaps. I tried your creams last winter with fantastic results. With cold weather again approaching, complaints from my coworkers about dry and cracked skin began. I shared my O'Keeffe's with them and all were amazed! I am placing a large order for all of us! We love your product! 

Zack K.


My hands were terrible. They were cracking and bleeding all of the time. I bought a jar of Working Hands two days ago, and I'm already finding relief. My hands feel so much better! Thanks O'Keeffe's! 

Douglas D.


I spend a lot of time outdoors, and my hands get a beating because I can't stand to wear gloves. Working Hands is the first hand cream that has really worked the best for me. I do a lot of bow hunting for deer and scent is a issue, so I have forgone hand cream of any kind while hunting, which of course makes my hands worse. That is until I tried Working Hands! There is no odor! In fact, it is more odorless than the so-called "odorless" hand creams made especially made for hunters. The handy tub makes it easy to carry with me while hunting for those cold, windy days that really mess up your hands. Never be without it now! 

Terry B.


My husband's hands are cracked and painful every year. The cold and weather bother him, and he works outside. They are horrible from when fall starts. I have tried all kinds of creams. I saw this on the check out at the Home Center and picked it up. He said "that stuff seems to be working," which is high praise from him. 

Jill K.


I have been a dental assistant for over 20 years, and over the past several years, I have had issues with my skin as far as cracking, chapped, redness, and irritation. A patient recommended Working Hands and WOW, after 2 uses I have noticed a huge difference in the way my hands feel and look. I have tried so many products and have finally found relief with Working Hands. I am amazed with the way the product has helped, thanks so much. 

Rosemary R.


I have diabetes, and my hands have cracked and bled for years. I would spend months with band aids on as many as 3 fingers at a time. I tried all types of creams. Then I found Working Hands cream at my local home improvement store. I didn't believe it would work but decided to try it anyway. In about three days, my hands were so soft I couldn't believe it. They haven't been this soft since I was a child. I will never be without this cream! 



I'm a working mother. I worked as a packing operator, and I pack hot wall-plates. I've been on this job for 3 yrs, and it's been really rough on my hands. I've tried lotions and creams, but nothing has worked. My hands are so rough they're like sandpaper, and my fingers split and bleed. It hurts, and I said to my husband, "The only way that my hands will be normal again is to quit this job," but I can't afford to so... One day I thought to myself, "I need to look online to see if there's something different than lotions and creams," and there I found O'Keeffe's Working Hands. Those pictures of the hands in there are exactly like mine, so I looked to see if any store carried it, and found that my local home improvement store was! I bought and tried it, but I didn't really have faith in it ... more 

Sue B.


I have lived in the Northwest for 11 years. Every winter, my cuticles and fingers crack and split, and I would go to bed at night with Neosporin or LOTS of lotion and bandages around my fingers. Nothing worked. Two weeks ago I saw your product in a local hardware store and decided to give it a try. I felt a difference in just one day and now 2 weeks later my fingers and hands are smooth. I now have my husband using it, and I have recommended this to my friends. THANK YOU!!! 

Sandra F.


I am so pleased to find your WORKING HANDS in my local home improvement store. I've been your advertisement ever since. My hands crack open and bleed as soon as the weather turns cold. I've never found a hand cream that works. Now I have. Bless you. My husband bought 2 more containers today. 



I used to have such dry feet that they would crack, split and bleed! After one week of using your Healthy Feet product, I honestly have feet again that look and feel like my six-year-old's! No kidding! I have bought this product for all of my friends and family. You have a client for life! Thank you for making a product that actually works! 

Walter M.


Every winter, my fingers tips will split, and it becomes painful to button a shirt. After playing golf, anything that is healing will be open again. My wife found a small jar at our local hardware store and bought it. I used it for 2 days and my hands are now in great shape. I will be buying more for myself, my daughter and my brother as they go through the same problem. Thank you for this wonderful product. 

D. C.


As far back as I can remember, I have had rough dry hands, often with horribly split and painful fingertips & cuticles from working with my hands all day. I love to garden, but I hate gloves, so spring & summer my hands would hurt so badly I wanted to cry. A few years ago, after trying every product I could find, even rubbing my hands with moisturizers and sleeping with rubber gloves on, I found O'Keeffe's Working Hands. It has truly been a god send! A little goes a long way, and I use it every day. Since it keeps my hands so soft and moisturized, I also use it exclusively as my facial moisturizer! 

Vicky N.


I have tried everything possible to get my dry cracked hands to feel relief. I have very sensitive skin and usually wear gloves but not always. I saw an ad for O'Keeffe's Working Hands in a Martha Stewart magazine.... bought it and used for only a few days......my hands feel great!! Can't wait to introduce it to my friends and family. Thank you O'Keeffe's!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Jack M.


I am 67 years old , and I have worked in grease, dirt and wood since I was in my teens. I have used several bottles of super glue to mend my cracked, sore and bleeding fingers. I have been using Working Hands for only 2 weeks, and my hands look like the belong to someone else. It REALLY works! Thank you. 

David B.


This time of year my hands & feet dry out. I saw ads in HANDYMAN Magazine about your product and thought I would try it. I'm glad I did! This stuff is amazing! I use O'Keeffe's Working Hands every night now. THANK YOU O'KEEFFE'S. 

Sandra R.


I am a 60 year old who has VERY VERY dry hands and feet in the winter time. I run a restaurant and have my hands in lots of water. I have tried EVERYTHING, and nothing has ever worked. Until NOW! This is the best hand cream I have ever used! My hands are 100% better in just 5 days of use. Like lots of other brands, I sure hope you never do away with this. It is WONDERFUL. Thank you so much. 

Brian K.


Ive tried everything out there. This is by far the best hand cream Ive ever used! Would love to see you develop a lip balm and and even sun screens... Still searching for those products, and you seem to know what we need. Thanks! Very satisfied! 

Jake P.


Short & Simple...3 years ago I had cracked and bloody hands from fall to spring. I sampled and bought my first jar of Working Hands. I used it once in the morning and once before bed. I have had crack-free skin since! Well worth it! 



During the winter months, my hands become really dry. They get so dry that they start to crack and bleed. I have tried many different products all of which did not work. That is until this year when I finally decided to use your product. In just over a week, my hands were back to normal super soft and smooth. I could not believe it this stuff really works great. Thanks I just wish I had a before and after picture to send. 

Brian B.


I'm a Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic in the Chicago area. Between my exposure at work to our harsh winter conditions, and the frequent hand washings of being a paramedic, my hands have never stood a chance. Painful cracked and bleeding fingertips were my norm, even after regular use of other lotions. I had to resort to super gluing the painful cracks closed...lotsa fun. Your Working Hands cream turned things around within days, as promised. No grease, no perfumey stink. I'm looking forward to trying your other products. Thanks! 

Bruce A.


Your O'Keeffe's hand and foot creams are amazing and work as you claimed! (Really!!) 

Cameron M.


My finger tips have always split and cracked really badly during the winter time from the cold weather and me doing a lot of outdoor activities. I actually work in a hardware store, and we started selling this product. Everyone who bought it said it was a great product, so I tried some and have been using it ever since! 

Pamela B.


My hands would crack and bleed and the skin would crack under the nail. I literally have tried everything when I found your ad in the back of a magazine. I truthfully never thought this would work but I ordered anyway. I have been using it for almost a week and it does work. I just placed my second order. I am a believer. Thanks for making something that does work. 

Sherry R.


I think your product is a God-send!!!!!! My hands and feet are dry as sandpaper--and I've tried just about any and all hand creams--even Bag Balm. Nothing works like Working Hands! My husband and I were in a local Home Improvement Store, and he said "Hey, there's that stuff I saw advertised on my woodworking show (on PBS)...let's get some and see if it helps." I applied some to my hands and feet at bedtime and noticed a considerable improvement the next morning--just from one use!!! My hands haven't cracked and bled once since I started using your product, so thank you O'Keeffe's, and know this...Eucerin, Gold Bond, Neutrogena, Bath and Body Works--those guys don't hold a candle to your product. 

Patricia H.


I purchased a tub at my local Home Center after seeing your ad in one of my women's magazines. Like all the other testimonials and reviews here at your site, I thought "why not," I have tried every other product under the sun for most of my 63 years. I bought this tub on New Years Day (three days ago) and already see a great amount of improvement. This will indeed be a better new year for me. Thank you, thank you, thank you for a product that so far is so living up to its claim. 

Debi M.


I saw your ad in a magazine and was intrigued. I went on your website to locate the product. The first place I went to told me they were sold out, the next place had only two left so I purchased them. I am an executive assistant and use my hands constantly; I dread winter due to my cracked and bleeding hands. Working Hands is the first product to clear up my hands. They feel wonderful! I am not longer dreading the cold winter months. Thanks for the great product. 

Michelle V.


My husband, Bob, has been working outside all of his life. When we met, he was an Auto Mechanic and in the last several years, he has worked for the State Department of Transportation maintaining our roadways. His working hands have always been a mess...dry, cracked, and split. He could never find anything to help. He just suffered through the pain and embarrassment of having his hands show just how hard he really works each day. I saw an ad for O'Keeffe's, and I sent for it to put in his stocking this Christmas. He started using is the day after the holiday and within a few weeks his hands are like new...soft, no cracks, no pain. We've never seen anything like it. Thank you O'Keeffe's! You have new customers for life! 

Daniel T.


I have worked outside for thirty years, and every November through May, my hands crack and bleed. They have been terribly painful all winter for most of my adult life. I have tried every product on the market and never found anything that gave me even temporary relief. I bought your product in November of 2010 when I saw it at Farm and Fleet. I use it a few times daily: once before work and once or twice after. My hands have never felt so good. They do not hurt at all, and they are soft and smooth. I cannot tell you the last time they felt this good. Thank-you for my first of many pain free winters. 

Linda B.


While reading Good Housekeeping, I noticed your ad for Working Hands. Especially in the winter, my fingers crack and hurt. I've tried other products, but not one has worked as well as O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I even put it on my rough heels and calluses. What a difference on my hands and feet! Unbelieveable! I told my sister and friend to try this as well---I will continue to spread the word. Thanks so much for a great product. 



I just ordered three jars of Working Hands. Why? Because it works! Each winter, I suffer from dry, cracking skin on my fingers, especially my thumbs. It's hard to describe how much it hurts! I've tried all kinds of lotions, and nothing works like your product. I discovered it just a few months ago and haven't suffered at all this winter --- the worst time of year for dry, cracking skin. 

Joseph L.


I am involved in all stages of construction. The debris from the gypsum board, insulation and concrete makes the knuckle area of my hands feel like sandpaper. Since using your product, my hands are visibly smoother and feel much better. I would like to thank you for making such a wonderful product. 

BryAnne T.


We bought O'Keeffe's Working Hands and have been using it at night before bed. It is the only cream that we have tried that actually works! The winters in the Midwest are tough on your hands and this is a skin saver! Thanks so much!! :) 

Kathleen C.


My husband is a nurse, I work in a nursing home, and our daughter is studying physical therapy. Therefore, we all wash our hands repeatedly during the course of the day. In years past, we have all had split thumbs...and my husband has experienced splits in all of his fingertips. I saw an ad for Working Hands in a magazine and decided to try it. What a lifesaver. No more bandaged fingertips in our house! 

Sandi S.


I have never been so impressed with a product in my life! After a friend of mine lamented about her extremely dry winter hands, showing me her sad cut knuckles, I was flipping through a GH magazine the next morning and saw the ad for Working Hands and shared with her. Well, I too have mild winter dryness but my husband's hands as well qualify as 'armadillo' grade. :) We all tried your product and can't stop singing its' praises! It's unbelievable how non-greasy the formula is. Hands feel truly hydrated and healthy and most of all, comfortable! What I love most is that O'Keeffe's is not overpriced and keeps user benefits ahead of profits for the majority of it's users that truly need the benefits of such a wonderful product - the hard working lower and middle class Americans of this co ... more 

Elaine J.


A friend turned me on to your Working Hands. It is amazing! For years, I have tried all kinds of lotions and potions. Your product is the best EVER! Thanks for a great product! 

Cora D.


Thanks! I found you product in a True Value store here in my town. Have used it for 3 days and can see a difference in my winter hands. Very great product. 

Janet S.


This is the best stuff I have ever used. I have tried many things over the years, and nothing has worked near as well. I work in a warehouse with boxes all day, and they zap the moisture out of my hands. I use this 2x a day and have had no trouble with cracks since. Thanks so much. 

Joe M.


I was at the local hardware store here at Lake Gaston, NC, and I asked the Sales person (Summer) at the check out about your product. She said it really worked so I bought "Working Hands." My wife and I both use it and like it a lot. It is not greasy and works great. We are both in our sixties. I did not know about "Healthy Feet" until I opened your web site, I'll look for it to try. Thanks! -Joe & Jo 

Michelle K.


I tried this for the first time this week and immediately went out and bought 2 jars. I am a rural mail carrier, and my hands are in and out of extreme heat and cold...all four seasons. Your product has kept my hands from feeling and looking like dried up prunes! I love the non-greasy feeling. ...They are not white and cracked anymore. And only after just a few days of use! Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Debra S.


I work as a nurse and have tried many creams for my cracked thumbs. I bought your product two days ago at my local home improvement store, and I can't believe the difference. I am very impressed with your product. I hope you will make your product in a travel size so I can carry it in my purse.Many thanks for making a great product that actually works. 

Lindsay N.


I just started using O'Keeffe's Working Hands over the Holidays. There used to only be one hand lotion that I would use because my skin is very sensitive. My Mom heard about this lotion and bought a bunch for all of our family! The lotion is great - it is fabulous on sensitive skin and really does the trick. It even keeps your hands feeling great for days!! 

Glenn L.


I am retired from the phone company, after working outdoors, in all kinds of weather. My hands and fingers have always cracked and bled. Over the years, I have tried everything, all to no avail. Two weeks ago, my wife found your product, and I thought, "here we go again." After using your product for two days, all I could say was, where has this stuff been. My hands are soft and crack free for the first time. I am telling my fellow retirees and anyone else I know. I would like to send you before and after pictures, but it worked so fast that there is no before. Thank you for your product. 

Bob H.


I've suffered with dry cracked hands all my life, and I've tried most every remedy anyone has brought to my attention. My hands get so cracked and sore, even the simplest thing like getting my billfold out of my pocket or tying my shoes was extremely painful. I happened to see your ad in a magazine of my wife's, went to your website, and found one of our local farm supply stores handled your product. I went and bought a jar and tried it that night at bed-time. By morning my hands were already feeling better, it has been a week now and the improvement is amazing. Now I need to get a jar of your foot moisturizer as my feet get extremely dry and cracked also. Thank you for a truly great product. 

Judy D.


I have to tell you that my husband and I think your cream is a miracle worker. Living in New Hampshire, we have plenty of cold weather and our hands suffer. We have tried every cream out there and nothing even comes close to yours. I plan to tell everyone I know about your cream. Nothing can top yours. We can't thank you enough. Thank you, thank you, thank you! 

Bill C.


I am 75 years young. I was born in PA and raised in NJ, and moved to Nevada in 1972. I started playing golf when I was about 50. Because the air is so dry here, every time I played, my skin would crack very badly around my fingernails to the point of bleeding. Even putting my hands in warm water would hurt badly. I tried every type of lotion on the market without success. In my younger years, I did quite a lot of bowling with the same results, cracked fingers. A friend of mine told me to use Krazy Glue, and that worked very good except my fingers got hard where I applied the glue. Last week, I was looking through Readers Digest and came across your ad. I said, "Suuuure it's going to work, I have tried it all and nothing works." But the next day after playing golf and my fingers bleeding ... more 

Richard K.


For all of my lifetime, I have tried to find a remedy for dry, cracked fingers in the winter time (80 years old). Eventually, the only remedy was band aids. I ran across an ad for your product while waiting for an oil change at the local garage. Tore out the ad, and made my order via e-mail. Just a brief note to say thanks. In less than a week, your product solved this annual, lifetime misery. It works! 

Ted K.


After 49 yrs. of age, I finally found a product that I will endorse and tell all those that need to hear it. Thank you!!! You have a fantastic product. 

Marcia M.


This is the only hand cream that seems to work for cracked finger tips as well as for cracked heels. Nothing else, no matter what amount of money I have spent, does a better job and actually works. 

Frances C.


I want to thank you a million times for this wonderful cream. My husband is in construction -steel buildings- and works in all kinds of weather. Of course in the winter months, his hands are rough, cracked and bleeding and very sore. I just happened to see your ad in a magazine. Sent you folks an email to see if there was a store in our area where I could buy and try this cream. I went directly to the store to purchase this can of cream. To our pleasant surprise, it really works. I like it because it isn't greasy and has no fragrance to it. I can't handle many creams that my husband has tried since the smell drives me wild. Let me tell you we've tried the best of the creams out there. Your cream is the best and I have been telling everyone we know about it. Our friends have indeed ... more 

Maureen S.


I recently found an ad in a magazine for your product and decided to give it a try as my husband and I both suffer during the winter with splits and cracks............wow, finally a product that actually works. We have tried so many creams and lotions over the years, all of which have been a waste of money. In less than a week, we both have seen an amazing difference in our hands. The splits and cracks are already on the mend. Actually, today we stopped by the hardware store just to stock up on a few more containers. Thanks for producing an amazing product! 

Merilee B.


I have just recently learned about your product, and it is the best cream I have ever used. It's an excellent product, and I have used all of them. I was told by a friend about O'Keeffe's, and I was doubtful at first. Now it's the only lotion I will ever use again!! If you need a someone to market for you in Reno, NV, let me know. Thank you! 

Nicole O.


My husband and I bought an older home with lots of wallpaper. To make a long story short, my hands are in hot soapy water all day. My hands get very dried out and are very painful. My husband found your Working Hands at the local home improvement store and bought it for me. I am a woman, so I have bought hundreds of creams/lotions for years and honestly thought, now I have another one to use once and trash. But Working Hands actually works. I just love love this product. One funny thing though, when I put it on my hands, my cat goes crazy and wants to lick them...lol. Thank you for such a wonderful product. 

Howard G.


For the past ten years or more, I have struggled with fingers that cracked during the winter months. I tried everything from antibiotic ointment and band-aids to nail glue in an attempt to close the cracks. The nail glue was at the suggestion of a manicurist, but unfortunately, nothing worked, and I had to struggle through until the weather became warmer. Recently, my wife saw an ad for you product, Working Hands, and although I was skeptical, I bought a jar. Within a short amount of time, after using a small amount on my hands and especially on my finger tips, both at bedtime and after bathing, not only has the cracking diminished . . . THE CRACKS ARE GONE! I am deeply grateful for your product. Although my wife does not suffer from dry hands, she was so impressed with my results, th ... more 

Vicki V.


We ordered Working Hands for our sons and son-in-law for stocking stuffers. Our son started delivering for Fedex last summer, and I thought this would be a good thing to have as I have trouble with cracks and I work indoors. When he came for Christmas he had band aids all over his fingers from cracks! He uses the cream and it has worked wonders. In 3 days his fingers were so much better. He uses it morning & night! 

Gary N.


I found your product for hands in a little drug store in Baton Rouge, LA about ten years ago. We cut wood from August until hunting season in November. Both my hands and feet crack badly since my exposure to Agent Orange and jungle "rot" in Vietnam from 1968-1975. Your product is a lifesaver. I've only found three products in America which actually work, and yours is one of them. We process our own game as well and the acidic blood really does a number on your hands. I'd stand on a stump and pitch this stuff to anyone who hunts or works with their hands. 

Heather K.


My husband is a firefighter/EMT, probably washing his hands 30 times or more per shift. In the winter especially, his knuckles and fingers crack and bleed. I had been trying to coax him into seeing a dermatologist, with no success. I saw the ad for Working Hands in Good Housekeeping and bought it the very next day. My husband has only been using Working Hands for 3 days, but the difference has been amazing, even after the first use! Thank you so much for creating a product that actually delivers what it promises. We've both been telling our co-workers about this fabulous product, and we will definitely be getting more to keep at his fire station. He actually keeps showing me how soft, smooth and pain-free his hands are now! 

Nichole D.


My husband and I have found our holy grail of hand and foot creams. Wow! This stuff is amazing!!! In the winter, our skin around our fingernails splits and is very painful. We were putting Neosporin on Bandaids and wrapping our fingers a couple times a week. Regular "healing" lotions weren't working. They just left our hands feeling greasy and smelly. We both hate the smell and feel of lotion. We love O'Keeffe's and have bought 4 jars of it. Please make a body lotion. If the tops of my hands are this smooth, I bet my arms and legs would feel equally fantastic. And please make larger jars. Fan for life! 

James L.


A friend gave me some of the Working Hands stuff because my hands crack and dry up in the winter when it's cold. I started using it, and it works really well. I'm amazed at how good it works. I use it every night or two, and my hands haven't been cracked at all this year! THANKS FOR A GOOD PRODUCT!!! 

Norma T.


I have had cracked and bleeding on my fingers for years. I have worked as a bank teller, and I am now working as a cashier in a grocery store. I have used many other products available, but NOTHING compares to Working Hands. I absolutely love it. Within two days, I could see and feel the difference on my fingers. I have told so many people about it. I now have to buy the product for my feet. Thank you so much for this product 

Jean K.


I found your product by accident when I was shopping in a home improvement store and thought I would just give it a try. Every winter I have a problem with the skin splitting on my thumbs, which can be very painful. To my surprise, your product was just the ticket I needed. Because of the success that I have found, I have recommended this to others, one a truck driver, and another a beautician. Thank you. 

Kim G.


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I have been searching for the perfect hand cream for years, and I have now found it. I have always had problems with my hands splitting and bleeding and nothing has ever worked. I am now a mother of 5 week old twins and wash my hands constantly. All the lotions I put on are too greasy, so I end up washing my hands again. They felt like sandpaper and were cracking. I just bought the cream at a store yesterday and already see huge results. Amazing. The packaging was the seller for me. I love that you put the rubber rim on the top, making it the only hand cream that is easy to close when you have cream on! And then to find out it's local, was even better. I'm going back to buy more. I need one in every room, purse, diaper bag and car. I am anxious to try the o ... more 

John U.


I bowl 2 nights a week, and every year in the winter, the thumb on my right hand will split open and give me such pain when I am bowling. This winter I started using "O'Keeffe's Working Hands". It is February, and my thumb has been fine. Your product is amazing. My wife is a hair dresser, and her hands are in water all the time. She also has dry chapped hands in the winter. NOT ANY MORE! She also loves "Working Hands". 

Barb T.


After twelve years and raising three children, I finally found a product that protects my hands. My husband found the O'Keeffe's Working Hands at a shop in Rhinelander WI. Thank God!!! 

Bob B.


I wanted to say "Thanks" for having such a great product. I have lived between North Dakota and Minnesota over the last 30 years. Year after year, I have lived with cracked, bleeding hands and "winter skin" all over my lower legs and elbows. After trying product after product to solve this problem, I found your ad in a DIY magazine. I put off picking some up because I thought it was just another product with the same old rhetoric! But, I finally caved and bought some as a last resort. Much to my amazement, I finally found something that worked! Not only do I love your product, but my wife loves it too! Thanks again for a great product. If you ever decide to stop making it, please e-mail me so I can order a lifetime supply! 

Tony M.


For 10 years or more, I've had dry cracked hands and fingers from the first cold weather until it's summer again. I've tried every kind of hand lotion that I could find. I've asked doctors what to use for dry cracked hands. My girlfriend saw the ad for Working Hands, and I brought a jar. After 4 weeks, I love it. It works great. I can't believe it works so great. Took some to my brother, and he said it work great also and he brought more. Thank you 

Craig S.


I haved tried everything under the sun for my dry and cracked hands. This stuff is amazing! 

Rick J.


I am an environmental scientist with 38 years of field work sampling water, soil and air in all types of conditions. In the winter, my fingers crack and bleed so bad that I wear gloves even when I don't need to. I started using O'Keeffe's a couple months ago and have not had a single crack. This is the only one I will be using from now on. If anyone has any doubts about how well this works, have them call me. THANK YOU!! Next time I come through Cincy I'll be stopping in. That's a promise. 

Donald D.


Each winter for the last twenty years, my thumb and middle finger on each hand would crack. No matter what I tried, the painful cracks would come. Last fall as I was reading one of my outdoor magazines, I noticed an ad for your product and that it was available at our local home improvement store. On my next trip, I purchased a tub and began using it. It is now February and not one crack. I just purchased my second tub last week. I won't be without this outstanding product. 

Viola B.


I saw your ad in a Family Circle magazine and knowing that my daughter, who is a teacher, always has dry cracked hands; I decided to buy some for her and myself. She loves the product and has told other teachers and a janitor how much better her hands are after using it for only a few days. I have also passed along how great it is for your hands. I would imagine between the two of us we have told over a dozen people, who also love the product. We purchased our Working Hands Cream at our local home improvement store. 

Judy I.


I discovered O'Keeffe's Working Hands ad in a magazine ad and decided to try it. I've tried many popular hand creams for years to repair the cracked skin around my nails and nothing really worked. I bought your container to give it a try and by golly! It is the best stuff I've used and my nails and cuticles are finally looking really great. And no greasy hands. I've even put some around my dry heels to try and that worked really well too. My husband tried this and loves it, we are telling everyone about it. Thank you for the most amazing product ever! 

Melinda C.


I work in the housekeeping dept. at a hospital. I have been doing this for 13 years. I could not find any kind of lotion that would work well. My hands were horrible. Someone had told me of a really good lotion but it was a little costly. Before I bought it, I was at my local home improvement center to buy paint. There was a display of O'Keeffe's Working Hands for about $7 (about 1/2 of what the other lotion costs). I decided to try it. I love it! It works! It was only a day or two and my hands were soft again. They are no longer dry and flaky. I went and found the Healthy Feet and of course it works great too. I will be telling others about your wonderful product. Thank You! 

Melissa C.


Where I work, my hands get very dry and cracked because I work with a lot of boxes. I was telling my mother about it, and she told me of this hand cream because her hands were bad too. She tried it, and she loves it. She sent me a jar, and I absolutly love it. My hands feels soft. I have been telling other people about it, and they said they are going to try it. My husband even uses it and loves it. I've been using it for about two weeks, and I felt a difference in about a week. Thank you! 

Connie M.


I am 63 yrs old and have always had major problems with my hands and fingers cracking and bleeding. I am a preschool teacher, and my hands are constantly in soap and water. I have been using the Working Hands for maybe a month, several times a day, and it's like a miracle cream. I have tried other creams, but nothing compares. Thanks O'Keeffe's Working Hands for making my hands so soft and pain free. 

Elsie W.


My husband, Dennis, is a carpet layer & has the roughest hands that crack & bleed. He has been using this & I am so happy because his hands are no longer as rough. This is a wonderful product. I will testify to the greatness of your product if need be. Thank you! 

Nail T.


I am a nail technician and have had many clients struggle with dry, cracked feet everyday. I learned about your product from one of my clients, so I gave it a try. I absolutely love O'Keeffe's. I recommend it to any client that has any issues with dry cracked hands or feet. Thank you for making my job a little easier! 

Richard B.


It was given to me by a friend. It works just as it says. I'm happy with it. 

John H.


I work on appliances, and my hands are in water quite often. My fingertips would crack as soon as the weather turned cold. At times, I would have as many as four or five fingers wrapped,and they also hurt tremendously. I happened to see an ad in a woodworking magazine for your cream and thought this is a product I hadn't tried. I'm here to tell you that after all these years and numerous creams, this is the first year I've had no pain and no terribly split fingers. I'm a customer for life. Thank you for a great product. 

Barbara B.


I have always had dry, cracked feet and heels. Nothing I tried would give me lasting results. Even after a pedicure my heels would be scratchy! My husband got me the O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet for Valentine's Day. After just one application I could see results. I put it on before I go to bed and after just a few days my heels are soft! No more snags to my nylons from the dry feet! I love this product and have been telling everyone I know to get it! Thank you so much! 

John P.


One day, several months ago, while looking in a home repair magazine, I saw your ad with a picture of cracked fingers just the way mine are each winter. I purchased your product and am amaized. So far this winter I have not experienced any chapping or splitting. WOW. My wife even says my hands are so soft. This product is fantastic. I have also told many other friends and they too are using it. I tried for years every product that swears it's the best. They are all wrong. Thank you. Keep up the great work. 

Lori M.


Thank you so much for Working Hands. I am a hairdresser working in a nursing home and busy all the time. My hands are in water everyday and are cracked and split and very sore. I put Working Hands on at night and what a difference it made in my hands. In fact, I have another girl at my second job using it and just loves it also. Thanks again for a great product. 

David V.


I work in the swimming pool industry, and in the early spring, when opening pools, my hands are always cold and wet. This leads to dry and cracked hands. This product did in DAYS what other products couldn't do in years. It's amazing,and its also very rare that a product does what it says it could do. I will recommend this to anyone. Thank you... 

Almut O.


In 2010, I visited my friend in New York for a week. During that time, I saw your ad with the picture of the cracked fingers, and even though I do not have a typical job for that kind of problem, I have had exactly this type of fingers for years. Not only me, my mother, brother, and sister as well, and we are all suffering a lot! It is sooooooo painful. Anyway my friend and I looked everywere for the cream, but we couldn`t find it. Fortunately, 2 month later my husband had to go on a business trip to the US. With the help of a local friend, they finally found it in a hardware store. What a change in my life! Within a week, my pain is gone. I can not believe it! I have tried everything........ Nothing ever worked nothing and now I am free of this terrible pain. Thank you!!!!!! You have n ... more 

David B.


My fingers have split open for years. My brother saw your product, and I decided to try it. WOW, it started to clear my hands up within days. Thanks for the amazing product. 

Pam M.


My hands always crack & peel until they bleed. Before using your product, they were painful enough to bring me sometimes to tears. After using Working Hands, my hands are 110% better than they ever have been. I have given samples of my supply to friends whose little girl who has the same issue. They tell me her hands & elbows are improving greatly. I have used other production including pure Vitamin E oils with less results than your wonderful product! 

Frequently Asked Questions


What's in this stuff that makes it different than other products? I have tried many other products that don't seem to make much of a difference.
We are not an oil-based product because of one simple reason - oil repels moisture. If your skin is dry, you need to hydrate your skin. We use glycerin as a primary ingredient that does a much better job of drawing moisture in. So I can use it as a moisturizer? Absolutely – though just remember O’Keeffe’s products are quite concentrated. If you are using O’Keeffe’s as a moisturizer, you probably will find that a little goes a long way.
It feels kind of different. It's not greasy, but I feel a little something on my skin. What am I feeling?
One thing to remember when applying Working Hands is that a little goes a long way. If you are feeling something, it is probably a little bit of paraffin that we put in the formulation to help seal the product in.
What is the difference between the original Working Hands and the newer for Healthy Feet?
O'Keeffe's for Healthy Feet contains more Allantoin, which helps moisturize the skin on the feet which can be thicker and rougher.
If the product is frozen and then thawed, will it still work?
Yes, the product will suffer no degradation in performance should the cream go through a freeze/thaw cycle.
How long has this product been around?
Working Hands was first introduced to the market in 1994.
Hardware stores seem like a strange place for skincare products. Why did you choose this as a target market?
We make one of the few products on the market that is geared towards the rough skin of hard-working contractors and painters, yet gentle enough to be used for the most sensitive skin. In everything we do, we aim to make a distinction between our products and the stereotypical body lotions. Our goal is to reach those customers who value function above all else because our products serve a purpose and are guaranteed to be effective. Check out our customer's page to see the many people who benefit from the use of O'Keeffe's products.


Is it okay to use Working Hands cream on other parts of your body? I have been putting some on my face, but I want to make sure it is okay to do so.
Absolutely, we have customers that use it on their hands, legs, elbows, etc.
Are there any animal products in O'Keeffe's?
Do you perform any animal testing?


How often should I apply O'Keeffe's products?
Ideally, apply at least twice a day. The best times are right before you crawl into bed at night and after you bathe or shower.
Do I need to wear gloves/socks on my hands/feet when I apply the product(s) before going to bed?