Customer Testimonials

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Linda G.

March 18, 2014

Just had to write and tell you how happy I am with your products. I bought the hand cream for my husband. He works for the railroad and works outside most of the time. He has suffered for years with dry and cracked skin on his hands and fingers. In the winter he would put cream on them and wear gloves to bed at night trying to get relief. After a week of using your product he was soundly impressed. I suffer from dry and cracked heels. So because of the results my husband had, I went back to the store and bought the foot cream. I have used it for two days and I am excited to say I am having great results as well. Thank you for your product!

Jamie H.

Cosmetologist / Coametology instructor
March 16, 2014

In the last 18 years of working in the beauty industry my hands have suffered terribly. The constant use of water and chemicals left them cracked and bleeding most of the time. People would ask me all the time "what's wrong with your hands?" They were always blood red and hurt so much, over the years I have tried so many products; nothing helped I was so convinced my hands would just be this way forever.....I had given up. Then one day I was at the hardware store and saw this product. I had to try it; what could it hurt I've tried everything. I am so glad I did. I have been using it twice a day now for 4 days and the difference is incredible. The skin on my hands just looks normal, something I never thought would happen. I am so thankful for this product!! My hands are pretty for the first time in 18 years!!!! Thanks so much for this product.

Cherie G.

March 15, 2014

Over the past 17 years working EMS I have washed and sanitized my hands countless times! Despite all the different lotions I've tried, my fingertips still crack and split. I have dealt with the pain for many years. One day I came across O'Keeffe's Working Hands lotion and I was absolutely amazed with the results! Within a day and only a few applications the open, painful crack on my finger was less painful. I have recommended it to some of my coworkers as well. I keep one in the ambulance, my purse, and kitchen! My search for a great hand lotion has ended with O'Keeffe's! Thanks for a great product!!

Jamie C.

March 14, 2014

I wanted to write and tell you how much I love your product! I have been using this lotion on both my hands and feet for over a year now and I will NEVER use anything different. With our rough Michigan winter I couldn't tell enough people about "my secret" to soft and manageable hands. I love the fact that you don't get the greasy residue or overpowering scents. Great product A+++! 

Tara Z.

March 14, 2014

I was very hesitant to give this product a try because so many others have failed me in the past. My job involves being on my feet and working with my hands all day long. I am so glad I found this product! I tell everyone that they need to try it because it really works! My only regret is that I didn't find these products sooner! -One very happy customer! 

Roger W.

March 12, 2014

Increasingly, since my 60th birthday (I'm 67 now), during the winter months, I have begun to experience those niggly little cracks on thumbs and index fingers of both hands. They cause so much inconvenience and pain disproportionate to their size. I've tried any number of creams and other solutions with, at best, varying results. With a plaster on my latest split thumb, I happened to mention it whilst buying some screws at my favourite hardware store. The assistant immediately recommended Working Hands and waxed lyrical about how good it is. Having tried so many products with little real success, I had become a little difficult to convince about any new cream that was recommended. However, the assistant called in a colleague to tell me about his personal experience and he too sang the praises of Working Hands. There was even a sample tub on the counter for doubting Thomases like me to try the product and I have to say that my hands did feel more silky immediately. So, willing to invest about £5.00 ($7.00) just in case it really was as good as claimed, I bought a tub. On arriving home, I looked at the illustration on the blister pack card and smiled inwardly at the idea that hands could be transformed in such a short time as a week. I knew that was pie in the sky - except it wasn't, was it? I've applied the cream, admittedly, several times a day, for almost a week now and, already, the crack is virtually gone. Also, the remains of other cracks have disappeared leaving only slightly harder skin (scar tissue, I suppose) that will soon be gone too with continued applications. Despite frequent use, I've hardly made much of a dent in the contents of the tub because so little is required. This is one of those rare products that really does do what it says on the tin (tub, in this case). I'm impressed and, from now on, I will never be without this terrific product. Thank you. I would have sent pictures but I have to admit that I had no real expectation, despite the double-barrelled sales pitch, that the results would warrant photographic evidence and, for that, I am sorry but I'm certainly not sorry for buying the product - far from it. I only regret that it took so long to find it.

Caroline S.

March 11, 2014

For years and years, I have struggled with horrible calluses on my feet. No matter how many pedicures I got, how often I filed or sheared them off, my feet have never been lady-like or "pretty!" I recall tailgating at a college football game on the local golf course, and everyone I was with slipped their flip-flops off to feel the soft turf. I was far too embarrassed to even show my feet, but remember noticing how everyone seemed to have no calluses, cracks, or dry skin. I felt ashamed and hopeless. I was ready to give up when I saw an ad for Healthy Feet. My life has completely changed. I no longer even need a pumice stone, or to leave the filing to a "professional" at a nail salon. I use it twice a day and my feet have never looked or felt better. I can't wait for it to be flip-flop weather so I can frolic barefoot in the grass without worrying about painful cracks or calluses! Thank you SO much!!!

Neal K.

March 8, 2014

I am 57 years of age, for most of my adult life I have had very rough dry hands. I have been using O'Keeffe's Working Hands for about 2 months now and my hand look GREAT! I no longer have very dry, bloody hands from the deep cracks. I have tried all the other fancy creams and lotions with no results and I have paid a lot more for them than a 3.4 oz. jar of Working Hands Cream. I want you to know you have a VERY loyal customer here! I wish I had before and after pictures but I don't. A million Thanks to you O'Keeffe's.

Kelli L.

physical therapy assistant
March 7, 2014

I just wanted to say I love your product! Working in the medical field I wash my hands so frequently they crack. That was before I discovered your product! I have recommended O'Keeffe's to several of my friends, coworkers and patients. 

Kenny T.

March 6, 2014

We started using this product about a year ago and our home is never without it. We have used several different types of hand lotions that say how good they are, but to be truthful this is the best product we have used and continue using. I'm retired but always doing things outdoors and having my hand in water a lot as well as washing them. I get cracks along the ends of my fingers and thumb as well as my hands are dry. This product has been the only thing that truly works as it says it will! I, as well as other members of the family will always use this product because it does a great job. Thanks O'Keeffe's for making a great product. 

Dean H.

March 6, 2014

I have been in the printing industry over 40 years with constant exposure to printing ink. The chemicals dried out my hands causing my fingertips to crack and split and become very tender. After using "Working Hands" for just a few days my hands feel great! The tips are softer now and the callous areas are smoother. Good stuff and I highly recommend it!!

Zach G.

United States Military
March 6, 2014

I am in the military, constantly working with my hands. I suffered for years with dry, cracked hands in a horribly humid environment. When I found Working Hands I decided to give it a try. It was the best thing that I ever did. My hands feel better than they ever did and I barely have to use any cream. A little truly does go a long way. I am so happy with my product and will be ordering this stuff for the rest of my life. THANK YOU!

Jason O.

Quality Assurance Inspector
March 5, 2014

Its is now March 6, 2014. The winter in the North East has been pretty wicked with temperatures hovering around 0 deg. since December. I received a green-hockey puck size container for Christmas (2013), and my hands have never been happier! O'Keeffe's Working Hands Hand Cream is the BEST hand cream I have ever used!

Gil L.

March 5, 2014

This stuff is magic. I've dealt with a cracked, split, and calloused index finger and thumb for over 3 years from using my computer mouse all day. I've tried at least 10 different hand lotions/moisturizers from the "top" brands and nothing worked. All I got was a little temporary relief and greasy hands. O'Keeffe's Working Hands was recommended to me by a delivery driver who works outside in the cold a lot and had been using it for years. I've never written any testimonial of any kind until now. That's how good this product is. Within days my fingers were no longer cracked and split. I've been using just a small amount daily for 2 months (still working on my first can) and my hands are soft and no longer calloused. I can't recommend this product enough. THANK YOU.

Linda S.

March 5, 2014

I stumbled upon this at my local home store in January, and knew that finding this in a home goods store must mean it's GOT to be good stuff for super dry skin. After a couple of days, I was super impressed with the condition of my normally cracked skin. I decided that I needed to use it on my FEET as well! For the first time in 13 years, both my hands and feet are remaining soft and supple!