Customer Testimonials

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Gail P.

Sales/Customer Service
December 17, 2013

For anybody suffering from dry, cracked skin O'Keeffe's Working Hands cream is the best cream I have ever bought. Costs about $7 at your local home improvement store and is worth every penny. I use it on my hands, legs, feet & elbows. I have even been known to use a pea size amount rub between my hands and rub into my hair to prevent static electricity in my hair and prevent fly away hair. Love, love, love it! I posted a link to your home page on my Facebook page so my family and friends who suffer from dry skin.

Barbara M.

December 17, 2013

I'm a 65 year old lady who has suffered from cracked and sandpaper like hands for years. Cold weather sets in and my fingertips start to crack and bleed around my fingernails. I also help my husband who builds rustic furniture, I sand and stain all of his pieces which of course adds to my dilemma. I have tried every product on the market to repair, soften, or relieve my problem. I have paid high prices for "miracle" creams and lotions and every brand name product recommended by friends and family. Nothing has worked. Last week my husband brought home your product, O'Keeffe's Working Hands. I have been using it since. I use it first thing in the morning and last thing at night and always after working in the yard or in my husbands workshop. My hands are now smooth, soft to the touch, no cracks, no bleeding, no sandpaper hands anymore. I have recommended your product to everyone. It works, it is the best product I have ever used. I am going to purchase the foot product next. I wish I had taken a before and after photo, but I didn't think about it. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 

Stephanie I.

December 16, 2013

I have tried for years to find ways to keep my fingers from splitting on the ends. They would hurt so bad, I wore band aids on almost every finger for years. This hand cream had my hands and fingers better in just two days. THANK YOU so much. I went out and bought two more containers. :)


December 15, 2013


Sue W.

December 15, 2013

I've been telling folks about this product for YEARS...I buy several and always carry at least one unopened jar with me to give away when I see a "need". Dry, itching, cracked and bleeding hands are a thing of the past! I even use it around my eyes as my secret beauty cream...

Richard B.

Outdoor work & Housework
December 14, 2013

I'm 52 years old, and I've had problems with my fingers cracking open at the end of my fingernails on both sides for many years. During the fall and winter, I would have 5 or 6 fingers cracked and sore almost all the time. One day when I had 7 fingers cracked, my mom gave me a can of Working Hands to try. I put it on my hands that night at bedtime, and especially where my fingers were cracked. The next morning, my fingers were barely even sore, and the cracks were almost completely closed. I've been using it ever since, and I don't have sore cracked fingers anymore. Working Hands is a great product! I've also had dry cracked feet for most of my life, but thanks to Healthy Feet I don't anymore. Healthy Feet is a great product also. I've recommended it to many people, including all my family members. I purchased 6 of the Working Hands, and 6 of the Healthy Feet, to give as Christmas gifts this year. I also purchased 2 of each for myself last week. It's like a miracle lotion, because it works so well and so fast. Thanks for 2 great products.

Darin K.

Co-Owner/ Head Coach of CrossFit KADA
December 14, 2013

Thank you so much for creating such an awesome product, that actually works! My wife and I recently opened a CrossFit Gym, which requires constant abuse of my hands. I use my hands all day coaching classes, working out, and maintaining a clean professional fitness facility. I have to be able to use my hands daily to demonstrate and help others with any number of different movements from pull ups & push ups to advanced Olympic lifting movements like the clean & jerk or snatch. To perform lifts effectively and safely I often use gym chalk to dry out my hands, which is effective but makes my hands very dry. I use Working Hands on a daily basis now to make sure my hands are ready to go for whatever the day holds. I also tell my clients to use O'Keeffe's on their hands after workouts and before bed to prevent cracked sore hands. Personally I won't use anything else, and I have tried all different types of hand care products Again thank you for this great product. It is a hand saver, especially for the extreme demands of a CrossFit Owner, Coach and Athlete! 

Carole S.

December 13, 2013

Your product is wonderful! Every winter for years I've tried just about everything to help the pain of dry, cracked and split fingers. When I was working (I'm now retired) it was painful to type at times. I moved to Colorado from Ohio a little over a year ago. I saw an ad for Working Hands and decided to try it. Within a day or so there were no more cracked, split fingers. I just noticed that Working Hands is made in Ohio. I wish I would have known that when I lived there. Maybe I just missed your ads or commercials. I'm sorry about that. The relief is fantastic! And so fast! After I send this e-mail I'm headed out to buy some for family and friends. Thank you so much. 

Heather J.

December 12, 2013

I work as a Secretary for a Catholic Church. I work with paper all day and have always had problems with my thumb and fingers splitting and the cracks becoming very painful. So painful that it was hard to type. When I saw the commercial for your product, I was so excited. I went searching immediately. I bought both the hand and foot cream. I was astonished with how well it worked. I have been using it faithfully for 2 weeks and the results are astounding. Even my cracked heels are smoother than they have ever been. I just went out and bought 3 jars of each so I will be sure to have enough to last me throughout the cold weather. Thank you so much for this awesome product. Keep up the good work!

Jacqueline K.

December 11, 2013

I'm an RN in a busy ICU. We are required to wash our hands with an alcohol-based water-less hand cleanser each time we enter and exit a patient's room. By the end of a 12 hour shift I can't even begin to tell you how awful my hands are, they are truly like sandpaper and they split at the tips of my finger. My husband saw this "Working Hands" in our local home improvement store and picked a tub up for himself and I tried it. It works like magic! Within a couple of hours and 2 applications my hands are soft and free of that sandpaper feeling, and no more splits!!! We have tubs all over the house in the car and one in my handbag. This stuff is the BEST!!! I've tried everything believe me and nothing does what this product does. I'm so happy my hubby picked this up just by chance. Thank you for this exceptional product. 

Sandy T.

Stay at home Mom
December 11, 2013

Every winter I suffer from dry cracked hands. I have tried just about every hand lotion there is on the market, even Vaseline with no results. Recently I have seen an Ad in a magazine with your product and decided to try it. It is amazing. My hands feel so much better. I can see the improvement on my fingers already after just three days. I will definitely buy your product from now on even though the cost of it is a little more than other hand creams but well worth it because I only need to use a small amount. Thank you so much for an awesome product. I will recommend your product to everyone. You are a life saver and my hands thank you. :)

Rob E.

December 10, 2013

After decades of suffering from painful cracked fingers in winter O'Keeffe's has finally given me relief within 3 days. And believe me I've tried everything. Amazing!!! Thank you very much.

Beckie D.

December 8, 2013

During deer shotgun season I help out at Howard's Processing checking in deer, taking orders generally anything that is outside. This 2013 season was windy, cold and just plain yucky. My hands were very dry, fingers cracked and all in all hurt. After THREE days of using Working Hands my hands felt a world different, and after two weeks nobody would guess that for a week I was outside in 18 degree weather, washing in bleach water, and wrapping of meat. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! If anyone so much as thinks of trying this product, don't just go get it!!!! 

Ryan G.

December 7, 2013

Wow just want to say thanks, my feet were so dry and cracked I was bleeding through my socks every day, other creams did absolutely nothing, I have been using your foot cream for 2 days now and not only are they not bleeding anymore but the cracks have almost gone away and my feet are soft again for the first time in years! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRODUCT!!!!!

Amalia L.

December 6, 2013

As a nurse, I use alcohol based hand sanitizer or wash my hands multiple times a day. This past fall, my hands began to dry and severely crack and bleed, mostly in the space between my thumb and index finger. A few weeks ago, it began to spread to my fingertips, too. I was terrified of contracting an infection from having open areas on my hands and I was in constant pain from the cracks (especially after using the hand sanitizer and having the alcohol get into the cuts. Ouch!). I started using Working Hands this past Wednesday. It is now Saturday and the cracks are gone and my hands are more moisturized and soft. Nothing has worked as well and as fast as Working Hands for me. It's a truly amazing product!